Shadow Lover

Hopefully Tumblr won’t eat the text this time. But here is the Shadow Lover story that was supposed to be out Friday. I hope you guys enjoy this genderfluid shadow monster and their male reader.

   Your mother gave you some gaudy antique she found while shopping. One of her many splurge purchases she later regretted and was no passing off as a thoughtful gift. You really had no idea what to do with it. It was a large black jar with silver decorations spaced about it. The lid to it was stuck fast and you couldn’t open it. You didn’t think it fit your home at all, nothing a guy like you would have, but to make mom happy you set it up on a shelf in your bedroom.

   One night you as you lay down in bed you hear something rattling, looking up from your pillow you hear the rattling but don’t see anything. You try to go back to sleep, but you find the rattling continues on. Any time you get up to investigate it stops. So you lay back down in bed.

   This keeps happening over the next few nights. Something rattles and stops as soon as you pay attention to it. After a while it gets old and you investigate it yourself. Thinking perhaps that there is a vent or something behind your bookcase you move everything and search. Just for the night, you leave the bookcase and everything on it stacked and moved away. It could be something with one of your neighbors as well if nothing rattled you’d move your room about.

   You’re half asleep and you hear a rattling and then a shatter. Waking up, you see the jar your mother gave you is broken on the floor. You clean up the mess, tying it in a bag and going back to bed.

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Here’s a list of weird/strange articles on wikipedia in no particular order for you to read and just add more useless knowledge in your puny human brain. General murder/death trigger warning for most.

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A very purple picture.
Anyway, always thought that it would be amaze to hold hands with the big ol’ monster that lived under the bed.

Initially, you didn’t believe that he even existed, which isn’t the best way to start a relationship.

He actually followed you through multiple moves during a hard time in your early “on your own” years. He did little things for you to help you so you’d be a little less stressed in the mornings. Coffee being made for you (in the mug, just the way you like it), clothes laid out for you, other simple but important stuff.

You finally got the courage up one night to lie awake and wait for your mysterious helper to appear, and you ended up scaring him half to death.
Any fear you might have had lingering before then evaporated upon his mad scramble for the closet upon seeing your eyes being open.
It took a bit for him to come out and talk with you, but…

It’s been wonderful having him around. He’s always there when you need him, and he takes care of you like nobody ever has before.
And every night you fall asleep and wake up holding his hand over the edge of the bed.
You’ve asked him if he’d like to sleep in the bed with you, but he insists that he likes it under there. I guess it’s just as well; he’s way too big to fit.

You’ve always been afraid of the dark.

As a child, you would scramble under the duvet once the light was turned off, desperate to be safe from the shadows that seemed to morph before your eyes into faces and watching eyes.  Even now, when you’re an adult, the dark can’t help but unnerve you. From time to time you sometimes flick on the lights in dimmed rooms, often without even realizing it.

But you take comfort in the daylight.

What comes as a sudden bump to your relatively comfortable existence is when you are just sitting in your house when you find yourself abruptly plunged into darkness.

Power cut, you think to yourself nervously.

      You blindly fumble about through the pitch- black environment, feeling the walls to guide yourself to the cupboard where you keep your emergency supplies for situations like this- flashlight, candles, matches- the usual supplies.

A cold shudder of fear runs down your spine.

You’re alone, you repeat over again in your thoughts, all the doors are locked. Nothing bad is going to happen. You’ve just been playing too many horror games.

It’s amazing of how something you can so easily scoff at in the daylight can grip you with fear when you’re in the dark and vulnerable. When it seems like anything can happen.  It’s a primal fear, deeply engrained within the human psyche. As much as you try to deny it, a fear of the dark is an inherently human fear.

As you reach through the open cupboard door, your eyes widen as your fingers clench around the familiar tubular shape of the flashlight.

Yes. Relief from the darkness and the paranoia. A way to reclaim your former self-sufficiency.

     You’re only to eager to finally illuminate your way again, to show yourself that your fears are just childish fears. They have no place here, when you’re supposed to be a mature adult.

With a quick press of the lower button, you turn around expecting the cheap battery-operated flashlight to illuminate a clearer path through your house.

What you don’t expect, however, is to see a massive figure facing you.

