My best comebacks
  • Person: Fuck you!
  • Me: I know you really wanna fuck me, but there is NO way I will EVER fuck YOU, so go fuck yourself.
  • Person: Ugh shut the fuck up
  • Me: If you really don't like what I'm saying, walk away from me, cause when you walk away from sound, it gets quieter. Although you probably didn't know that because you're not very clever.
  • Person: You're the worst at comebacks
  • Me: Well any comeback's bad when you're on the receiving end of one.
People are like stars. Some stars are smaller than others, some shine brighter than others, but they are all just as beautiful. We don’t look up at the night sky and compare how beautiful one star is to another, so why should we do this to people? Why don’t we view people in the same way we view stars? After all, we are made of star dust.
—  israfel-shadowlight
Sassy ways to respond to insults
  • Person: You're ugly
  • Response: Not as ugly as your cruel soul
  • Person: You're so annoying
  • Response: Well that's something we both have in common
  • Person: I hate you
  • Response: Hate's a strong word for someone so weak
  • Person: You're dumb
  • Response: Not dumb enough to say mean things: karma's a bitch and she's coming for you. Who's the dumb one now?
  • Person: You're fat
  • Response: I think you meant to say "you have fat" because I'm actually 70% water. Maybe you should get your facts straight before making false observations.
It is so much more important to focus on being a better person than it is to focus on being liked. If you spend all your time worrying about whether people like you, you’ll be spending less time being a kind and loving person. In the end, it all depends on what your priority is: your ego, or others’ well being.
—  israfel-shadowlight