that was actually Valen Shadowbreath from Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark back in 2003!

I loved NwN and still do…. I have all the games in their original boxes and HotU was my favorite expansion oooohhhh….. does anybody else remember or still play these lovely games?? the in-game art was actually one of the biggest inspirations I had at the time to start drawing for real.

Feeling kinda down, drawing always makes me feel a bit better. A little intimate moment between Valen and Edenil (HOTU Character).

Hope you enjoy ♡

What your Neverwinter Nights romance option says about you:

Valen Shadowbreath: You probably had an emo phase at one point. Recalling his romance you’ll listen to “Monster” by Skillet, or “Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace. You also can’t stop making ‘horny’ jokes. Valen Shadowbreath was the one who spurred you into your 3edgy5me “demons are misunderstood” phase.

Nathyrra: You’re probably hardcore into BDSM and would thank her for stepping on your neck with golf cleats. You were probably scratching your head and wondering why she was the straight romance option. Seriously, did none of the creators read their own subtext?

Aarin Gend: You’re the only one who remembers he exists. You scream in agony forever. Literally he and Aribeth are the only things that make the Original Campaign of NWN1 worthy of playing. And nobody fucking remembers him.

Aribeth de Tylmerande: You got into this at first for the Boob Window. Now there’s a goddamn war and she’s lost her mind. Shit, she’s dead now. You’re romancing a corpse. Where does it get worse from here. You don’t know but somehow necrophilia doesn’t seem so bad…

Casavir: You were probably attracted to Goose God or Freaky Fred at one point. How do we go back from this. Tell me how we can take this back and forget it all.

Gann: You’re probably a big fan of musicals. You’re also probably a big fan of Howl’s moving castle. You’re cultured and witty and intelligent and have good taste. But hush, enough about you. It’s all about Gann now. For ever. And Ever

Safiya: You probably have a teacher/student kink. If you didn’t already, you’ve probably thought about it since. Don’t tell me you haven’t, you grody napkin.

Elanee: What this romance option says about you is that you’re a lying liar. You’ve never intentionally romanced her, ever, and enjoyed it. Literally, who thought this was a good idea?!

Bishop: He’s part of the reason why you hate men, but yet you find yourself going back to him time and again anyways. We understand. We’re in hell too. We’re here for you.

Neeshka: You’re convinced she’s your manic pixie dream girl. You would let her steal everything you own - your shirt, your pants, your will to live– and then you find out she’s unromanceable. And you’re out about 50,000 gold pieces. She’s already on her way to Waterdeep by now. Fuck.

Sand: There is no Sand romance option. You are in denial anyhow, and with each playthrough you’re at it again, kissing his ass and kidding yourself. Today will be the day I choose Bishop or Casav– Bitch, please, it’s all over once he comes in with that “Ah, it seems I have arrived just in time to deflect the usual barrage of slander from the local innkeeper” line.

lord Abu...where for art thou?

My fic nom de pum is Skaoi and I currently write in the Lucifer fandom.  I wrote this ( and I’m rather happy with it.

I started writing fic a long, long time ago on FFnet (in the Neverwinter Nights fandom….loooooove me some Valen Shadowbreath).

I’ve written a lot in the Lucifandom over the past year or so.  @scurvgirl pointed me to AO3 and since she’s smarter than me at least half the time, I popped over to check it out and have lived there ever since. 

I try to remember to cross-post to FFnet because not everyone gets over to AO3, but I’m old and the brain can’t be bothered to recall such things all the time.  Such was the case with the last few pieces I’ve done.  I posted several recent works on Saturday and very happily woke up to a number of generally favorable reviews on the piece in question.

We DO love the love, don’t we?  I sure as Hell do.

Then….I saw this gem.  A number of you lovely followers also write fic and you know what I’m talking about when I bring up the topic of “strangest review.”  This, darlings, takes the cake for me so far.

mitchell:I lost my 2 years relationship 4 months ago. My Husband left me with so many pains and since then I have be…en heart broken and shattered. I have emailed so many sites online looking for a good spell caster till i was directed by one Mrs Wendy Dustin from a forum to email this email address: At first I never believed him, it took him some time to convince me and something occurred to me and I said let me give him a trial. I was very shocked when my Husband called me 5 days after lord Abu were done with the spell casting . My Husband was crawling on his knees for what he has done wrong and i am very happy that we are together today because now he love and care for me and my kids like never before..I will advise you to contact lord Abu because he has done wonders in my life and i believe he can help you out. email: or his website:

There were neither an email or actual web address which I can use to contact this lord Abu (I feel the spelling is critical, btw…it MUST mean something), so I confess I feel rather untethered.  Incomplete somehow.  This lord Abu is out there somewhere….waiting to do wonders in my life….yet, alas, I have no means by which to reach out. 

I remain here….twisting in the wind of my ignorance.  Hanging by the neck in an informational desert until there’s naught left but a desiccated corpse that’s been picked clean by the crows.

Cruelty, thy name is mitchell.

in relation to Valen and HotU I am reminded of something I read on a forum once about how they picked his voice actor

They wanted something dark and sexy and gravely with a sort of…hot, fiery burny quality to it and one of the people working on the project went “OMG I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU NEED”

and it was her massage therapist

and he got the job