shadowmoor set


The Fomorians (also known as Fomoire or Fomoiri) were believed to be a race of beings to invade Ireland from the sea and claim it as their own. Though always described as giants, other details vary; some were beautiful, some had the body of a man and the head of a goat (which is the description Magic seems to go by), and some had just one eye, one leg, and one arm that grew straight from the middle of their chest. A tyrannical and chaotic people, the Fomorians killed the invaders who came before them, and enslaved the peoples who came after them. This cycle was eventually broken when the Fomorian king Balor of the Evil Eye was killed by his grandson Lugh, who was half-Fomorian and half- Tuatha De Danann. 

It is interesting to note that the first Fomori, Fomori Nomad, was released in Futuresight, but there were no Fomori in Lorwyn/Shadowmoor, the Irish inspired sets that came immediately after.