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 I think i finally found an official concept for my version of Manwë /Súlimo/ Mânawenûz Valahiru / Aran Einior/ Airbending master wait wrong universe nvm

Imagine Woozi feeling incredibly grateful to have meet you, who is someone that is very accepting of him and his busy lifestyle.

god, all this talk about the SW fandom has me so appreciative of ppl who write for MCU: @permashift @808s-and-d1sco-face @sweet-coffee-jelly @zamnwilson @unclesteeb @softsams @starfudge @nerdbbks @afro-elf @imafuckingreverseracist @amariemelody @everyone else whose a black author that writes about Sam: y'all the real ones

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i just want a love like my nanita and grampy. – he has alzheimer’s. and when she goes to visit him in the nursing home? he flirts with her, endlessly, forgetting that they’re already wed, it’s as if they’ve met for the first time all over again and he’s a smitten kitten. it’s as tragic as it is absolutely adorable…

March 19,2017

I’m not really sure what my last post was, but L and I are doing better, and I miss her more than anything. Cuddles- I need those desperately. I saw rent this past thursday and it was the greatest thing ever. I loved it. I am trying to get all of my hw done so that I have the week to kinda go slower and have some relaxation time. Mentally, my anxiety is through the roof, but what else is new. As far as being depressed goes, i haven’t  really had a major episode since twoish months ago so i’m just praying that i can go a while longer until another one happens again. I am doing ok- the club I am startign with mic is hopefully gonna be okayed within a month, and that means we’re all set for this year- just gotta plan next year. I am excited for jamaica this summer- i’ll be taking a summer class, working (at panera hopefully), and hanging out with friends besides that. My room at my grandparents is coming along nicely. Rosalie is still doing good. Sprinkles is back in michigan, so  i see her pretty often. I have acrylic nails. My hair is a bit darker, i love my friends and my gf, and my room and life is more put together. Just gotta make it through this year, but telling myself that doesn’t really do anything because i am going to be distraught this summer without mic and shea. So then it’ll turn into- just gotta make it through summer. but then the whole cycle will repeat, so when am i ever truly going to be happy and satisfied?

The 60's

Lassie and Disney back to back
on TV every single Sunday Night 
the family gathered round the set
with rabbit ears in black and white

We knew dreams would come true
and you simply needed to believe
we couldn’t see it could never be 
as we were still innocent and naive  

JFK, MLK, Vietnam and Bobby too
death came via the evening news  
til the carnage we saw every night 
radically changed our world views

Those days now belong to history 
flower power, cold war and Berlin
the 60’s are gone and I sadly see
we’ll never be that innocent again

I want to thank not only god but also jesus for my broken soul

and also my senpai for the screencap