IDW - positive answer

I have written to IDW editorial (, asking them about the former-Archie Sonic team. They are aware of them and they love their work too. I as well asked about continuing the post-Genesis world. Yeah, that may be impossible, but if enough of us asks, it may be possible.

They as well wrote, they will get into specific plans as soon as they can. I guess this means during autumn or early winter :-D So, please write to them as well, let them know!!

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anonymous asked:

So, Infinite, what do you think about him? Also, as wierdly edgy his theme song is, its actually good? It sounds like an actual vocal song then just adding vocal over an instrumental theme song.

Too edgy for me.

Like there’s too many shades of Mephiles. There’s a weird legacy where Sonic Team keeps trying to make villains that are like Sonic, but darker and edgier, and that became embarrassing a long time ago.

Like, let’s just take a second to appreciate something like this

Which when you’re fourteen years old, is like, the COOLEST SONG on this entire album. And that was 20 years ago. And it just kept getting dumber, and dumber

Shadow is an edgier version of Metal Sonic, Mephiles is an edgier version of Shadow, and now Infinite is… like, what, King Edgelord? For how long? This schtick stopped being interesting many, many years ago.

(I’m not sure when I drew this, to be frank) Alright, so I’m slowly being dragged back into the Sonic fandom and I’m trying to dig my heels into the ground to keep that from happening. 😩 @chrysalisshell half of this is your fault. If only you weren’t so supportive! 😂


If anybody knows more quotes like this, I’d like you to add them to this post; I want a collection.