shadow of two gunmen

The season one finale and season 2 premiere of The West Wing never fails to give me chills

That last line of “Who’s been hit?!” Such desperation in what I assume was Ron Butterfield’s voice. Ron’s utter terror upon realizing the President has been hit. The way the limousine violently veers off half a second after Ron gives the order to drive to George Washington on code blue.

And then CJ in the season 2 premiere, asking if Jed had been killed with tears in her eyes, not knowing if, in the chaos, her best friends had been shot and killed. The fear in her voice when Sam finds her and asks if she’s alright, and her first concern is the President. The way she breathes - as if every inhale and exhale are causing her unimaginable anguish - as he tells her Jed, Leo, and Zoey are alive and, as far as they know, unharmed.

Gina’s frustration and shame when she can’t remember what kind of cap the kid on the ground was wearing.

Sam’s confusion shifting to deep concern and then fear when Toby tells him that Josh was not in the car with Leo.

Toby’s face when he finds Josh, after calling for him. His confusion, shifting into disbelief, settling on devastation as he sees the blood staining his friend’s hands and the terror in Josh’s eyes. The way he yells for a doctor, for help, for anyone, the way he catches Josh as he passes out and lays his head gently on the concrete.

The way CJ and Sam both turn on their heels and come running at the sound of Toby’s voice, filled with the impotent rage and heartwrenching grief of someone witnessing a loved one’s pain and being powerless to stop it.

Jed’s stubborn insistence that he speaks to Zoey and Leo before he is put under. Mrs. Landingham and Margaret learning of the incident on the news, and the very same senior citizen Jed was arguing with that very same day running out of the West Wing to be there for her President, because for all she knows, she’s about to lose another son and she’ll be damned straight to hell if she isn’t as close to his side as she possibly can be every moment of that uncertainty.

Jed pulling Leo in close to kiss him on the cheek and reassure him. Abbey confiding in the anesthesiologist that Jed has MS.

Leo, Sam, CJ, and Toby all running after Josh as he’s wheeled in on a gurney, oxygen mask stained with the blood on his hands as his friends, his father figure yell his name, making sure he knows they’re there with him. Leo demanding to be told what was happening with his boy, the son he’d never had, all the while Josh babbling about New Hampshire.

Abbey informing everyone that Jed will be fine and the palpable relief that floods through the room.

Nancy freaking McNally.

And of course, Donna’s disbelief when Toby first tells her Josh had been shot. Her heartbreaking devastation when she learns Josh, the man she won’t admit she’s in love with, has been critically wounded and is fighting for his life with every ounce of strength he’s got left.

Toby comforting Ginger, hugging her gently, telling her it’s alright, it’s okay, because she turned on the news and she’s shaking. Toby asking Ginger if she’s ready to go to work in that soft tone that brooks no argument but uses no force.

Jed begging to see Josh, never mind the fact that he had just gotten out of surgery himself, never mind that he had just cheated death, because his son had been shot.

Mrs. Landingham and Donna holding hands, keeping silent vigil in the waiting room.

Jed telling Leo to look what happened, all because they got a good man elected President.

All the flashbacks, to how it all started. To the very roots of Bartlet for America. To Nashua. To how Josh started to realize that Josiah Bartlet, Governor of New Hampshire, was in fact the real thing. To how these beautiful misfits all came together to form a family no one could have seen coming.

And all the while, you’re on the edge of your seat, tears in your eyes because these characters, these people you’ve come to love are in pain now and all you can do is watch. And wait.

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so when are u gonna make a gen fic rec. list 👀👀👀 pull the trigger julieta

ok lets mcfreaking lose it

I Wouldn’t Even Stop for Red Lights

(A Captain Swan AU based on the West Wing episodes In The Shadow of Two Gunmen I & II)

Also on AO3

Emma felt like she was floating half a foot off the ground as they made their way out of the museum. At the front of the pack, Mary Margaret cracked jokes with Leroy, clearly feeling at least as good as Emma did.

