i got tagged! YAY!

I got tagged by this babe 

1. How are you? eeeeh, im alright :) 

2. Any brothers or sisters? yes, 4 sisters. One in heaven, the other 3 with me 

3. What is your favourite season? here we only have 2, summer and winter; funnily enough, summer is coming up ♥ windy days and sunny mornings. 

4. Any pets? YES!! 4 doggies :D a labrador who lives outside, and a mommy pekinesse with her 2 babies (2 year old babies, but still my babies :D ) 

5. What’s your favourite biscuit/cookie/whateveramericanscallit? hm, i love these butter cookies that are only available here in Costa Rica ♥ they are so aptly called :butter cookies:: 

6. What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever achieved? hm, this is a big question… well,i love to make people laugh, that is an acomplishment in itself, i think. 

7. What fandom do you like the most? ooh i have two. D: HP and Sherlock ♥

8. Five favourite otps? OH GOODIE! OTPS! 




hmm. (thorki) hehehe


9. What are you most talented at? breathing(//chokes//) lol well, i can type real fast? (idk if thats a legit talent) 

10. What would you do if the Internet died? I WOULD DROP OUT OF A WINDOW 

11. Random fact about you? HM….i know 2 ½ languages :D (god, im so boring LOL 

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