Shadowgraphy Hands Silver Goat Pendant

Two hands throwing a goat shadow.

Shadows speak volumes by candlelight.

Hand carved by Moon & Serpent

IG: @moonandserpent

The decoy diary...

I haven’t gotten to watch tonight’s episode yet, and won’t get to until after midnight.

So I’m still stuck on “ Shadow Play”. 😊

I was thinking about The ‘Trojan horse’ diary the girls found. Spencer noticed that some of the words had been changed. But, it’s not as if the words had been whited out and written over. They were done in Ali’s same handwriting. So either someone is great at forging handwriting, or Ali rewrote the ENTIRE decoy diary herself?

Season 4B Rewatch
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This week, we’re taking a trip through the Dark Spencer Saga, part II, as we move through season 4B of PLL. We did a casual rewatch on 417 “Bite Your Tongue,” 419 “Shadow Play,” 420 “Free Fall,” and 424 “A is for Answers.” We get a top five all time PLL scene with the Spencer/Aria dual intervention, the fabulous noir episode, Aria cry-face, Detective Hanna, the ultimate Paily romance scene, and much more.

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