Emma glanced around at her colleagues. Zelena was laughing at something that Elsa had just said, and even quiet, thoughtful Belle had a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Jasmine put a hand on Emma’s shoulder and grinned.

“She did great tonight,” Jasmine said gesturing at Mary Margaret, and Emma nodded.

Out the front door she took a deep breath of the cool, evening air. It wasn’t any quieter outside than it had been inside- all along the path to their cars, people shouted and waved from a roped-off area, hoping to touch the closest thing to royalty that America has.

Mary Margaret had told them all that she didn’t want to speak to people on the rope line tonight- she wanted to go straight home and watch a romantic comedy that was showing on cable that night, never mind that she owned it on DVD.

“It’s what normal people do, Emma,” she had said as Emma had held her jacket for her friend. “Normal people watch whatever comes on TV in the evening and have a glass of wine, and that’s what I’m doing tonight. No rope lines.”

“No, Madam President,” Emma had said, sharing a look with Leroy and Mrs. Lucas, both of whom were standing in the doorway of the Oval Office, carefully hiding their smiles.

Mary Margaret Blanchard-Nolan couldn’t resist a rope line, and they all knew it, so it came as no surprise when she altered her course, like a magnet pulled in the direction of the screaming throng. Mulan and Merida, the two secret service agents assigned to her for the evening, didn’t falter in their step as they followed her.

Emma grinned at Zelena, who was laughing at the president, now shaking hands with what appeared to be half of the junior class from George Washington University- the female half. The first female president of the United States had a strong rapport with women.

“Didn’t she want to watch Notting Hill or some such?” Zelena asked, stepping up beside Emma.

“I’m sure TNT will show it again soon,” Emma said. “No need to hurry her along.”

It had been months since they’d felt this good. Maybe years. Not since the night that Mary Margaret had won the presidency and they’d begun the horrible, grueling, soul-destroying process of actually running the country. Their team was back to where they belonged- returning hope to a country torn apart by partisanship and scandal, and tonight had been a ringing refresher of what the United States had voted for just eighteen months before.

Zelena moved off to speak to someone, and Emma pulled her phone from her pocket to see if her assistant, Killian, had called. He would do, if something important had come up.

It wasn’t like the movies- a burst of noise and light and screaming and pain. There was no sound, no light, not even pain. The only way that Emma realized that anything had happened to her was because she found, without realizing it, that she was on the ground, when she hadn’t been before.

Her eyes searched the kaleidoscope of color and movement that was the crowd, trying to find the President, to assure herself that she was alright, but her eyes found nothing recognizable, and closed after a long minute.

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I wanted to mention something. This is our fifth press briefing since midnight, and obviously there’s one story that’s going to be dominating news around the world for the next couple days, and it would be easy to think that Joshua Lyman, President Bartlet, and Stephanie Abbott are the only people who were victims of a gun crime last night. They weren’t. Mark Davis and Sheila Evans of Philadelphia were killed by a gun last night. He was a biology teacher and she was a nursing student. Tina Bishop and Belinda Larkin were killed by a gun last night; they were twelve. There were 36 homicides last night. 480 sexual assaults. 3,411 robberies. 3,685 aggravated assaults. All at gunpoint. And if anyone thinks those crimes could have been prevented if the victims themselves were carrying guns, I only remind you that the President of the United States was shot last night while surrounded by the best trained armed guards in the history of the world.
—  C.J. Cregg,
“In The Shadow of Two Gunmen,” The West Wing

honestly tww doesn’t even count as queerbaiting bc it’s completely unintentional and aaron sorkin gets so upset whenever it comes up that he Accidentally made his show seem too gay ….. everyone just Is i cant believe these characters literally up and overturned his will

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What are your reccs for jaybirb

Okay you didn’t specify what kind of recs you wanted so [cracks knuckles] here we go:


Here’s a masterpost with pretty much all of his appearances, and here’s another one w working links in case you cant afford comics (if you want to buy them check websites like comixology)

I personally enjoyed: 

> His robin run (both pre crisis and post crisis, but you don’t have to necessarily read both of them. You can skip pre crisis as he starts fresh on his post crisis run, but i think prec!jason is v cute and loved reading it.) (what does post and pre crisis mean? Well jason used to exist right? But then where was a reboot, the crisis thing, where his backstory, origin and personality completely changed. Which is why you don’t necessarily have to read pre-reboot, but as I said is a kinda fun read. You can skip it and read it later when you’re more familiar with the timeline and stuff, or not at all.)

