shadowcat cosplay

this is what I do in free time instead of drawing.
I’ve started cosplaying this year, it was my first time ever (and first time ever working with worbla….)
now I’m so lost in it xD
So if I’m gonna be lucky and fast enough, gonna be Kitty Pryde aka Star-Lord this year, and ofc next year’s biggest polish con we have here ;)

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh this gonna be so much fun :D

Playtime tomorrow!!

Happiness! Tomorrow I will go back to my “roots” at the small, local, convention Kodachikun, which was my first convention back in 2006. For the first time since 2010 I have actually put together a small, one minute skit as well :)
Looking forward to being Kitty tomorrow and see all my lovely friends X3 Didn’t finish the boots for GEEKcore a few weeks back, so that’s my goal tonight.. Just want to play some more Dragon Age first >8D 

Pic by my everfab captainimaginaryphotography