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The inhabitants of the London Institute 

Family isn’t whose blood you carry. It’s who you love and who loves you back 

Hi Cassie! You should drop a shadowhunters video game with beautiful scenaries and very good graphics. And avatars, choosing between shadowhunters, warlocks, vampires, werewolfes, seelies, etc. Sorry for the bad english and so much love from Argentina! Also thaks for Rafael. Like we have Messi,the Pope and Rafael Lightwood Bane. 🖤 @cassandraclare

    The day that Jace had proposed to her, Clary had thought that she would be thrilled. And she was, she just hadn’t been able to respond right away because he was actually proposing to her. Jace was down on one knee and everything. They’d had a quiet evening to themselves and this had been the last thing that she’d have expected to happen and the words, ‘Yes, of course I will,’ had slipped out of her mouth. She was engaged. They had made love more than once that night.

    Now it was a couple of months later and Clary was busy planning the wedding. Their youngest son clambered up her lap excitedly, pushing aside all of her plans for seating charts and such. She was glad that she was letting Izzy take control of most of it, because even this was beginning to overwhelm her.

    “I wanna help mama!” The five year old said as he bounced on her. He was so full of energy and sometimes she wondered which one of them he got that from.

    “Did Auntie Izzy already give you something to do?” She asked in the voice that always caught his attention. He pouted that mouth and shook his head, blonde locks flying all over the place. They were going to have to cut it soon. “Nu-uh. She said talk to you. Pwease mama?”

    She let out a small sigh and then smiled at him. “Alright. You go tell daddy that you want to help carry the rings. Go on. Go tell him I said to help you do that.” Ha, let’s see what Jace had to say about that one. Synder pressed a kiss to her cheek and jump off of her lap before he went running along the Institute to find his father.

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I’m watching season 2 final and I don’t know what I’ll do when I caught up with season 3 and I’ll have to watch just one episode every week. It doesn’t sound like something I can survive.