    It’s easily six, maybe seven feet tall. When the torch shines on its skin, its body remains as darkened and mysterious as ever. It’s as if their skin is made from the very night sky itself, blacker than even the darkest winter night. Its face lacks most of the conventional human features that you’ve been so accustomed to throughout your life, pardon a pair of blindingly white eyes, void of pupils and irises and a grin, stacked with equally white, far sharper teeth. It doesn’t seem to stand, as you so notice now, rather floating on some invisible wind, standing just a few inches off the ground. Its form doesn’t seem solid or physical, but has some strange ethereal quality that oddly reminds you of television static, as if it just glitched into existence.

You drop the flashlight in shock.

As you scramble to the ground in a desperate rummage to find your precious light source, now lost to the darkness.

The thing let out a long, juddering laugh.

You scowl up at it.

“Don’t scare me like that,” you huff, “you know that I’m scared of the dark.”

They grin down at you as they fish up the flashlight, a shadowy tendril protruding from their ethereal body to hold it under their chin, making their facial features appear even more monstrous. But by this point, you’re too annoyed to be afraid anymore.

“Sorry about that, my sweet. Didn’t mean to.” They purr down at you.

You fold your arms in an accusatory fashion, still not entirely convinced by their seemingly casual reply.


Their shadowy features often towards you, as the tips of their claws gently caress the vulnerable skin of the underside of your face.  

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” they breathe in a low, comforting tone of voice. “Not as long as I’m here with you. Nothing in the dark here will hurt you. If anything tries to go bump, then I’ll bump them back.”

       They snake their long, shadowy arms around you until your body is completely enveloped in their embrace.  You smile as you look up into their smiling face and their glowing white eyes, glowing with a comforting radiance, like the crescent of the hanging moon that parts the greyish clouds. Nothing but pure comforting white. You feel nothing but safety and warmth when you’re with them, despite their icy cold touch and inhuman appearance.

The candles can wait, you decide. Suddenly you find yourself all too comfortable in the darkness and shadows despite your previous perturbation.

Just because you’re afraid of the dark, doesn’t mean you can’t love it as well.

TAURUS: lately life has felt like a carnival ride that you stumbled onto by accident and you don’t understand why everybody else is having such a good time. why everybody else has open-mouth smiles and bright eyes while you’re clutching your lap-bar praying for something to end. it won’t always be like this. the ground isn’t going to perpetually swing around you, stealing your balance and your ability to move as if your existence is something flimsy and disposable. this will all slow down eventually. please stay until then. the view from the top will be worth it.

GEMINI: you’ve taken every offhand remark to heart since the day you were born and your chest has become so heavy that it’s hard to breathe around all of that hurt. you know you don’t have to keep it all hidden, right? storage units exist for a reason: humans were never meant to bear all of their belongings. I know that your statuesque stance is one you’ve been practicing for centuries, but it’s okay to ask for help. nobody is going to be mad at you or think of you as weak for doing so.

CANCER: you’re holding something beautiful and this is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done. because you’re so used to watching watching eggs roll off the countertop and kisses slip off of your cheek that everything worthwhile seems fleeting. fragile. forced. like the universe is playing a game to see how good you are at playing catch with crystal balls. but you’ve gotta believe in the potential of durability. if you’ve managed to exist for this long without giving up, you must believe in something, and it must be pretty special. don’t lose it now. not after all this time.

LEO: maybe it feels like the april showers will never stop pouring down on you. maybe you keep trying to fix new things with old instruction manuals and end up getting frustrated when the pictures don’t match what’s in front of you. maybe you’re starting to realize that not everything is going to work out the way you need it to and that scares you. it scares you because the last time this happened it almost killed you. but the key word here is almost. you’re more than the rubble you’ve had to sift through and the photographs you’ve had to throw out. you were never meant to burn out. you were designed to endure.

VIRGO: so, you ran away from home. you’re playing hooky from your life because every scenario you’ve found yourself in has ended in blood. and you’re sick of it. you never asked for any of this. but then again, has anyone? I can’t imagine how tiring it must be to build those walls around yourself every morning, before your coffee and your nicotine, before you think about the lover you left behind. have you ever visited the grand canyon? you should. it’s time you found some beauty in what’s below the surface. look at how easy it is to see the sky from here. but please don’t try to fly until you’ve looked down once or twice please.

