shadow logic

Why are you on the floor?“
’‘I’ve heard rolling out of bed in the morning helps you build up resistance to surprise attacks,” Emma said, lying sprawled on the hardwood.
“Oh yeah?” He sat and rubbed his eyes. “What does screaming 'holy crap!’ do?”
“That part’s optional.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
Reyes Vidal is a hardcore drama geek; hear me out

Okay, the thing we all seem to love about Reyes Vidal is that he is so Dramatic. Lots of flirts, cheesy one-liners, finger guns, etc. And I’ve seen a ton of headcanons going around that he’s musical in some way. Regardless of the instrument, vocal or otherwise, dude loves music.

Case in point: In the romanced ending, Reyes cues up some really romantic jazz/swing type music on his omni-tool. He’s not tapping into satellite radio; if that song’s available on demand it’s because he brought it with him to Andromeda. And that’s a very specific genre to take along. He also leads Ryder on to the dance floor in this beautiful sequence if you choose the casual option and clearly is no stranger to choreographed dancing. Otherwise Ryder gets dragged up and he jokes, “It’s not the waltz.”

And think about his flair for entrances. The cave shoot-out alone is so staged, stepping out of the shadows, sporting a catch phrase that he’s specifically set up since the first time you met, leaping down into the dirt. At the Roekar base he strides down the staircase perfectly to set up a timed explosion. He knows how to make an entrance, and be remembered, far more than someone who likes to rule from the shadows logically should. 

I think he’s a bit of a drama club geek, a musical theater lover. I bet he idolized the Rat Pack, and classic spy movies and has a Fedora somewhere in storage. 

Therefore, I present for the jury:
Reyes Vidal: Drama King of Kadara. 

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Prompt The Traits have their own sides maybe Like anxiety literally meets his own anxiety who's just terrible and the others and Thomas are terrified.

Ok guys in the end this got really dark so…

Quick warnings: mentions of blood, claustrophobia, giant spiders, drowning and angst


What none of them knew was that each one of Thomas’ sides had their own sides.

Yes, it was confusing, but it was real, and none of them knew. Not for a very long time. But months after Thomas started to have a deeper contact with his sides, they found out that they also had sides themselves, but they were… A little different.

For being sides of sides, they could not have physical form. They were more like differently coloured shadows. Morality was yellow, Logic was blue, Prince was red and Anxiety was black. And because they were sides of sides, it meant that they were the core of each one of them. They had no personality. They were the deepest and most intense meanings of each one of the sides.

So the day where Anxiety’s Anxiety came up, it was out of nowhere, and it was intense.

They were recording with Thomas, but Anxiety had been fighting a panic attack for longer than ten minutes now. He tried to focus, on Logic or Prince or Morality or even Thomas, but soon the whole idea became too much, even making Thomas bothered.

“I don’t feel well” Thomas said, closing his eyes, and anxiety sat down on the stairs, covering his face with his hands, trying to focus on anything but the fear, fear, fear. Fear of what, he didn’t know. Sometimes, things just came up and he felt too much.

“I’m sorry” Anxiety muttered, curling up on himself while Thomas sat down on the couch, forgetting about the camera recording everything. Morality rushed to Thomas, worried, while Prince and Logic went to Anxiety.

Not even one minute later, the walls started to get black around Anxiety, and even Thomas, who was trying to even his breathing out, had to look up. Prince and Logic did the same, stepping back scared, and Anxiety lifted his head up, eyes filled with tears, confused, when he noticed the shadow around him. The attack gave place to a scared yelp, and he jumped up, rushing between Prince and Logic as the shadow grew and grew on the wall, taking the form of a man with red eyes.

“Ann, why did you stop?” The shadow said, the voice coming from everywhere and nowhere exactly, making the five men in the room move backwards.

“W-who are you?” Prince asked, stepping forward to stay between the other four and the shadow figure. The shadow let out a dark laugh, slowly moving away from the wall and becoming a three dimensional being.

“Hello Roman. Long time no see” it said, voice dark as he approached the royal. It had no feet, it’s for so going down all the way and making a circle on the ground of darkness. “I can’t believe you forgot about me. After all those times we fought…”

“You…” He said, confused, frowning. “Who are you?”

“I am Ann’s anxiety” the shadow said, wondering around the five and making them move closer to each other, Anxiety and Thomas in the middle of the circle. “You can call me… Nightmare”

“Nightmare?” Prince asked, taking his sword out and watching the shadow as it circled them. “I didn’t know you could take physical form”

“Please make it stop” Anxiety whispered between them all, whimpering in fear, before being held by Thomas, pressing his face against his host’s chest. The shadow laughed loudly, jumping over them and making a curtain of darkness surround the five of them.

“Come on Ann. Don’t be afraid. All of them have me” it said, and then let out an evil laugh. “You’re not the only one that is afraid of something…”

“Let us out!” Prince yelled, waving his sword only to realise that the curtain was now an open, entirely dark room. The room laughed again, red eyes appearing around thirty meters away from them. The royal then growled, seeing and feeling how scared the others were, and used his rage to run to the pair of eyes in the darkness, sword up ready for an attack.

