The Nightmare Night Themed Single Story Packs from the Friendship is Magic Collection have been listed on Amazon.


Several of the Guardians of Harmony figures have been listed on Amazon!


Looky! It\s a thousand follower milestone! Woo!~

This was awesome to work on, and I’m so happy to have all you guys as my followers. Of course, my blog has been exploding lately, and I only have to guys to thank for it—

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Yeah… This took longer than it should have to get out, but I’m like a 12 hour drive away from home…

But yeah, this was a lot of fun to work on, and a good chance to work on my backgrounds. I think it’s a significant improvement!~

Nightmare Ponies by Bethiebo

Lets just say i got inspired by the MLP Nightmare comics and then I decided to finish off the rest of the gang … I honestly like the ones at the far right as it shows how i progressed back into things after having a brather long break from art.

It seems a lot of people are asking for this to be a print, anyone who hasn’t already asked about this being a print what do you think?

The wave 1 MLP Guardians of Harmony figures are now available for pre-order on Amazon! This includes the first 8 sets (outside the Fan Series). The pre-orders will be shipped on September 1st (Big Dragon Spike = September 15th). You can find all listings directly below:

MLP Guardians of Harmony Shining Armor Figure ($11.99)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Shadowbolt & Cockatrice Figures ($11.99)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Pinkie Pie ($11.99)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Rainbow Dash & Spike Figures ($11.99)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Queen Chrysalis & Spike Figures ($14.99)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Twilight Sparkle & Changeling Figures ($14.99)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Cheese Sandwich Figure ($19.99)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Spike the Dragon Figure ($39.99)

Wow, uhm, where to start? Well…

…Basically last week I was fired.

It sucks, and it wasn’t really my fault. I could probably contest something, but I was looking for different work anyway. That said, while I look for new work I’m not exactly “Makin’ Bank”, and I wasn’t exactly well off before I lost my job.

There really isn’t much else to say about why, so let’s get into how:

I’m offering various levels of commissions at a range of prices, and I’ll be using a ‘que’ style commission list. Basically, it’s first come first served, and I’ll only accept a few at a time. When you’ve got an open slot, you can tell me what you’d like based on my rates below, and we’ll communicate the specifics via e-mail or skype or whatever. Then I’ll get back to you with a draft, and if you like it, I’ll finish it up and we’ll do the whole 'payment’ thing when it’s done.

Prices / Examples below the Break:

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