Sailor Senshi Weapon Set

Included in this set is:

  • Full Image with all the weapons
  • Sailor Moon’s Eternal Tiare
  • Sailor Mercury’s Mercury Harp
  • Sailor Mars’ Mars Arrow
  • Sailor Jupiter’s Rose Belt
  • Sailor Venus’ Love-Me-Chain
  • Sailor Earth Tuxedo Mask’s Rose

Please don’t take away the watermark! These are vectors of their weapons, made to be as accurate to the anime/manga/ live action versions as possible.

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Used: Adobe Illustrator

Time: 2 days nonstop huhuhu

Set 2

P.S. shadowknightpaladin is just my dA name ouo

P.S.S. Those are transparent

This was the final project for the Adobe Illustrator module for class and for the love of the moon, decided I wanted to share it~