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An Emoji Spell that everything will be alright.

No matter what, you will be safe, happy, and flourishing. Do not fear loss or pain, as nothing will come that you cannot overcome. This is just a process.

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Louvre Abu Dhabi Ateliers Jean Nouvel

All climates like exceptions. Warmer when it is cold. Cooler in the tropics. People do not resist thermal shock well. Nor do works of art. Such elementary observations have influenced the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It wishes to create a welcoming world serenely combining light and shadow, reflection and calm. It wishes to belong to a country, to its history, to its geography without becoming a flat translation, the pleonasm that results in boredom and convention. It also aims at emphasizing the fascination generated by rare encounters.


An emoji spell for all empaths out there who are struggling with pain because they feel the change the world needs so deeply within them.

Empaths naturally go through a lot of emotional pain when tragedy strikes the world. You are loved and abundance will embrace you for the work you do.

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Magickal Glossary

Types of Magickal Energy

Magick is working with these energies to manifest change. There are 3 main sources of energy used in magick, ritual, + spiritual practices:

  • Personal Energy: The energy that resides within you and is emanated from your body.  Psychics see this energy as your aura.
  • Earth Energy: The energy that resides within trees, plants, rocks, etc.  Nature, including the four elements.
  • Divine Energy: Energy from the God-dess; Spirit, Universe, Unknown.

Goddess Archetypes

In the book “The White Goddess”, Robert Graves categorized the Divine Feminine into three aspects: Maiden, Mother, + Crone.  These three aspects, now known as The Triple Goddess, seek to classify Her many faces, aligning Her phases and power with the stages of a woman’s life. (There are, of course, a number of other archetypes and life phases - but for purposes, you will only need to be familiar with these three).

  • The Maiden is the first aspect of the Triple Goddess. In human age, her age is birth to early twenties.  She is the little girl blossoming into womanhood, the image of beauty and love. She is the discovery of femininity, sensuality, and sexuality.  The embodiment of youth, learning, playfulness, and new beginnings, the Maiden is the personification of Spring.
  • The Mother aspect of the Goddess is at the peak of power and life.  She is in control of her circumstances and her sexuality, and is usually mated.  She is the harvest, the representation of abundance and prosperity, and our true Earth Mother. She is the midwife and protector of children, whether or not they are hers. The Mother is strength, resilience, and the knowledge of womanhood.
  • The Crone is the Wise Woman, She of the Kept Blood (menopause).  She is the guide, the counselor, and the infinite teacher.  She brings us to Death in all its terrible fury, then holds and nurtures us as we are reborn.  She is the darkness of Winter, and teaches the power of intuition and how to see what is unseen.

The Elements

The four elements are the basic principles of magickal practice, and the foundation of all that exists.  Earth, Air, Fire and Water (Spirit) are the physical and spiritual components of the Universe and each are a force of energy which contributes to the existence of life.

Each element has a variety of correspondences, as well as emotional and physical manifestations.

  • EARTH – muladhara, kappa, root, grounding, prosperity, abundance, material blessings, money, security, nature, harvest, fertility, growth, silence, calm, rosemary, sandalwood, cedar, ginger, harmony, foot, balance, recovering, shavasana, healing, red jasper, hematite, smoky quartz, peace , plants + herbs, home, morality, protection, motherhood, silence, birth, death, mystery, structures, physical body, winter.
  • AIR – anahata, vata, intellect, wisdom, heart, lungs, arms, shoulders, memory, learning, knowledge, study, mental clarity, happiness, joy, sanguine, cheerfulness, emerald, jade, rose quartz, divination, frankincense, lavender, rosemary, uttanasana, bakasana, self-knowledge, confidence, vitality, energy, elemental air, artistic endeavors, magick, travel, speaking, writing. spring
  • FIRE – manipura,  pitta, passion, desire, transformation, sex, anger, protection, punishment, justice, law, banishing, rosewood, rosemary, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, amber, bergamot, juniper, citrine, tigers eye, myrrh, chamomile, spirits, success, legal matters, prophecy, oracles, independence, liver, pancreas, stomach, lung, adrenal gland, human digestive system, transmutation, healing, the arts, inspiration, authority, creating and destroying, summer
  • WATER – svadhishthana, pelvic, kidney, urinary bladder, genitals, prophecy, bālāsana, natarajasana, oracles, love, emotions, sleep, dreaming, meditation, friendships, relationships, serenity, peace, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, fennel, clary sage, marshmallow, rose, jasmine, calm, advice, counseling, sensuality, divination, intuition, autumn, acceptance, empathy, health and healing

With reverence, 

Rosemary Milk 🌹

Solar Eclipse Water 🌞🌚

Solar Eclipse water can be used for matters involving transformation, rebirth, change, renewal, reflection, shadow work, spirit work, cursing, and binding.


