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Brave Police


-it’s very sad

-SHADOWMARU he’s a sixshot retool right

-the main guy is called j-decker and i think he’s like a cop car??? he probably super-modes with another vehicle, that’s how those anime robot boys do

-gunboy who turns into a gun

-KAGEROU sad things happen to him right, there’s like a scene where he loses his memory or something and there’s someone crying over him as he slowly starts to lose himself and then it all switches off

-there’s a sprightly young child protagonist who gets very upset when the bad things happen to the robots

-football boy with the drills


Who you should fight in Brave Police:

Deckerd: Don’t. He may seem docile on the surface, but once provoked, Deckerd’s rage seems to enable him to bend the laws of probability. You may have him at the brink of defeat, but inevitably he will tap into a well of strength you didn’t think he had. Even if you think you can take him, don’t. If you do manage to hurt him, Yuuta will cry. And then everyone loses.

McCrane: Oh no. Goodness no. Targeting the combat detective is suicide. His accuracy is on point no matter how much distance you get on him. You might be able to mess with his head and make him feel guilty for fighting you, but don’t think for a second he won’t shoot. Also, stooping to this sort of manipulation doesn’t make for a very sporting win.

Power Joe: Not an easy target, but doable. Get him frustrated first. He’ll get sloppy the angrier he gets. He’s fast, though, and he will go all in. Watch for openings. He’s somewhat vain and has a tendancy to inject a lot of style into his moves. This will give you chances to strike.

Dumpson: You’re cruising for a bruising. There is no legitimate reason to fight Dumpson. If you do, he will win by sheer, overwhelming strength and willpower. He’s likely to pull punches because–like most of the others–he doesn’t want to seriously hurt you, but this doesn’t make him any easier to take down. You’re going to be put out with the trash after a long, one-sided battle.

Drillboy: Why in the world would you fight this cinnamon roll? He’s manueverable, since he’s able to move under and over the ground with ease. If you can corner him, his soccer balls are his best weapon and you’ll mostly likely be able to dodge them. Honestly, if you can get in close, you’ll probably be able to take him, but it would be like punching a toddler. Will also draw the wrath of Power Joe.

Shadowmaru: DO NOT ENGAGE. He will run rings around you. No matter how well you plan out your attack, Shadowmaru will be five steps ahead. If you’re foolhardy enough to fight him, he’ll most likely toy with you just to let you dangle. His only real weakness is that he tends to make mistakes when he gets angry. There are a few ways to exploit this, but you lose by default if you mention Kagerou. That’s just dirty. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Gunmax: Fight him. It won’t be an easy battle (his accuracy is on par with McCrane’s), but if he doesn’t have his bike and you’re able to get in close, there isn’t much he can do to defend himself. He’s haughty and will most likely underestimate you. This gives you an edge. Show him you can take him down a few pegs.

Duke: You’ll lose. Duke will give everything he’s got and you will feel nothing but emptiness even if you win. Any fight with Duke is an extremely dire matter and will be devoid of any of the theatrics the others may give you. There is nothing fun about it. You have nothing to gain from this fight. Winning will only earn you a sense of profound dejection, as if you had just killed a unicorn.