  • Pre crisis— Batman #357-#400 / Detective Comics  #524-#567 / Batman #401-403 
  • Post crisis— Batman #408-#425Detective Comics #568-#582 / Blue Devil #19 / Action Comics #556, #594 / Batman Annuals #10-#13 / Superman Annual #11/ New Teen Titans #18- #21, #24, #26-#31 / Nightwing Year One #101-#106 / The Cult #1-#4 / DC Retroactive: Batman - The 80s 
  • and if you want to be dead inside, read the aftermath of his death and Deadman - Dead Again  #1-#4

> As Red Hood:  his appearances on  Batman: Under the Red Hood* /  Red Hood: The Lost Days / Green Arrow #69-#72 / Outsiders #44-#46 / Li'l Gotham #2, #10, #12, #17, #20, #21, #24 / and Tiny Titans #23, #29, #33, #39, #45, #47 / Countdown to Final Crisis #51 - #1 I know! i seem to be forgetting a lot of stuff! I personally didn’t like the rest of his appearances on other comics, but you can give it a shot ofc. 

*When i say Batman: Under the Red Hood i mean the trade, which includes Batman #635-641, #645-50 / Batman Annual #25 / Batman #618 (Hush arc)

> N52: n52 is a freaking mess. In my opinion Jason is badly written 24/7 but i guess i still enjoyed some stuff. 

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws / Red Hood-Arsenal are terrible, but….. I love the relationship between Roy, Jason and Kori so i could… rec it. Don’t have a lot of expectations for it and you’re cool to go. 
  • I can’t remember a lot of Batman & Robin but if my memory serves me right, theres a panel where Jason catches Damian with his fucking hips so theres that + Bruce is also an asshole to Jason in #20 ( #10-#12, #17, #20, #33- #37)
  • Batman Eternal was.. okayish too, if you don’t mind the Jason x Barbara, some ooc stuff, and Bruce being an asshole to Jason. Basically if you were okay with rhato, read this, you have nothing to lose.  ( #10-#12, #15, #18-#20, #25-#26, #28)
  • Batman and Robin Eternal had their good fleeteing moments, but mostly is just cringe worthy, i wouldn’t rec it at all tbh but theres one (1) panel with steph and jason together so…. (And the Cass/Harper is p neat)
  • He was pretty cool on the Robin War event (here’s a checklist and more info
  • I also enjoyed him on: DC universe Presents #17 (which is Roy Centered but has some good Jason panels) / Supergirl #35 / Grayson #12, #15 / Deathstroke #15-16 were okaish / Secret Origins #5 / Batman/Superman Annual #1 / 

> Rebirth: so far only Red Hood and the Outlaws, which surprisingly is pretty good so i’d rec reading it. Not as ooc and bad written as everything else the white demon has ever created.

> Other: some alternative universes! / didn’t know where to put them

> + If you want details about each comic check this list

> + A longer list i made for dailyjasontodd here

Blogs that post about Jason (but general dc too)

> Personal blogs:

@strategichomelanddivision, @theunavenged@arkhmknights@jeisontodd, @jasonsstodd, @jacontodd, @panroyharper, @jasonptodd, @unhoods, @jasontoddwayne, @jascntoddz, @stepnaniebrown, @midniter, @clarklent, @jasoncorpsedotcom, @mid-nighter, @gaybrd, @arsenalsjaybird, @ace–jace

> Kinda fansites:

@fuckyeahjasontodd, @jaytoddfacts, @dailyjasontodd

Blogs that make amazing Jason Fanart and whom i would die for (some are more dc general )

