shadowcats' redemption arc 2013

Stuff... Things...

So, people love to say this time of the year is a time of forgiveness (it should be all year, amirite) and for that reason I decided to make amendments. Over the year some of you requested me things and I never made them. I really want to get out of this guilt trip and fix this photoshop damage. I’m going to make a list of all the unfinished requests, finish and post them along this month.  

Also, if you want a Christmas gift from me (meaning a gif, a gifset, a picspam, or whatever) you can request me! Just give me a prompt (here are the things I usually edit but if it’s something that is not on that list I’ll need more time jsyk) and hopefully I’ll post it by this year’s Christmas!!!1 No, seriously. Request away! :)