You thought you were in love with that girl from your advanced chemistry class
but I guess you didn’t listen to your teacher
when she taught you that acids
burn in open wounds, did you?
and she’ll corrode your tongue and
shatter all your teeth
oh god it hurts but you
didn’t listen.
It took you five years to learn to speak without fumbling over your words 
but you broke yourself apart for someone you hadn’t even known for three months
and instead of trying to escape,
you just let her drag you beneath the water.
You thought you were in love with me
and if you’re waiting for a punchline, you’re going to be
very disappointed
but that’s nothing new.
Believe me when I tell you I didn’t mean to burn holes in your thighs
or squeeze all the blood and air out of your lungs
and my skeleton isn’t made of bones 
but the empty spaces in the universe.
I’m still learning to speak without fumbling over my words but
what I mean is:
I learned a long time ago to destroy things before they destroy me.
—  c.s.