@starfleetbabe, @11thsense@spaceshiro, @m4stry, @mayhw@kalireyno@dapandabanda, @kaylabeemarie, @mrjasontodd, @blackstephaniebrown

Fics (bold are fics that haunt me to this day and that is a must read if u love jason okay)

> More rec lists:  Jayroy Fics |  Dc Gen Fics (Jason Centered) | angst Jason fics

* (please check this one out)


He appears on:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight (videogame)
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood (movie)
  • Nightwing Webseries 
  • Justice League Adventures: Trapped In Time (okay fine i don’t know if thats Jason 100% but sue me, thats actually totally him i’m sorry. I mean, look at this & this, that’s Jason my guys)
  • Some people say he could be X from Teen Titans. (Season 3, Episode 2 & Season 5, Episode 9)

> More links:

And i think that’s pretty much it!💕💕

Seven things fic featuring British workplaces sometimes doesn’t quite get right

This short guide focuses on some of the differences between British and American employment law and workplace norms. It is aimed at writers of fan (and original) fiction concerned in some way with characters that work in the UK.

This is far from a comprehensive list, and inevitably there will be exceptions to the information detailed here.

1.      It’s normal for employees to have a contract; in fact, it’s a legal requirement for every employee to receive a contract within eight weeks of their start date. This will specify a contractual notice period. For permanent office/skilled employees this is usually a month, or three to six months for increasingly senior employees. For short term contracts and lower paid work it might be a week or two. (Those who have been employed continuously for more than two years often have a notice period of at least one month due to laws around redundancy – notice periods apply when employers want to lay off their employees as well as when employees want to leave their job.)

2.      There’s no fire at will in the UK. Beyond serious illegal acts like assaulting another employee or theft, you can’t really sack anyone active immediately. (However, you can pay in lieu of notice – ask them to leave immediately, but pay them however much they would have earned over the length of their notice period.) This also means employees can’t insta-walk out on their job without serious repercussions – they will have broken their contract by leaving without working their notice period. An employer might decide not to pursue them legally due to the cost (time and money) of pursuing, but they would be entitled to go to a small claims court to sue for financial loss. This all makes things a tad less dramatic than, e.g., Sam Seaborn following Josh out of Gage Whitney Pace in In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, but there you go.

3.      All employees have the right to the legal minimum of 28 days (including eight days correspondent to bank [public] holidays) paid annual leave. This is pro rated for part timers. Even types of employment status which can carry different rights, such as agency employees, have this right. A typical period of maternity leave for someone in a permanent job would be nine to 12 months. And it’s holiday, not vacation, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

4.      There’s no such thing as exempt or non-exempt employment status. There’s just employees paid by the hour (usually lower paid work) or paid an annual salary, rather than it being a government designation. Employment law is the same for employees of varying ranks and at companies large and small. Employment law is also the same across the country, with some minor differences in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

5.      Pension scheme, not 401(k).

6.      Discrimination claims, unfair dismissal claims and so on are heard at an employment tribunal (historically known as an industrial tribunal) in front of a panel of tribunal judges, not a jury. Payouts are stringently capped – so you’d never see awards in the multi-millions.

7.      Just as you wouldn’t have a job with no paid annual leave, you also wouldn’t have to accumulate paid sick days. For professional roles, short term sickness absence will generally be on full pay. Legally speaking, statutory sickness pay for absences due to illness of between four days and 28 weeks is £89.35 a week (in 2017), but good employers will often offer full or half pay for long term sickness (the longer the service, the longer a period of full/half sick pay you may be entitled to.)

My UK universities guide is here.

In The Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part 2 (2.2)
  • CJ: Sam. I think you have my necklace.
  • Sam: I didn't want you to feel beholden to me. I didn't want it to be like an episode of "I Dream of Jeannie" where now you have to save my life -
  • CJ: Sam.
  • Sam: ...the time-space continuum, where you have to follow me around with coconut oil and hot towels...
  • CJ: Coconut oil?
  • Sam: I'm just saying.
  • CJ: Sam, I don't feel beholden to you.
  • Sam: Why not? I saved your life.