(Ultrasound Part 3 (2 of 3) is here! What news that Teal and Tori bear about his child/children? Why was he late? And why are Less, Duke, and the others here? Find out soon in Part 3 (3 of 3)! Featuring Shadow, Less, Haze, Synthia, 8bit, Duke, Hermy, Holly G., Dipi, and Stickeh.)


After watching Game of Throne’s recent episode: The Mountain and the Viper.


A short comic I did for funzies. It’s Subject #05/Omega trying to be suave when he’s hitting on Leah at the bar. Seeing how they both have mechanical arms with special capabilities, I think they might have an “interesting” chemistry.

Sorry for Omega because I was struggling on what design I can make out of him. Should I make him Hispanic? Native American? Ginger? Idfk!! Designing Omega in full-body was pretty tough especially when I have to make his appearance match to his Defective Turret voice. The freakin’ hair was the hardest! Let me know if you like the design or if I should change it cuz I’m in a mixed feeling here.

Hope you still enjoy it ;v;

FYI: No, Omega’s not a kid, he’s actually over 18. His height is 5′3. He’s technically the shortest of the Cyborgs despite his age.

That’s right, folks! Four children under one woman! Damn, I kinda feel bad for Shadow. Look at him. He’s probably destroyed lol. Let’s not forget the others, so far Hermy’s taking it quite unrealistically well.

This is the final piece to the Ultrasound arc, and will be making the ultrasound pic of Shadow’s kids. This also counts as a 70 follower special.

Thanks to all who have participated in my’s.

Here I go: Commissions

That’s right, folks. As a start of 2015, I’ve decided to start doing commissions, but they’re monthly commissions, so don’t expect too much of that. I’m in deep need of some income for not only college, but for other things to pay off. So I need your support in helping me through this. If this goes well, I’ll continue doing it not just to improve my art

So since this is my first time doing this, here are the prices:

Line Sketches:

Paper Sketch (drawn, outlined, and scanned): $3-5 (varies on details)

Additional Character(s): $2 each

Copyrighted Character(s): $3 extra

NSFW Content: $5 extra



Flat: $10-14 (varies on details)

Shading (and extra details): $15-$20 (varies on details)

Additional Character(s): $4 each

Copyrighted Character(s): $5 extra

NSFW Content$6 extra



PayPal only! Send payment to once you’re ready pay. Only send it after confirmation on selected commission. Please send a message if you wish to do one, but remember to bring a reference sheet and information on what you would like for your commission if you want it finished more quickly.

I won’t be livestreaming right now, but hopefully in the future, I might and you can share your opinions on my art-style. Helpful criticism is helpful.



  • Homestuck
  • SFW
  • NSFW (debatable and must be 18+)
  • Males
  • Females
  • Furries (debatable)
  • Animals (certain types)


  • Extreme NSFW
  • Anything triggering
  • Complex armor
  • Complex backgrounds
  • Muscular bodies
  • MLP
  • Machines

This list will be updated next month if anything comes to mind.



  1. OPEN
  2. OPEN
  3. OPEN
  4. OPEN
  5. OPEN


Try not to expect me to finish all of it in a day or two, I’m a full-time college student and it takes me time to finish an artwork, especially ones that concentrates on detail. So please bear with me as I’m working on one. There will be some life problems ahead of me, but don’t fret, I will get them done soon. Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions/comments/etc. about my prices and commission sales.

Part 2 of the Ultrasound series! Dr. Tori, or David, is still confused on what’s going on while Dr. Teal’s comforting Beatrice. Then she realized that Dante (aka Shadow) is not present and wondering where could he be.

Stick around for Part 3! This time I will include some characters in that segment, so if you want to be in it, let me know!!!

Oh Less, think you can upload a response to this while I work on Part 3? That would be appreciated. Thanks.

This is the infamous Nina Candlewish aka Bloody Nina in two forms; her former younger self, and her new adult self. I created her back in FA, when wRHG allowed two wRHGs, a primary and a secondary. I’ve made Bloody Nina as my secondary while Todesberührung was my primary.

Name: Nina Candlewish

Alias(es): Bloody Nina, Nina the Butcher, Nightmare’s Daughter, The Puritan Nightmare, The Young Blood-Shedder, Mary (her persona)

Colour: #CCCCCC

Age: 415 years old (Died at the age of 13, resurrected on the same age)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Relative/Friend: Hector Conroy aka Rotthound (Partner-in-Crime), Mom & Dad (Deceased), Young Brother (Murdered by her)

Theme Song: Main Theme - Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni OST

Weapons/Abilities: Nina’s primary weapon is the Hangman’s Noose, the instrument that killed her in the first place. It is made of strong material that prevents it from breaking or snapping, can extend and be used as a lasso. Other than her noose, she can basically use anything she can find to harm her foe or victim; pen, lamp, knife, glass, plastic bag, etc. She hides lethal objects under her clothing for special purposes, for example; a caltrop to slow and injure her enemies.

