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Fanfic: Potential First Kisses

Okay, as promised: Shadow and Vio, potential first kisses!

Four Swords, Vio x Shadow, Word count: 1,702

The time their first kiss is “goodbye”


Sharp glass digs into my back.  I must have landed on the shards of the broken mirror when I fell.

Dimly, I’m aware of voices, though I can’t make out what they’re saying.  They’re shouting, coming closer.

“—adow!  Shadow!

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anonymous asked:

Hey, can I hear about your Breath of the Wild au? It sounds cool

thank u so much for asking and i’m sorry i made u wait for this!!

i’m actually kinda in the process of redesigning them so i might post some sketches later but basically

[yeesh this got long ill put a readmore] 

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  • Shadow: From now on, we will be using code-names.
  • Shadow: I'll be "Link 1."
  • Shadow: Blue, code-name “Been There, Done That.”
  • Shadow: Vio is, “Currently Doing That.”
  • Shadow: Red is, “It Happened Once In a Dream.”
  • Shadow: Zelda, code-name, “If I Had To Pick a Link.”
  • Shadow: Green is… “Link 2.”
  • Green: Oh, thank Hylia.

Like a brief synopsis of the noir au:

-Shadow is a private detective hired by Blue to find her little brother, Green, who went missing about three weeks prior.

-Blue and Green where rising musicians that perform at a club together, so there are pleantly of people who would want them out of the way.

-It basically takes place in a 50’s era Hyrule

That’s most of what I have rn

This is actually a “draw this again”, I’ll release the old ms-paint drawn version from 3 years ago (ew) if this reaches 10 notes! :D

EDIT: Find the draw this again meme here!

I doodled some LoZ stuff; haven’t done that in a while! I’m fairly happy with the result, although there’s some areas I’m not really content with. Oh well.

This is Shadow Link from Four Swords! FS was my childhood ahahaha

Process gif