  • Clean, clear container 
  • Water (the source doesn’t matter) 
  • Optional: a sigil or statement of intent written on paper


  1. On the day of the solar eclipse (August 21st), fill your container with water and set outside or in your windowsill before the peak of the eclipse (the time will depend on your location) 
  2. Program the jar to absorb energy from the eclipse - you can use visualization to accomplish this, or set the jar on top of the sigil/statement I mentioned above
  3. Remove the jar before the eclipse ends and store in a cool, dark place

The Power Sphere Meditation

We empaths do not have it easy. We see world tragedies, see our friends and relatives getting sick or enduring loss, and sometimes even struggle watching certain movies and programmes.

This is something that we have pretty much self-assigned as destiny. We are doomed to live our lives enduring the pain of a lovelorn vampire in a novel (those feelings were invented somewhere!), suffering through back pain when we see a car wreck, and feeling lonely when our best friend goes through an earth-shattering break-up!


Now this tactic is a spiritual life-hack that I learned through working with angelics (I will eventually post my dark arts approach) and it really does work in a solid 90% of these situations. Now note, your empathy is a very important tool, and is there to draw you towards people and situations you can heal. In this day and age, there are a lot of physical and metaphysical factors making us hypersensitive, and that is what this approach is set to deal with.

The goal is to feel what is important instead of feeling everything, not to go numb.

When you are feeling a tortuous tornado of emotion, try this simple meditation.

Stand up with your legs shoulder width apart.

Hold your arms out in front of you like a mummy, and then have your palms face each other at about 6 inches apart.

Envision your astral body being white light that has been infiltrated by a black or red ‘fluid’. Feel it, embrace it for a moment, feel how it is heavy and forceful on your vibration. Wiggle your fingers and feel it starting to move through your aural field to your arms and into your palms, creating a sphere between.

Keep going until you feel as if the sphere has taken all of the empathic energy, and has grown to the final size, say the following Latin incantation three times:

Archangel Raphael: By your power am I healed. By your power am I strengthened. By your power am I safe. By your power am I righteous.

Envision the beautiful, luminous form of a tall angel floating down in front of you. Hold your arms out further and feel the gentle, buzzy sensation of his hands grasping yours as he takes the orb from you. He may speak to you, he may not, depending on your needs and requests of the moment.

He will take the unnecessary pain from you, and will help you move on with your day without enduring unnecessary suffering.

This is a skill you can use rather often, but keep in mind, as stated before, there are many times as empaths we are SUPPOSED to feel things, to bring peace to transitioning spirits and to understand some greater themes in our lives.

If you feel you are being overwhelmed by empathic energies, this ritual is a quick way to help, and is also a great way to work on your spiritual practice and visualization.

Hope this helps some of you guys!

With love, light, and laughter,

Carmen of Team MM

🌞Solar & Lunar Eclipse Magick🌚

Originally posted by hypnotic-memories

  • Solar Eclipse: occurs during a New Moon, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned - the moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth, causing the Sun to be obscured by the Moon. At this point, the only visible sunlight stems from its corona, or the outer aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun.
    • Correspondences - transformation, rebirth, change, renewal, reflection, shadow work, spirit work
  • Lunar Eclipse: occurs during a Full Moon, when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow, or umbra - sunlight is blocked by the Earth’s shadow, and the only visible light is that which is reflected through the Earth’s shadow causing a reddish hue to appear on the Moon
    • Correspondences - illumination, revealing secrets, unveiling hidden knowledge, healing, protection, divination

Eclipse Magick by @phaesphore

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An Emoji Spell for re-invention, renewal, and a fresh start, be it tomorrow, next year, or any time you feel it is time to begin again. Small steps are still steps.

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