that was actually Valen Shadowbreath from Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark back in 2003!

I loved NwN and still do…. I have all the games in their original boxes and HotU was my favorite expansion oooohhhh….. does anybody else remember or still play these lovely games?? the in-game art was actually one of the biggest inspirations I had at the time to start drawing for real.

Feeling kinda down, drawing always makes me feel a bit better. A little intimate moment between Valen and Edenil (HOTU Character).

Hope you enjoy ♡

I’m not sorry. At all.

Tumblr NEEDS more topless Bioware boys ;)

This is my first finished piece in a very long time. 5ish hours, Photoshop CS2, Bamboo Tablet. Any suggestions for the next Bioware Boy?

Ehe. Snail trail…

in relation to Valen and HotU I am reminded of something I read on a forum once about how they picked his voice actor

They wanted something dark and sexy and gravely with a sort of…hot, fiery burny quality to it and one of the people working on the project went “OMG I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU NEED”

and it was her massage therapist

and he got the job 

1. I just got back from picking all of my stuff up from my first apartment

2. I lived in that apartment for about 5 months (I think???)

3. I tried to use the restroom on the ferry ride over and almost fell of the toilet due to turbulent water

4. My dad and I were super hyped up on caffeine and almost drove my mom insane

5. I have to work tomorrow but I don’t wanna

6. I’m still a little hyped up on caffeine


8. I wore heels the other day and my feet still hurt because of them

9. Russian Dumplings are my favorite food. ever.

10. My middle name is Marie.

THANK YOU! I hope you have a pleasant evening/day wherever you might be in the world

As a Valentine’s gift to myself, I decided to do a series of small illustrations of my OCs and their love interests from Bioware games. 

And to start off, of course, my first ever video game crush, Valen Shadowbreath from NWN: Hordes of the Underdark, and one of my first sweet children - Daedre Locke, a half-elven cleric of Kellemvor. Maybe it’s just childhood nostalgia speaking, but to this day I believe their romantic storyline was the most, well, romantic and sweet of all that Bioware has written since.

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