92 truths
Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write the 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. And tag the person(s) that tagged you. I was tagged by 
What was your: Last drink: coffee
Last phone call: my mom or sister idk 
Last text message: Ugh why😭 
Last song you listened to: trap queen 
Have you ever: Dated someone twice: no 
Been cheated on: no 
Kissed someone & regretted it: no 
Lost someone special: Yes
Been depressed: Yeah
Been drunk & thrown up: nah 
List three favorite colors: purple, black, silver 
In the last year, have you: Made a new friend: yes 
Laughed until you cried: Yeah 
Met someone who changed you: probs 
Found out who your true friends are: yeah
Found someone was talking about you: yeah 
Kissed anyone on your FB list: yeah 
How many people on your FB friends list do you know irl? Almost all 
Do you have any pets? Yeah a lot lol 
Do you want to change your name? Sometimes
What did you do for your last birthday? Idr 
What time did you wake up today? 9:30
What were you doing at midnight last night? Driving home
Name one thing you cannot wait for: Canada 
Last time your saw your mother in person: like 2 seconds ago lol 
What’s one thing you wish you could change about your life? My job 
What are you listening to right now? Melissa and Joey 
What’s getting on your nerves right now? My life lol 
Most visited website: tumblr and Instagram 
Blood type: idk 
Nicknames: Lou and Jessie 
Relationship status: single always 
Zodiac sign: Virgo 
Pronouns: her
Favorite TV show: PLL and Doctor Who 
College: gross 
Hair color: Rn its reddish 
Long or short hair: long
Height: 5'7
Do you have a crush on someone? Ofc 
What do you like about yourself? My taste in stuff
Tattoos: want want want 
Righty or lefty: righty 
First piercing: ears 
First best friend: Lexi 
First sport you joined: Does dance count 
First vacation: idk 
First pair of sneakers: ?? 
Right now: Eating: nothing :( 
Drinking: coffee 
I’m about to: sleep forever 
Waiting for: this tv show to end
Want kids: in 50 years 
Get married: ehh 
Career: lmao 
Which is better: Lips or eyes: both 
Hugs or kisses: gross 
Shorter or taller: taller 
Older or younger: older
Nice tummy or nice arms: both😍
Sensitive or Loud: neither 
Hook up or relationship: relationship 
Troublemaker or hesitant: ?? 
Have you ever: Kissed a stranger: nah 
Drank hard liquor: I don’t think so lol 
Lost glasses/contacts: yeah
Broke someone’s heart: lol nah 
Had your heart broken: nah 
Been arrested: nah 
Turned someone down: yes lol 
Fallen for a friend: nah 
Do you believe in: Yourself: ehh 
Miracles: yes
Love at first sight: no
Heaven: lol nah 
Santa: duh 
Kiss on first date: is he hot 
Angels: kinda

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You thought you were in love with that girl from your advanced chemistry class
but I guess you didn’t listen to your teacher
when she taught you that acids
burn in open wounds, did you?
and she’ll corrode your tongue and
shatter all your teeth
oh god it hurts but you
didn’t listen.
It took you five years to learn to speak without fumbling over your words 
but you broke yourself apart for someone you hadn’t even known for three months
and instead of trying to escape,
you just let her drag you beneath the water.
You thought you were in love with me
and if you’re waiting for a punchline, you’re going to be
very disappointed
but that’s nothing new.
Believe me when I tell you I didn’t mean to burn holes in your thighs
or squeeze all the blood and air out of your lungs
and my skeleton isn’t made of bones 
but the empty spaces in the universe.
I’m still learning to speak without fumbling over my words but
what I mean is:
I learned a long time ago to destroy things before they destroy me.
—  c.s.

tag people you want to get to know better :-)

I was tagged by exceptioninq xxx
•name: Julianna
•time: 22:17 
•average hours of sleep: 5-6
•last thing i googled: Austin recommended I read “we were liars” so that 
•nickname: Juls, jules, roomie
•birthday: July 24
•gender: female 
•height: 5′4
•favorite color: black, blue, and lavender 
•one place that makes me happy: my bed 
•favorite film: casino royale and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
•what i’m wearing right now: UNG shirt 
•last book you read: finished book was re-reading Eleanor and Park
•most used phrase: “mmk” or “I’m actually trash" 
•first word that comes to mind: food 
•favorite beverage: flavored water
•favorite food: fried rice 
•last film i saw in theaters: it was with Sam? I think it was The last Lord of the Rings movie? Idk I wasn’t paying any attention ;-)
•dream vacation: look @ my #adventuresWSam tag
•dream pet: 482748284738 dogs 
•dream job: plastic surgeon

I tag : t00y0ung-t00dumb, punk-goes-priscilla, shadowmoth, drunkenlyhere

hello hello!

Another Derby Days addict over here. I’ve been playing for maybe a month now and I am far far too in love with this game <3 I am hoping to expand my farm into a lovely little breeding stable of many many ponies one day lol. Unfortunately my phone won’t let me take screenshots to show off any of my ponies so I guess I’ll doodle my favs later on :p

My ranch name is unicorncake

I’d love some more friends on there. I’ll add you if you leave a message in my ranch mailbox and I always try to gift back when gifted <3

anonymous asked:

what happened to all your q&a videos??

I deleted them off of my YouTube channel thing bc like a ton of people irl found them bc it had my name on it n I made a new YouTube Channel w out my name like it’s called shadowmoth or something idk but that is where I uploaded my newer videos n idk I can do more q n a ones if u want n upload them to this channel idk