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Do you think Sonic and Shadow care about each other? My sister and I were arguing over how close they are. Not shipping though.

Oh, they totally care about each other. It’s hard to say they don’t.

In Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic shows concern for Shadow.

Shadow even saved Sonic from Silver and also helped resurrect him in 06. Also, when realizing Infinite’s plans in Sonic Forces, Shadow definitely seems worried about The Blue Blur. He also saved Sonic from a Shadow clone with his trusty roundhouse kick!

There are plenty of other moments too, but while these two are definitely rivals, they have respect and concern for one another. I’d say that on Sonic’s side, he sees them as friends.

Heck, they even took a photo together in front of the White House despite the fact that the photo’s very existence tears apart the series’ canon!