shadow wolves


Wolf pup playing at the San Diego Zoo

A playful two-month-old grey wolf pup is spending time in the Children’s Zoo nursery at the San Diego Zoo. The 23-pound pup, named Shadow, is in the process of completing a 30-day quarantine, after which he will live at Wegeforth Bowl and serve as an ambassador for his species. 

Animal care staff members are introducing Shadow to various smells and sights, which will help prepare him for his new role as an animal ambassador. Keepers working with Shadow will give him items such as ficus browse to smell and chew, ice cubes to chase around or cardboard boxes to climb on. The young wolf can also see guests visiting him at the nursery, which keepers say is also beneficial.

“He sees people in the window when they come by to visit; these things are all new and interesting to him. You’ll see him key in on something and really get in tune with it,” said Kim Weibel, senior keeper of veterinary services at the San Diego Zoo. “That’s a neat thing with wolves, the way they tune into things; they are very intelligent,” Weibel said.

the next time we love, i will do it properly, fully. not as wolves or shadows or beating hearts. as humanly as we know how. all fingers and tongues and questioning eyes and how limbs are just limbs until you touch them and then they’re alive, they’re alight, they’re swelling into something more than you thought could ever be. so we press our fingers into our fingers and marvel that our palms can do this. that you can touch me and my belly is full of electricity. that i can touch you and suddenly you are glowing.


Another Vine of brotherly love

Shadows and Wolves

Stiles x Reader

Requested By Anon

“(Y/N)!” Stiles yelped as he and Scott tried to look less suspicious.

“Stiles!” You gasped and hid something behind your back making the boys exchange looks.

“I’m going to find Derek… you think you can convince (Y/N) to get out of the woods before something happens?” Scott hissed and Stiles nodded, waving his friend off as he hurried over to you.

“So, what’re you doing out here… wait is that a tattoo, when did you get a tattoo?” Stiles asked and tried to look at the black mark closer.

“What no it’s just an um, doodle that I did.” You mumbled and he cocked his head.

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So, I built a wall consisting of completed book series that I owned. 

Almost collapsed like 3 times but I’m alive


 Some super OLD art, I focused mainly on the background in this one, played around with different brushes until I ended up with this atmospheric image…and than used photo manipulation to add the two wolves in on the left. 

 (Don’t repost/remove caption..)

“The Lone Wolf” (charcoal on paper, Nov 2015)

Wolves are often being misunderstood and misrepresented. They are being demonized to the point that people would go out of their way to kill them. The amount of hate and fear on the wolves is very unnecessary and uncalled for. They are extremely intelligent and loyal, highly adaptable and most importantly they bring balance to nature. Their howls are one of the most beautiful sounds of nature.

I urge you to take a look at this petition and take actions if it’s something that you care about too. Thank you in advance!

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