“Roman!” Morality called out, but before he could hold him back he was off. In the middle of the way, however, Prince tripped, falling on his face and letting his sword go. When he opened his eyes, he was in a cell, and as he looked back, there were metal bars holding him apart from the others.

“O-oh no” Anxiety mumbled, lifting his head just enough to see a dark hand over the block of concrete that held Prince hostage.

“Everything is becoming so small Roman” the room said, the hand closing around the block, and Prince gasped, falling on the floor as the walls got smaller and smaller, making him panic, curling up into himself as he tried to ignore the feeling of the walls getting small enough to crush him slowly and painfully until he was a pool of broken bones and blood.

“Roman” Thomas breathed out, scared, his voice coming at least one octave higher than usual, his arms tightening around Anxiety to comfort himself. Morality’s eyes were wide, scared, and he rushed to the cell, pulling on the dark fingers.

“Let him go! You’re hurting him!” He yelled, but the hand only moved beyond the father’s reach, and darkness surrounded him as well, making him turn around, dizzy. Suddenly, he felt something sticky surrounding his feet, and then legs, up his waist, and when he looked up, he was upside down, being held up by his feet right under a giant spider web with a giant spider turning him around, surrounding him with her black sticky web. He didn’t even have time to speak, his mouth and head being covered by the giant insect while he squirmed and waved around, screams coming muffled as he tried to save himself desperately.

“Dad…” Anxiety let out, his voice nothing more then a scared breath, both him and Thomas too frozen and afraid to even speak, while Logic did his best to surround his host and his friend away from the invisible threat.

However, his act of protector lasted for no longer than a few seconds, before a dark rope wrapped itself around his feet, pulling him hard to the ground and making him scream as he was dragged away from the other two, Thomas trying to reach out before Logic was pulled into a tank filled with water and tied to the ground, surrounded by the most horrendous sea monsters without any chance to breathe. He squirmed, using his free hands to reach the air above him but without rope enough to reach it himself and breathe. However, as this was Nightmare, the water would never really kill him, but the feeling of drowning would be ever present until he could find a way of getting out.

“Small places, spiders, water” the darkness whispered as Thomas and Anxiety watched the other three struggling to get out of their nightmares, both with their eyes wide and filled with tears. They were trembling from their feet to their heads, unable to move, barely able to breathe. “What is your fear Ann? What are you afraid of?”

“Anxiety!” Thomas screamed as darkness moved through the small spaces that they weren’t touching, and suddenly Anxiety was alone.


In a dark room.

No sounds.

No Thomas.

No nightmare.

He was alone.

“Alone” he whispered, a sob coming up as he fell to his knees, hands over his face. “Alone…”

He was alone.

But he didn’t want to be alone.

And suddenly, in the darkness, three pairs of colourful eyes appeared.

“Ann” a whisper. He looked up, scared, and jumped backwards when he saw the other three pair of eyes in front of him: a blue one, a yellow one and a red one.

“We can help you” another voice, slightly different, said, and the eyes came closer, slowly taking form of colourful shadows.

“Come” a third voice whispered, and slowly they surrounded him, brightness surrounding him and making his eyes close.

“I don’t want to be alone!” Anxiety said, loudly, and suddenly the brightness shone, a loud sound coming to Anxiety’s ears, the darkness disappearing.

When he opened his eyes again, he was met with Thomas’ living room, with the host looking terrified next to the couch.

“Anxiety?” He muttered, voice shaking so much that it didn’t even sound like he had called the persona. Anxiety looked around, seeing no sign of the others. “Where…”

“I’m sorry Thomas” he said, also shaken, before moving closer to him and hugging him gently. “I need to find the others. Lay down” he said, helping the man sit on the couch before he sank in to Thomas’ mindset.

The situation in there was… Chaotic.

Never in his life Anxiety had felt worst.

Because he had never seen the other three curled up, together, with all of them crying copiously against the other’s shoulder, coughing and almost throwing up from crying so much, clearly feeling worst than anything else before.

He gave one step towards them and froze, the three looking at him scared and still crying. After a moment of silence, interrupted only by sniffles and hiccups, Anxiety felt his own tears filling up his eyes and he rushed to the group, saying ‘sorry’ millions of times as he was hugged and brought into the family hug.

And just like a nightmare, they comforted each other, and everything came back to normal, with a few conditions: Morality ever had to remove any bug from the house again, Prince was allowed to open any door or window at any time, even if it was raining or snowing, no one could have a bath while Logic was at home, and Anxiety would never, ever be let alone again, unless he really insisted on it.

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I just read somewhere that Echoes is most likely the final entry for the 3DS. Personally, I am fine with them focusing on the Switch after Echoes. If were lucky and the Fire Emblem on the Switch sells well, than a Judgral remake is a high possibility.

I’ve seen that floating around but haven’t bothered to check if its legit. 

