Dirk the dragon dinosaur

Crafted by me pattern by lalylala

Llevó 9 dias hacerlo, y realmente valió la pena!:D

Miren que bonito que quedó nwn ♥♥♥
Este precioso dragoncito mide 50 centimetros la bufanda es removible y tiene escamitas de la punta de la cola hasta arriba de la cabeza nwn

Espero que les guste! proximamente podrán llevar este u otros en su casa, si pasan por mar del plata n.- ♥

9 days of crafting, 50 centimeters tall, and the cutest of all the faces ;D
hope you like him!!♥♥

Lands Of Sleep Deprivation 2 - latenight doodle dump

so today i found some gamquius on my sketch books -w-

And redrawn it just for Gamzee’s face, look at him that expression -w- <3

Then i saw this one (with other ones that aren’t too sfw X3)

And so i got a new avatar for tumblr XD and a random thing

And then i got bored of drawing it and drew another Gamzee

And now i will go try to get some sleep XD 

See ya tomorrow when i look at those doodles and think “what.”

XD! <3