The Impossible Has Just Happened

Sting has been dethroned by Sting.

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Eric Dragneel

“Sting beat Sting… but still meaning Sting is still in first place,” Rogue sighed. Sting was going to be first place forever wasn’t he? Even though it was a different Sting, it was still Sting nonetheless…

Meeting new friends

The dark haired men greeted the blonde in their own way. The ice make mage disciple of Ur muttered a ‘yo’ at her while slowly losing layers of clothes. he seemed flustered when he noticed and very annoyed making Layla giggled behind the palm of her hand. the blonde smiled at the man whom she recalled was named Gray and waved at him in a friendly way.

The other was Rogue of Sabertooth whom just nodded at her and she bowed respectfully following his formality until they got acquainted better.

“It is my pleasure to meet you,” Layla smiled at the two with warmth.

shadowdragonslayerrogue decided to drop by~

His attire, it was something he had never seen before. The way he dresses, he reminds me of Jellal. He thought to himself. Although compared to Jellal, this guy had looked dark compared to the conservative blue-haired man. “Hey mister dark looking man! What guild are you from?!” Yosuke had learned about guilds from his meeting from Jellal and had wondered if he was familiar with Fairy Tail.