LIBRA: you ran into the past while crossing the street and you didn’t stop to say hello. were you scared? or were you just waiting for what you abandoned to make the first move? either way, you didn’t say hello and that’s okay. you don’t have to feel shameful about the ugliness of your progress. not everybody’s carriage stays a carriage when the clock strikes midnight. that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real or valuable. you ran into the past while crossing the street and it didn’t hurt you. not this time. not you.

SCORPIO: everybody around you seems to be darting across the universe with their hearts on their sleeves and it makes you feel as though something is wrong with you. as if the molasses town your feet are submerged in is something that you asked for, that you wanted. you know, you don’t have to travel at the speed of light in order to get out of bed in the morning and that’s still something miraculous, especially when every part of you is begging to pull the covers over your eyes and dream a little longer. I’m proud of you for fighting that feeling. I know it’s hard. I know it’s hard.

SAGITTARIUS: I think that it’s time for you to start believing in fairy tales again. do you remember being smaller? looking for magic around every corner? that spark doesn’t leave once you outgrow the disney themed bedsheets and wear holes in the light-up sneakers. nobody needs you to be the grown-up all of the time, it’s okay to let yourself feel lighthearted again. go pick some daisies or buy some gelato. take care of yourself the way you would’ve before the world showed you its shadows.

CAPRICORN: the monsters under your bed have been keeping you awake for months but you don’t have the heart to drive them away. you’ve kinda liked the company. you’ve been throwing them scraps from the dinner table that you couldn’t finish and have taken pleasure in listening to what you couldn’t stomach be put to use. but, baby, you don’t have to be kind to the things that make you shudder in the night. you’re not obligated to give to the things that take and take and take until there’s nothing left. reclaim your bedroom. this, this is yours. it always will be.

AQUARIUS: sometimes you find yourself thinking about the cost of living. how much of yourself you’ve had to trade in order to stay alive. it’s really easy to get angry, when you see that other people have traded so much less and gotten so much more. but don’t let yourself get caught up in the what-if’s because that’s a maze that’ll never let you leave, no matter the strength of the compass you bring with you. forgive yourself for what you’ve had to do to survive. it doesn’t make sense to be ashamed of all you’ve gone through, when everyone else just wants to watch you succeed. we’re rooting for you.

PISCES: you’ve become an expert at mending the bridges that people have burned in your wake and I hope that you see the beauty in that. the talent it takes to reconstruct a pathway between two islands is immense and you’ve forgotten this in all of the excitement. you’ve accomplished great things in such a short time, and it’s breathtaking. truly. when you were born everybody in the room must’ve held their breath, because how could they not see what they were bringing into the world? sure, you’ve caused a few accidents. but you’re working to fix the damage. you’re trying. that’s enough.

ARIES: the clocks have all been telling you that you’re late for figuring yourself out. which is another way of saying that it feels as though time itself has been harassing you because you don’t know who you are yet. and hey, fuck ‘em. time is a construct: while you? you’re here. you’re breathing. you’re taking the alarms and setting them for 12pm because this is your life and you dictate what it’ll be filled with. don’t worry about the calendars or the deadlines. you’ll find yourself when you’re ready. take as many seconds as you need.

The Dark

Another newly titled repost. Enjoy!

It had been one of those days again.

You sat wrapped up in your favorite blankets on the couch, a huddled mass of turbulent emotions. You flop over on your side and stare through the TV, a show on that you normally like, but it wasn’t enough to hold your interest today. There really wasn’t much of anything that holds your interest on these days.

As you continued to stare into the middle distance, a low rumbling shook the air; a thunderstorm? You turn your head to look out the window as the rain begins to fall. Somehow it always made you feel the tiniest bit better when the world reflected how you were feeling. You sigh; you still hated storms, though.

A flash of lightning illuminates the outside, and you briefly catch a glimpse of something silhouetted against it. What was that? You stare out the window, squinting into the fading light. Another flash further off lights up the outside, but whatever you saw is gone. You sigh again; how boring. You turn back toward the TV as the power flickers slightly and the signal fades into static.

Well that’s no fun.