Also on the subject of a Jugdral remake, I think its not a question of IF but WHEN. 

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agh how to know whether i'm an ENFP or an ENTP? i feel like both of the types kinda describe me but idk if i'm more of an extremely bubbly ENTP or an extremely analytical ENFP lmao

Oh boi…I get this question a lot, both here and irl (in fact, I was discussing this with an ENxP Tumblr friend just yesterday) and I think I might have found a quick(er) way to get around this.

I know plenty of people have done an ENFP vs ENTP post, I’ve seen them circulating and they’re very helpful but a) I don’t think we need any more of those and b) it’s the second time I’m writing this answer cause the app crashed as I was finishing it the first time.

So here’s my *SHORTCUT*:

Instead of looking for what is there, look for what’s not.

Hear me out: in case you’re already familiar with the shadow functions and the logic behind them you may have heard the term Point of Least Resistance (or PoLR for short). PoLR is basically the only function you don’t possess. It’s not underdeveloped or anything, it’s just not there.

For ENTPs that function is Fi and for ENFPs it’s Ti. So ask yourself: Is it hard for you to form opinions when you can’t simply weigh pros and cons? Like with movies, songs etc…if yes, you’re probably an ENTP. Lack of Fi makes us indifferent for many things. I mean, I may see all the good parts in a film and all the bad parts but do I actually like it? Yeah Idk.

Now about Ti PoLR…I’m not sure I can speak about it accurately, but from what I’ve understood when reading about it, it seems that ENFPs don’t feel the need to pick stuff apart and analyze them. They feel content with concrete answers that make sense to them without demanding the logic behind them. Basically, they just need their Te satisfied.

I may be wrong on this one, but even if it’s not about their PoLR this is a clear difference. If I can’t understand the logic behind something important for my classes (I can give examples), even if I know all the rules and can solve the exercises (technically I wouldn’t need anything more) it will be constantly in my head until I get an answer. I’ll probably even see the question is my sleep IF I manage to sleep. Okay I may be exaggerating but you get the point.

I hope this helps! I know it’s still some work to do but hopefully it’s faster than other ways :) Good luck!

@orangeslicesandfetalspooning thoughts?

I play and like to play,

With you, and them,

Bad habits, sad logics,

Trees shadows on the car,

Nobody but me,

I swing in the Californian sun,

I’m a monster,

I’m the only,

Happy, sad, love and die,

Parties and white nights,

Jealousy of Kungs or Petit Biscuit,

Electric, electric soul,

I want to be the one,

That break the walls,

Of sad, sadcore,

It will be the genesis - 

Haikyuu!! fic recs

Okay so I’ve been meaning to scour through my ao3 account to make a hq!! fic rec list, as much for my future benefit as to share to share with you all. This list is 99% KAGEHINA and IWAOI. It’s in no particular order. Anyway, enjoy!


again by bigspoonnoya

[mature] [15,371 words] [one shot] [AU]

Both your deaths in this universe have failed.
“Failed…” Kageyama echoes. The word seems to hurt him.
“How can you fail at dying?” Hinata asks, incredulous.
Luckily you have an infinite selection of universes, with an extensive number of lifetimes, still remaining.
Until you can save one another, you will never grow old.

I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t read this until recently. It’s one of those fics that’s written unbelievably well, has an interesting and well implemented plot, and explores Kageyama and Hinata’s relationship in a really in-depth and amazing way. I was thinking about this fic days for after I’d finished it, and I honestly can’t recommend this highly enough. I LOVE this fic.

————-this list is quite long, please read under the cut for more!————-

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if cupcake represents you, do the other characters represent other people in your life?

A little, yeah! I think originally (since I was a small kid) they all started out with tv stereotype personalities, because I feel like that’s all we ever see? Like every group on tv has THOSE tv trope exaggerated personality characters.. I don’t know how to word it, but I hope you know what I’m talking about, lol
(ngl though, I love tv stereotpye characters with a passion)

My characters have developed into their own people I feel with story development/irl situations. I wouldn’t say every character that isn’t Cupcake has a set person to connect to (counterpart?), it’s more of just me taking aspects from family, friends, and other characters from tv entertainment and comics etc.

Shadow and Caramel are also slight representations of me. Instead of them being like Cupcake where it’s ALL me, they’re both more of just exaggerated bits of my personality. Shadow being the “logical voice inside your head” type of person while Caramel is the more cautious and questioning type. They do have their “other representations” for themselves though, because I don’t think I can make a character relatable if they were just set in one place

I feel like this is getting sort of confusing trying to explain things omgh so I’m gonna end it here >:’3 jeezum

Honestly that’s probably why I have a difficult time drawing GummyBear, S’mores, and the other kids because I can’t see the stereotypes they’d fit into and I’m like “who are you if you’re not a stereotype”
Like drawing them in scenes etc, but also I don’t know their characters well enough??? cause I don’t chat with my pals about them as much as I’d like to ;w;;; rip