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Magickal Plants to Keep Around the House

Taken from my personal experience.

- Chamomile: Attracts the energy of Sun and Happiness

- Succulents/Cacti: Physical Protection

- Rosemary: Attracts Healing, Cleanses Energy

- Dill: Attracts Wealth

- Vines: For companionship (The personality shows through the leaves and stalks!)

- Holly: Physical Protection

- Air Plants: Attract Fae

- Basil: Magickal Protection, Attracts Wealth

- Peppermint: Spacial Energetic Cleansing (subtle; best used with crystals or a white candle nearby)

- Bromeliad: Attracts Love

- Fern: Attracts Nature Spirits, Calms energy

- Thyme: Attracts Wealth and Good Fortune

Feel free to add!

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Witchy things to do when you’re low on spoons

As a witch with a chronic illness that can leave me extremely low on energy for weeks at a time, I’m always looking for witchy things to do that won’t leave me exhausted. Even simple spells draw from your own energy pool so these are the things I do when my pool is running dry.

  • Cleansing -  Negative energy always builds up in my space during a bout of sickness, after a good cleansing of my outer I find my inner much more positive also. Here are some easy ways to cleanse

-Light some incense
-Fill a spray bottle with water (moon water would be handy for this), herbs of your choice (I usually use sage), and some salt. Then go around to each room and spray some into each corner
-Cleanse yourself by taking a bath or shower and using gorgeous smelling products
-Open a window and let the fresh air blow positive energy into your house

  • Sigils -  When I don’t have the energy for full-on spells/rituals I sit down and make some cute sigils. I try to make them specific to my situation, so when I am feeling especially down because of health issues I will make a sigil with the intent “My health does not affect my mental state” or something similar. You can also

 -Put a sigil on your pill bottles for a little boost (although magic is NOT a replacement for medicine and you should never completely rely on it for any health issues)
-Put a sigil on your heat bags/hot water bottle
-Draw them on your wrist
-Draw them at the bottom of your tea mugs with honey

  • Beauty Products -  Being stuck in bed feeling like death himself can make me feel, well, not awesome appearance wise. I found making myself feel nice on the outside can help my moral SO MUCH. I don’t mean you have to get up and put on a full face of make-up, but these little things can make a big difference

-Rosehip oil spray. It smells amazing, has many magical benefits including health and feeling calm and sensual, and is super refreshing with the added bonus of being rly good for your skin
-Scented lip balm for when your lips are feeling dry and sore eg I have pomegranate lip balm for when I want to make an offering to Persephone but have absolutely no energy. They come in sooo many flavors and scents, just pick which ones resonate with what you need!
-Perfume/essential oils. Just use a scent that corresponds with what you would like to do, like tea tree oil for health or lavender for relaxation. Also, smell pretty=feel pretty.

  • Prayers -  It can be hard keeping up appearances to the Gods when you have no energy so every night before bed, or generally whenever I feel like it, I say a little prayer. Of course if you are a secular witch you could just take some time to appreciate the things in nature/your life that makes it magical.
  • Tea -  It’s so nice having a soothing hot drink when your throat feels like a huge cluster of quartz has gotten stuck in there. There are so many posts out there about magical uses for tea but here is a couple 

-Adding herbs for intent
-Leaving a crystal in your mug overnight so your mug and tea is charged with intent
-Blowing away the steam and visualize blowing away negative energy

  • Get to know your crystals - Lets be honest, I have so many crystals I’ve forgotten what half of them are. I like taking them out and surrounding myself with them and then picking them up one by one and focusing on its energy to re-connect. This takes barely any of my energy as I can do it in bed, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy seeing all my pretties in front of me.
  • Read/Study - This is what I spend the majority of my time doing. There is ALWAYS more to learn about witchcraft and I can do it while lying down. There are so many free witchy book pdfs on tumblr as well, just remember not to believe everything you read.
  • Witchy Crafts - This one could take a little more spoons than the others, but it’s super gratifying. To find some things to do you can scroll through the tumblr tag “witch diy”. Some things I have done are 

-Sewed cute tarot bags to hold my cards
-Used thick cotton to make my own little necklace crystal holder
-Bought gemstone beads and made my own jewelry

  • Visualization - This is in my opinion the foundation of all spells and a lot of the time I don’t even use any other ingredients because that takes too much energy. I just focus on my intent and chant a little bit or sing and let the spell come to light all through visualizing it. I have charmed items, helped my plants grow and a lot more this way. I also like to visualize myself in a beautiful, flower-filled forest and feel the sun/moon pulling dark clouds of negative energy/illness out of my body to help when i’m feeling particularly unwell.

  • Meditation - My favorite spoonie witchy thing to do. It calms you, cleanses you, broadens your mind and senses and helps me personally deal with any pain caused by my illness. It can be done at any time and you really feel recharged afterwards. You can even light some candles, light some incense, sit outside under the moon, so many things.

So these are all I can think of right now, feel free to add on so we can all help each other out! Much love to every one of you 💕


"Cease, Bad Habit!" Spell

A spell I have created to help me stop picking my face; but it can be slightly adjusted to fit any bad habit!

Items needed:

- A Shower
- A Pitcher
- A Pot
- Water
- Heat
- Rosemary: Cleansing and Healing
- Calendula: Strength and Willpower of the Sun
- Amethyst: Sobriety/Control of one’s actions

The Ritual:

Place your amethyst in the bottom of your pot. Wash it over with the water.

Ponder upon your bad habit. Think of how hard you try to quit, the negative effects it has on you, and how much you want to stop. And hold that thought.

Place your hands over the pot of water. Acknowledge the supportive energies of your Amethyst crystal. Focus intently on the want to stop. Let it fill you. Then, turn WANT into WILL. Fill your water with your feelings and energies of determination, hope, and confidence. Sprinkle in a little self-love, too!

Once you have adequately charged your water, remove the amethyst crystal and place over heat.

Add a handful each of Rosemary and Calendula. Express to the herbs why you are using them and thank them for magickally supporting you in your struggle. Bring to a boil. Let sit for 10 minutes.

(The next steps are specific to me; my bad habit relates to skin-picking.)

Once cooled, strain out the herbs and pour the potion into a pitcher and hop into the shower. Let the warm water soothe and cleanse you; when you are ready, close your eyes and pour the potion over your head. Let it run down your body and cleanse you of your habitual leech.

Don’t give up hope! Together, we can kick our habits together! ✨

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