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ficklerecluse  asked:

Could I get headcanons for the reader trying to understand the shadow monster in their house, who only talks in clicks and growls

Shit SUCKS. You’re constantly reminding yourself to ask them yes and no questions. It frustrates both you, and the monster.

Despite efforts to try and think of another way to communicate, you two can’t really do anything other than vague gestures and nodding/shaking your heads.

Chances are, one of you snaps at the other once a week. It gets…frustrating.

However, when it’s late at night, it does seem rather calming- listening to them chatter to themself. Until they wake you up at 3 am. Then it’s war.

anonymous asked:

can i get some headcanons for a shadow monster boyfriend? love your blog btw!!

  • he only really gets to spend time with you at night so he loves the night the most
  • sometimes your hand will fall off the bed while you sleep and he’ll see it and hold it 
  • dark and rainy days are his favorite to slink around in and follow you through
  • he’s very cold and ghost like but comforting in a haunting way 
  • he’s very affectionate and overjoyed that he gets to hold and kiss another creature 
  • he loves cats buy him cats so he can kiss them 
  • he’s always with you no matter what 
  • he’s rather nervous and at first he didnt want to come out because he was afraid you’d fear him 
  • you cant comprehend his real form but he feels rough and human and sharp and thats frightening but adorable
The Jackal Prince

This is a collected, retitled version of Tap, with the origin “fairytale” leading the work.

Once upon a time, in a land across the sea, stood a marvelous palace with a hundred rooms. The count of this palace was a strange, eccentric man, and declared that each and every room was to have a princess in each.
So 99 lords sent their daughters to his palace, to live and stay with the eccentric count as he desired, but he was still not happy, for there was still one room left empty.
So he summoned the final lord to his palace and demanded to know why he had not sent a princess. The poor lord responded that he had no princess, and that he had but one child: his son and heir. The eccentric count scoffed at the other man, and told the lord to send his only son as a replacement for the princess he did not have. The poor lord tried to reason with the count, but he would not listen to reason. Finally, the lord gave in, and sent his only son and heir, the prince, to the palace.
The eccentric count reveled in his now completed collection, but did not see how the princesses suffered under his care. They wished nothing more than to return to their homes, but the count would not have it, and ignored their pleas.
The lone prince, a good and gentle man, saw the pain of the princesses, and hatched a plan to escape. He gathered all the princess together and told them about his plan. A grand masquerade ball was planned, a supposed celebration for the eccentric count’s kind hospitality, and during which, the young prince would help the princesses escape.
The night of the celebration, the young prince donned his costume: a splendid set of midnight blue garments, with a crescent moon pin on his cravat, and a black jackal mask. The ball went as expected, with much dancing and revelry, and as the night wore on, the princesses began to disappear. The eccentric count, in his cups, did not notice, and continued to dance and dance until the last princess finally vanished.
The young prince, in his disguise, danced with the count himself so as to give the princesses time to be beyond the mad count’s reach. Upon the clock striking twelve, the prince stopped and spoke to the him, revealing his plan and beseeching the count to let them go in peace. The mad count flew into a panicked rage, and in so, struck the young prince down where he stood. He then ran through his palace, searching all 100 rooms for his collection of princesses, but to his dismay, they were gone. His heart failed him, and with his last breath, he cursed the young prince to remain in the palace forever.
And thus, the young prince remains in his altered, immortal state, his countenance altered by the curse laid upon him to be that of the jackal, and the shadows of the ballroom binding him to the count’s palace for eternity.

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Important Question

Would y'all read a Webcomic that talks about Depression and other Mental illness
Where the Main Cast are made up of:

A Pangender Ace/Aro who just wants to sleep
A precious TransGirl lesbian
An Asexual girl who wants #Death
A Pansexual girl who is Group Mom
And a tol Nonbinary baby
Plus Shadow Monsters that represent Different mental illnesses

EDIT: so if you’re coming back to this post to see if it’s real and happening- it is!!! The Webcomic Diary is a Webcomic (and hopefully a future Short Animated film A La, Welcome to Hell and Butter Lovers) that I’ve been working on for nearly half a year now, and two chapters are already Fully Completed! The first parts of the Webcomic will be posted in March, and you can check its progress at @diarymovie Love you guys