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LOS Spoilers

I’m gonna write down some things Livvy would have wanted to know/ see/ experience:

•How Julian and Emma feel about each other

•Diana’s story

•The start of Ty and Kit’s relationship

•Malec wedding

•The ending of the Kieran-Cristina-Mark love triangle

•Tavvy growing up

•Her second kiss

•Her and Ty becoming parabatai.

Tiberius Nero Blackthorn Aesthetic

— “Ty put his arms carefully around Julian. He patted his back, gently, with his slender hands. It was the first time Emma had seen Ty comfort his older brother–almost the first time she’d ever actually seen Julian let someone else take care of him.”

So I was on tumblr and I found a link that lead to a twitter post. From the link I found this tweet of Cassie’s from 2014.

So we know the both Helen and Mark are bisexual, so who’s the gay one? Well obviously we all know that it’s probably Ty and yes I know it’s not cannon but we’ve all pretty much made it cannon. But I will still explain why I think it is him and give some evidence for anyone who disbelieves kitty is a real thing.

So who of the Blackthorns could be gay? Not Julian, he’s in love with Emma. Livvy? Don’t think so, she seemed to like Kit and *spoilers* it’s not like we’d get to see the storyline played out if she was gay so that’s a no for her too. Dru? Honestly I don’t think she is but there’s not a ton of evidence. She did seem to have a crush on Jaime so I’ll say no for her too. Tavvy? He’s the hardest one to say no to. We have no proof and anything with him. But he wouldn’t really be old enough in TDA or TWP for him being gay to be significant nor is he a main character. So we’ll say to for him too.

Now that just leaves Ty. Since the moment Kit called Th beautiful in Lady Midnight I just had this feeling they would date. I shipped it from there and I still ship. Through out Los you can sorta tell Ty may be forming a crush on Kit. Cassie has also confirmed somewhere (I have a screenshot of anyone wants to see it I can post it) that both Kit and Ty are not straight. I think Kit is pansexual but that’s for another time. Since there’s a gay Blackthorn we don’t know about and Ty isn’t straight it’s almost canon that he is gay.

Now more evidence in case you still don’t want to believe. It has been confirmed that there will be a significant gay (male) couple in TWP. Now who are the protagonists? Dru, Ty and Kit, we know Ty is gay Kit is not straight. Thus almost confirming that Ty and Kit will indeed probably date.

Cassie has said many more things that can confirm kitty so I can always make a part 2 as to why I think Kitty will happen.

He [Ty] looked formal and neat-haired in a way he didn’t usually; Kit was used to him being casual in his hoodies and jeans, and handsome, older-looking Ty left him a bit tongue-tied.
—  Lord of Shadows, The Dark Artifices #2