shadow of two gunmen

honestly tww doesn’t even count as queerbaiting bc it’s completely unintentional and aaron sorkin gets so upset whenever it comes up that he Accidentally made his show seem too gay ….. everyone just Is i cant believe these characters literally up and overturned his will

I wanted to mention something. This is our fifth press briefing since midnight, and obviously there’s one story that’s going to be dominating news around the world for the next couple days, and it would be easy to think that Joshua Lyman, President Bartlet, and Stephanie Abbott are the only people who were victims of a gun crime last night. They weren’t. Mark Davis and Sheila Evans of Philadelphia were killed by a gun last night. He was a biology teacher and she was a nursing student. Tina Bishop and Belinda Larkin were killed by a gun last night; they were twelve. There were 36 homicides last night. 480 sexual assaults. 3,411 robberies. 3,685 aggravated assaults. All at gunpoint. And if anyone thinks those crimes could have been prevented if the victims themselves were carrying guns, I only remind you that the President of the United States was shot last night while surrounded by the best trained armed guards in the history of the world.
—  C.J. Cregg,
“In The Shadow of Two Gunmen,” The West Wing
In The Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part 2 (2.2)
  • CJ: Sam. I think you have my necklace.
  • Sam: I didn't want you to feel beholden to me. I didn't want it to be like an episode of "I Dream of Jeannie" where now you have to save my life -
  • CJ: Sam.
  • Sam: ...the time-space continuum, where you have to follow me around with coconut oil and hot towels...
  • CJ: Coconut oil?
  • Sam: I'm just saying.
  • CJ: Sam, I don't feel beholden to you.
  • Sam: Why not? I saved your life.

“But that’s what leaders did, Leo thought. Empathy. Perhaps it wasn’t studied at the kind of schools Jed and Josh had gone to, but empathy was as great a part of leadership as ambition and integrity. Watching Jed talk to Josh, it struck Leo that here, in miniature, was why Jed Bartlet was going to be a great president.”

-Direction Home by dafna

Jed and Leo in “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen pt. 2″ (The West Wing S2E2)


The Friends Wing, Season 2 (idea from basicallylizziebennet - no, we didn’t steal it from Buzzfeed) (Seasons 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

2.01 - The One Where Everyone Joined the Team (In the Shadow of Two Gunmen), Part 1
2.02 - The One Where Everyone Joined the Team (In the Shadow of Two Gunmen), Part 2
2.03 - The One with the Bible Lesson (The Midterms)
2.04 - The One with the Smart Blonde Republican (In This White House)
2.05 - The One with Gilbert & Sullivan (And It’s Surely to Their Credit)
2.06 - The One with the Drunk Ukrainian (The Lame Duck Congress)
2.07 - The One with Donna’s Red Dress (The Portland Trip)
2.08 - The One with the Turkeys (Shibboleth)
2.09 - The One with Philately (Galileo)
2.10 - The One with Yo-Yo Ma (Noel)
2.11 - The One with the Fire in the Mural Room (The Leadership Breakfast)
2.12 - The One Where the Missile Shield Doesn’t Work (The Drop-In)
2.13 - The One Where C.J. Isn’t Wearing Pants (Bartlet’s Third State of the Union)
2.14 - The One with the Rescue Mission (The War at Home)
2.15 - The One with the Pot Controversy (Ellie)
2.16 - The One with the Mapmakers (Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail)
2.17 - The One with the Filibuster (The Stackhouse Filibuster)
2.18 - The One Where Toby Finds Out (17 People)
2.19 - The One Where Charlie Knows (Bad Moon Rising)
2.20 - The One with the Falling Satellite (The Fall’s Gonna Kill You)
2.21 - The One with Mrs. Landingham’s New Car (18th and Potomac) (sorry, not sorry)
2.22 - The One Where Jed Decides (Two Cathedrals)

2.17 is the closest I want to get to using the WW episode title. There’s really nothing else you can call that one, though, I think.  I’m planning to do all the seasons, but I’m not looking forward to S5.

In The Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part 1 (2.1)
  • Woman at bar: You've been a,um, what did you call it?
  • Toby: Professional political operative.
  • Woman: You've been one your whole life.
  • Toby: Well, there was a while back there when I was in elementary school.
  • Woman: You any good?
  • Toby: Yes, I'm very good.
  • Woman: What's your record?
  • Toby: My record?
  • Woman: How many elections have you won?
  • Toby: Altogether? Including city council, two Congressional elections, a senate race, a gubernatorial campaign, and a national campaign? None.