I’m still over the moon from how much fun I had at last night’s show! Which is so odd because I went by myself to the venue, which I’ve never done before. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun playing a solo set. Because when I’d play with Josh and Daniel or Connor or whoever I’d be performing with, it was obviously a blast because creating music with other people is a pretty magical and high-energy thing. But ahhh! 

When I got to the venue, a couple of guys were unloading their equipment and they said, “HEY! YOU WRITE THE FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST SONGS! ARE YOU PLAYING ANYTHING NEW TONIGHT?” And it was just. So kind and genuine and filled me with all of this positive energy. (Also, they opened the show and were A M A Z I N G. I snapped some of their set!) 

Then, because I was alone and am a painfully awkward human being, I sat by myself during soundcheck and read BNHA on my phone (ALMOST CAUGHT UP, BTW!!). But once the show began. MAN. ALL THE BANDS WERE SO EXTRAORDINARY. Probably the best lineup I’ve ever seen at Artistic Vibes. Although my faves Pandarama weren’t playing that night. That was the only thing missing that would have made it perfect. 

This band called Nostalgic Minds performed and W O W, you guys. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout their entire set. They were so infectiously high energy and their musicians are so talented. I won’t forget that as long as I live. They were all just rotating instruments throughout the set AND PLAYING EVERY SINGLE ONE MASTERFULLY. I was so awestruck. It was indescribable. And they had a kickass lady switching from keyboard to lead vocals to percussion and KILLING IT and, dang. Goals. She was amazing. I talked to her after the set and was just. *bows to senpai* 

The past few times I’ve performed, I’ve felt really nervous and awkward and end up busting out something mediocre. But this time was slightly different? My vocals weren’t any better than usual, but I felt calm on stage because the audience was so receptive and because so many people had been kind and welcoming to me when I’d entered. I had, like, no game plan getting up there. I ended up playing ‘Phantom Flowers,’ ‘Curse of Winter,’ ‘Broken, Beautiful Brilliant Divinity,’ and a cover of Guren no Yumiya (the first snk opening). I botched a few chords throughout the set but nothing earth shattering. And I slipped off pitch a few times, but again, nothing I couldn’t recover from thereafter. When I played Guren no Yumiya people who recognized it cheered so loud which made me feel so happy and giddy and excited to keep going. AHHHH. IT WAS JUST SUCH A GOOD FEELING AND I REALLY ENJOYED IT. I HAD SO MUCH FUN AND I’M STILL FEELING THE BUZZ.

SKJGHLSJDGH. I just wanted to share that with you guys. <3