Happy Futures

@a-courtof-fangirls-and-fanfics and I wrote this really late last night and almost cried because it had to be written. 

Elriel - super fluffy 

By now, Elain usually has a good control over her visions and can stop them from overcoming her mind. Over the years, with the help of her family, she has trained so that she no longer fears her power, but can instead use it and learn from it. The middle Archeron sister is always prepared for a new vision of the future. Except this one.

Never in her wildest dreams would Elain think she would every receive a vision like this. And so, it’s hard to be surprised that such a revelation was able to sneak up on her. 

Elain and Azriel are training on the roof of the House of Wind, the latter, as always, holding back. Elain appreciates the sentiment, but after decades of learning and sparring with him and Cassian, she really finds it unnecessary. Thus, she spends most of the time trying to rile him up and make him lose his carefully constructed restraint. 

Unfortunately, sometimes Elain can get distracted. Especially when Azriel rids himself of his shirt. She’s seen him naked plenty of times, but there is something about the way the sweat running down his chest glistens in the morning rays of the sun, and how his wings flex and contort his bare back that makes Elain irrevocably flustered. 

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This is Sheila, Avian’s shadowl (shadow owl). Named after Sniper’s rifle, Sheila is a peppy little owl who loves getting petted. She loves to steal hats and other items, hiding them in Sniper’s van somewhere. Avian found her as an owlet in the forests of Umbraxious (land of darkness) when she returned to Aliquamis for the war. Sheila is quite young, therefore tries very hard to be like Sir Hoots a lot. She loves to bring her mommy dead mice and lizards, hoping to get pampered.

So bright. She can glow if she releases her bio-luminescence. I’m allowed to have a blue owl if Spy has meals in his teeth okay? Okay.

Twilight Princess Ending (Theories)

There are some pretty interesting facts in the Twilight Princess HD guide, such as the ages of Link and Zelda (and apparently imp Midna is supposed to be four feet high, but I don’t believe that; it’s too tall!) but I found something far more interesting to me.

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i want more than anything to see Ganondorf overcome with anger and want to avenge either of his underlings after they get severely hurt and nearly die in battle at the hands of team cia or team hero

i want him to look at the damage the enemy has done to his lieutenants and just sneer as he walks away to his quarters to sharpen his blades for a “special solo mission” later that night

give me dat angry protective daddydorf

Ask and ye shall receive, Latte dear. Hope you guys like!

Also have a very appropriate gif to set the mood.

     “F-forgive me, m-master… I h-have f-f-failed you…”

     “Do not speak. And keep still. Any more damage to your body and not even my magic will be able to mend you.”

     Bared hands glowing with a crimson light, his palm hovered slowly over the Twili’s abdomen. The beautiful, dusky skin the warlord had caressed so many times before was marred by jagged clawmarks that furrowed deep into his minion’s flesh. Zant whimpered under his breath and shivered feverishly. 

     Cradling his lieutentant’s head with his free hand, Ganondorf’s thumb stroked his gaunt cheek over and over again in the only comfort he could offer in that moment.Sweat beaded on the Gerudo’s brow from the sheer effort of healing, and his face was twisted in an unmasked snarl. Glancing up for a moment he took in the sorry state of his other second-in-command as he lay in the corner. 

     Ghirahim was hardly any better for the near-fatal encounter. Only his more robust body and agility had kept him from death in the ambush. The porcelain veneer of his skin was still falling off in ashy flakes, revealing the scuffed and dented metal beneath. Acid burns covered him from head to tie. The gem in his chest had escaped damage by dumb luck.

     The attack had come out of no where. Somehow the protective wards had been compromised. Unprovoked, in their very own fortress, his commanders had been jumped. The warlord had arrived barely in time to see the demon, Wizzro, and his shadowlings disappearing from the scene. And he was left to pick up the broken and bleeding pieces of his two lieutenants.

     When Zant was finally in a stable condition, when he had finally succumbed to the sheer trauma of the skirmish, the Gerudo slumped against the cot. It was not exhaustion that bowed him, however. No, it was anger. Grinding his teeth together and slamming his fist against the flagstones, he could scarcely hold back the roar building in his throat. 

     There were no words for this humiliation, this rage. Under his own watch the bastards has snuck in and nearly killed his best lieutenants. And then the perpetrator had turned tail and fled like the cowardly jackal he was before Ganondorf has been able to return the favor. Oh, but the man would amend that little matter presently.

     Gently he carried Zant’s limp form, careful not to disturb his bandages or the barely closed wounds beneath. The Gerudo laid the Twili next to his demon partner, both out cold and half-dead. For a moment Ganondorf allowed himself to hang over them, his armored frame a shelter for the convalescent pair. He touched his temple to theirs in turn, and the weak yet warm pulse he felt beneath his palms was enough to assure him that they would yet survive.

    “Rest, my warriors,” he rumbled gruffly, lips pulling as he bared his teeth. “This humiliation will not go unavenged. I will make sure of that.”

The Guardian

didn’t talk to butterscotch before I did this. Just did a thing. I wouldn’t take it as canon for her particular king!AU but I did draw inspiration from it at the very least. Unless she likes it then yes, totally canon I’m awesome you all can thank me.

Also I’m honestly surprised it took this long for someone to ask for this XD

Before you become king you first had to be a prince. Not particularly hard for Altair, he was from a long line of kings and princes. His father had been king, and his grandfather before him had been king and Altair would be king. But not for many more years. At least that had been the hope.

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HxH fic: Ripples of Dust

Ripples of Dust || Gon/Killua | Teen | 5.2k | [on AO3]

Killua stumbles onto the exact nature of Gon’s past experience with women at the worst possible moment.

Warnings for: Implied past sexual abuse of a child, exploration of the concept of consent, and panic attacks.

- Please keep in mind that this fic is not meant to represent people and couples who are in this position, or even recommend any specific course of action.
- Many thanks to Shadowling/@wordhuntering​​ and @ssasarious​ for their beta and support!


Gon is breathtaking.

This isn’t the first time Killua’s thought that, but most of the time it lingers in the back of his head, only rearing up to the surface at these rare moments of seeing Gon again.

It’s been three years since they’ve spent any stretch of time alone together, and now they’re lying in bed, face to face, and the moonlight washes Gon’s features in silvery white and catches in his eyes. Gon keeps talking about whatever it is he’s talking about, but Killua’s stopped listening; he gazes at Gon’s face, memorising its features and longing to touch Gon’s cheekbones, his eyelids, his nose.

“Gon,” Killua says. His heart’s going a thousand beats per second, his palms are sweaty. He thinks he’s shaking.

Gon stops talking and tilts his head to the side in question.

Killua licks his lips. He blurts, “Can I kiss you?” and then shuts his mouth with such force that his teeth clank together loudly in the darkness of the room.

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A shadows thrill

R was panting a bit. One hand placed over his eye. One of his eyes was spazzing out, the colors were switching from Blue, to green, and orange. After a while it calmed down and he could breath normally and his eye returned to red. “God dammit…” He muttered coldly. “Why are you picking now to Reject us Lucas…”
He stumbled onto a nearby tree trunk. His powers were a bit weak at the moment but he bet he could hold his own.




It’s been a little over a year since I started this blog, and I really never imagined that I would get anywhere over ten followers. I just want to thank every single one of you so much for following my derpy little blog, and a special thank you to those who have been here since the beginning. <3 I adore you all, and look forward to another year plus of roleplaying with you. I would also like to formally apologize for any and every RP I  lost or dropped. ^^’ Lets get on with this then, yeah? 


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