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I'm trying to decide if my favorite part of the current CFA playset is the throwaway reference to the Shadow Play Girls or the interchangeability of the Scarlet Pimpernel and Don Knotts. There's a lot to love here: it has a decidedly 'Animaniacs' tone to it.

Yeah, we try to mix things up a bit. Each Playset has a very particular set of influences in mind. The Big Pie Caper is basically a warped version of the sort of pastoral slice-of-life scenario you might see in Golden Sky Stories or Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine, for example, while Tomb of Follies is a straight up homage to the weirder side of OD&D.

As for Disorder in the Court, there are a few things going on there, but it wouldn’t be inaccurate to call it “Phoenix Wright meets the Looney Tunes”.


I was tagged by @13tiff to do this: currently lockscreen, last selfie you took, last song you listened to. I absolutely adore that edit of the Taylor quote and Paris and it’s a constant reminder to me that it is never too late and I can always begin again. I don’t have a single selfie of my face in my phone right now, so there isn’t a selfie. And Shadow is currently playing. (P. S. Birdy’s Beautiful Lies album is absolutely beautiful and this is not a lie.)

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So Double Fine is streaming a bunch of N64 games today for its birthday, and when I asked which character would be a Star Wars fan while they played Shadows of The Empire, they answered with Oleander. It's canon now

That is the BEST bit of trivia I’ve ever heard!

Unfortunately, I’m not huge on Star Wars or it’s lore though I’ve tried to get into it! gsjsgjsjgakflhd

Did he ever explain why?