Her abilities are immortality. She can’t age, she doesn’t change, and she doesn’t die. Adding this is pain immunity, meaning that she can’t feel pain once she’s stabbed, choked, cut, bruised, shattered, beaten, etc. due to her nerves being inactive since her death. She can also regeneration, but the process is really slow and only heals major wounds, meaning that she can’t grow or reattach lost limbs.

Over the years, she has developed an advanced knowledge from reading books and stolen archives, now knowing almost every person’s life, abilities, weaknesses, etc., and use that knowledge against them.

Weaknesses: Despite being immortal, she can be killed by decapitation and fire; since she can’t grow or reattach lost limbs, a simple, clean chop to the neck will end her. Fire completely scorches her, which will take excessive amount of time to recover, hence the super slow regeneration. Her noose is nothing but rope. It can easily be shredded or burned. No objects near her, she’s defenseless.

Appearance: In her 13-year old form, she has long, silky, pitch-black hair, very pale skin, small visible cuts and scars, an old, worn-out, bloodstained dress, a hangman’s noose around her neck, and dark-red pupils for her eyes (not shown).

In her adult form (appears to be about 25-years old), same hair, but shorter, less visible scars, her noose around her forehead, a deep fuschia top with a spider logo on it, and deep blue jeans. Also her skin seems to be less pale, and look a bit human.

Personality: Bloody Nina is a conniving, sly, hateful, cynical, heartless, intelligent, treacherous, fearless, sinister little monster. She loves to make her victims cry in agony, watch them quiver and twitch in fear, all that makes her passionate, she kills for pleasure. She has lured pedophiles in her young form, have sex with them, and later on kills them. Now with her new adult body, she can do as much as an adult would do. She lost her faith in humanity long ago, so she doesn’t give two shits about their family lives, or any of that. All she wants is for them to die for her own desires and fun. She can act as a child to lure her victims in, and as an adult, she can flirt bisexually to do it. She shows no remorse or pity, and will never show mercy.

Likes: Murdering innocents, blood-bathing, screams and cries of her victims, anarchy, brutality, torture, kidnapping, burning school buses, skinning cute animals, manipulating the minds of her victims, sinful sexual pleasures, and death of her victims.

Dislikes: Humanity, the kindness of the world, peace, harmony, society, governments, laws, anything that’s still breathing, happiness, and mostly everything.

This is the 60 Follower special! Sorry that it’s not Part 2 of the Halloween Comic; the stuff in it takes a lot of time, and it’s not even done yet! So, momentarily, I replaced it with the first part of the Ultrasound “series”, Part 1. This takes place 20 weeks later and Beatrice (Shadow/Dante’s wife) has finally gotten preggos. Her belly has gotten big, hasn’t it?

Introducing in this part is Dr. Teal, Less’s father (I think), who will be doing the ultrasound on her (if that’s okay with Less).

For 70 followers will be Part 2 of the Halloween Comic. For this, each part will be made when I feel like it lol. So expect some stuff from me soon. :D

And if you want to be part of this, just let me know in the message box or fanmail, just don’t request on something obscene, okay? Okay.

Season’s Greetings from Shadowandfriends!!! Merry Christmas, Tumblr!

Mite: It’s mine, bitch!! It has my name on it!!

Bridgett: Bitch, please! You know that it also has my name on it! Will you just LET GO!?!?

Beatrice: Dante, when will they learn that the present is meant for both of them?

Shadow: Once they stop fighting.

The babies has finally been revealed to the public!! Names have been established for these wonderful quadruplets (from left to right):

Giovanni, Pietro, Antonia, and Jacopo.

Part 6 of 6 is finally finished and the story arc has been concluded! Sorry if it wasn’t animated, didn’t have the time. :c

Consider this as a 100-Follower Special for all you lovelies out there who’ve been supporting me after all this time! You guys are truly remarkable, and I couldn’t have done it without you all! Thank you. :’)

The babies has been delivered after much time dealing with Beatrice. Dr. Galem retires after losing his hand during the process, trust me, it wasn’t pretty.

Part 5 of 6 is finished! Get ready for the conclusion of the Offspring Story Arc, and guess what? It’s going to be ANIMATED!!! Stay tuned for the finale and the decided names for the children! Part 6 will now be served as a 100-Follower Special, but it will take time to finish it since it’s going to be animated.

This is the ultrasound screen of Beatrice’s quadruplet children, waiting to be born into this world.

Can you spot something about them?

Hint: Only two of them are a bit different. ;D

Beatrice: Dante, this is what I’ve always wanted… a family… I thank you, my love, and God for these gifts of nature.


Beatrice: D-Dante!?!? D:

Dr. Tori: ……. I am NOT doing CPR on him.