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The Extended Shadowhunter Family Tree


here is that little surprise i have been working on for all of you!!

its the shadowhunter family tree from TID but its extended with the Fairchilds, Blackthorns and a few other people!! (this is correct as of august 2017, i will update it if something gets confirmed *wink wink Ash* and i know that the family tree from CP2 isnt 100% accurate but this is just for reference!!)

I spent a lot of time on this trying to get it to fit together so i hope you all like it!! feel free to download it for your personal keeping!!

lots of love from reallygaymangos xoxo

The last hours theories and questions about the family tree


Giving that TLH is coming out (YAY! FINALLY!) next year, I decided to re-read all the information we currently have about it in order to develop some theories. I’m planning on reading again both TID and the short stories from TftSA and TBC that involve James and co. 

BUT, what I did just right now was taking the infamous family tree into my hands and look at it for literally two hours straight searching for possible clues about the plot, misleading information and so on. I’m going to point out at some of the weird stuff I found out, I did elaborate some theories but mostly this is a post about me throwing questions at the air: 

-First, let’s point at the obvious: we know for sure that Lucie’s birth date in the family tree is wrong, because we know that she’s 16 in 1903. So that brings up the question, why on earth would Lucie’s date of birth need to be changed? We know that the family tree was manipulated by someone with access to Shadowhunter records (I’m looking at you, Jem) I’m assuming that in order to conceal some data that would be potentially incriminating, dangerous or put the people involved in a bad situation. But why on earth Lucie’s birth date? I mean it’s not agains the clave laws to be born in a certain year, right??? So the characters put themselves in a situation that required Lucie to be younger for a greater good, but what situation could that be? I know this is not a theory, but I needed to point it out anyway because it’s been making me nervous since the moment I realized about it, and the more I think about it, the more clueless I am. 

-Second, JORDELIA STUFF. We know that by the beginning of TLH James is in love with Grace. And we also know that for some very odd reason (this has been said several times by Cassie) he marries Cordelia Carstairs during the course of the books. Some time ago someone asked Cassie on tumblr if James and Cordelia did marry and have children and her answer was “sort of”. So, you remember that whole “the carstairs owe the herondales” business going on in TDA? I think they owe them because James married Cordelia. I think the odd reason why they married involves that for some reason Cordelia was in a situation in which she desperately needed to be married, and James agreed to save the day. BUT AGAIN, that “sort of” answer has been bothering me a lot. How do two people “sort of” marry and “sort of” have kids? Almost the only possibility that I can think about here is that Cordelia married James Herondale, just that it wasn’t James Herondale. Just a person that had taken the identity of James Herondale. You also remember how according to the family tree Christopher marries Grace? What if James and Chris had exchanged names??? I KNOW this sounds improbable and crazy, and it’s probably not what happens, but it’s one of the few explanations I can give to the “sort of”.

-Third, the second explanation to the “sort of”. James and Cordelia, according to the family tree, had a son named Owen eight years after they married. We are talking about a time with no contraceptive methods, so if you had sex relatively often (as in any marriage) you would eventually have babies, unless you had infertility issues. So, James (or whoever it really was, assuming that my other theory is correct) and Cordelia had either a) no sex for eight years b) infertility issues, which I don’t think so because they eventually had a son or c) THERE IS SOMETHING ODD GOING ON HERE. What if Owen is adopted? Or if they had more kids but they were erased of the family tree because of REASONS? Or if they never actually had kids together and Owen was the son of only one of them and someone else? Too many questions, too little ways to make Cassie spit the answers out. 

-Fourth, isn’t anyone else disturbed by the fact that according to the death dates on the family tree, none of the main characters die in TLH? I mean, this would be awesome but let’s be real, this is Cassandra Clare we are talking about. She kills people, that’s what she does. SO a) some of them actually die but AGAIN they needed to pretend they didn’t so they changed the data, but also AGAIN, why????? or b) She is going to kill off people that don’t appear on the family tree. So I’m only going to repeat this once, Miss Clare: don’ Really, don’t.

So this is all for now. As I said, I know these are mostly just questions that I’m desperate to answer but I’m completely clueless about. I plan to keep writing posts like this collecting all the odd or misleading info we have about TLH and trying to give possible explanations to some of it. I’d love to hear your own theories about everything I wrote on this one! 

Shadowhunter family trees- Herondales

The Herondales we know: 

William Herondale - Black hair, Blue eyes

Cecily Herondale - Black hair, Blue eyes

Stephen Herondale - Golden(Blonde) hair, Blue eyes

Jace Herondale - Golden hair, golden eyes

I assume Jace’s eyes are probably inherited from Celine Herondale 

I also assume Imogen Herondale was blonde, or Stephen’s father was blonde. 

Seeing as the time difference between Will and Stephen is probably a little less than a century.

(1878-1970) (1970 is just a rough guess based on Stephen would’ve been 20 or 21 when Jace was born, probably he was older though.) 

A century probably allows two generations..taking into consideration the short lives of shadowhunters..maybe three generations.

Then Will - 1st generation

then 2nd generation (Will or Cecily’s kids)

3rd generation (Will or Cecily’s grand-kids) (Imogen and her husband, Jace’s grandparents.)

4th generation - Stephen (great grand kids) 

5th generation - Jace (great great grand kids) (Meaning Will is Jace’s grandfather’s grandfather.) 

There are probably some details that were looked over, so if anyone could add any details to this poorly constructed Herondales family tree of mine that would be greatly appreciated.

Then maybe we could find more clues to Will’s fate..and the Herondales family secrets. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


“Family is everything to me… you have to know that.”

“Simon was still trying to work out how Shadowhunter government and also Shadowhunter family trees worked. They all seemed to be related to each other and it was very disturbing.” - Cassandra Clare, Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy