shadowhunter family trees


“Family is everything to me… you have to know that.”

Shadowhunter family trees- Herondales

The Herondales we know: 

William Herondale - Black hair, Blue eyes

Cecily Herondale - Black hair, Blue eyes

Stephen Herondale - Golden(Blonde) hair, Blue eyes

Jace Herondale - Golden hair, golden eyes

I assume Jace’s eyes are probably inherited from Celine Herondale 

I also assume Imogen Herondale was blonde, or Stephen’s father was blonde. 

Seeing as the time difference between Will and Stephen is probably a little less than a century.

(1878-1970) (1970 is just a rough guess based on Stephen would’ve been 20 or 21 when Jace was born, probably he was older though.) 

A century probably allows two generations..taking into consideration the short lives of shadowhunters..maybe three generations.

Then Will - 1st generation

then 2nd generation (Will or Cecily’s kids)

3rd generation (Will or Cecily’s grand-kids) (Imogen and her husband, Jace’s grandparents.)

4th generation - Stephen (great grand kids) 

5th generation - Jace (great great grand kids) (Meaning Will is Jace’s grandfather’s grandfather.) 

There are probably some details that were looked over, so if anyone could add any details to this poorly constructed Herondales family tree of mine that would be greatly appreciated.

Then maybe we could find more clues to Will’s fate..and the Herondales family secrets. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.