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I remember reading a fanfic once where Shadow went missing and Rouge went around to people’s houses to ask if anyone had seen him. She arrives at an old man’s house and asks him about Shadow.

He grows this big grin and says that he and Shadow had met and Shadow would occasionally help him carry his heavy groceries back to his house. He said Shadow was a bit down in the mouth, but possessed a heart of gold.

In another fanfic I read, Shadow was out doing something and he was near a ballet school. A little ballerina came out of the building with her mom and she notices Shadow. She starts hopping up and down and he sees her asking the girl’s mom something. She runs over to Shadow holding some paper and a pen and looks up at him saying that she’s his biggest fan and would like an autograph.

He grows a small but warm smile and grabs the pen and paper, signing it for her. She gets super excited and runs off.

My heart is melting and I’m squealing on the inside remembering this. I would love to see more stuff like this with Shadow because it’s one of the aspects I adore about him. I also wrote all of this off of memory so hopefully I stayed true to the original fanfics hehe ^^“

  • Neil Gaiman:Writes American Gods main character never giving a precise description, only telling you what other characters think of him and they always wonder if he's black, latino, native or what.
  • American gods:casts Shadow perfectly, with an actor who embodies strength, tranquility, looks ethnically versatile and just fits the description.
  • Whiny racist fanboys:But he's black! Why is he black? It's never written explicitly that Shadow is black, so he should be white!

I want steven to occasionally visit centipeedle and her crew and bring them chips and just hang out

he curls up and takes a nap with them and combs through their hair and since centi accepts him the rest grow to like him too

he reads out loud to them, and although the most complex thing they can play is tick-tack-toe he still likes it

they all seem to like his voice, and as long as he’s careful not to yell they all are pretty calm around him

nothing here looks how I wanted to… not the colors, the lighting, the pose, parts of the design, the effects….. ahh……… ;;

also I really can’t work anymore on drawings with darker colors, like this one, without getting my eyes extremely tired super quick? and the more breaks I had to take, the worse it looked…

hmmmmm a few years ago I only used this type of colors, all the time, and didn’t need that many breaks. whyyyyyy ;A;

shadowed-rhapsody  asked:

Yeah in HDB everyone has to do at least ONE horrifically cruel act to poor Yui(tbh I think that Shu was the least cruel because he was a little too busy sleeping his ass off)

shu’s mostly just like…a dick. like reiji’s off somewhere threatening to cut off ur hands or whatever and shu’s like “ur underwear is ugly” like thanks shu i didnt ask