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(Lightly expanded from another fic I had read.)

You were just leaving the medical tent as the sun was starting to set when you were approached by Clark, her lap dog Bellamy following close behind. You always had gotten along with Clarke, you worked with her in the medical wing of the arch before you had been arrested for stealing medicine.
“(Y/N),"she started,"hey we need to ask you something,”
“What’s that?"you asked her smiling.
"We need to start saving supplies if we’re gonna move anywhere outside the camp,"she started nervously.
"We need your tent,"Bellamy finished for her.
You didn’t really have a problem with it, just as long as you wouldn’t be left to sleep on the forest floor or in the sick air of the dropship.
"Where should I sleep then?"you asked already mentally planning the most convent way to pack up all your stuff.
Clarke shifted,"well we’re all gonna have to double up. And there’s still a spot left for you…”
“Okay, who’s tent am I in?"you asked just as an arm moved around your shoulder.
You recognized the black, leather sleeve from Murphy’s patched up leather jacket.
You shook your head slapping his hand off you,"no. Absolutely not,”
“Oh come on!"Bellamy scoffed.
"No, I’m not sharing with Murphy. No way,"you protested as his hand moved over your shoulder.
"Ah! You’re gonna break my heart,"murphy smirked.
"I’ll break a lot more if you don’t shut up,"you scowl slapping his hand away again as he backed off.
"Murphy, beat it."Bellamy scoffed
"Ill see you later then (y/n),"murphy winked walking off.
"Really?,"you stared at them wide-eyed,"you want me to sleep in the same tent as him?!”
Bellamy put his hand on your arm,“Come on, please? It’ll be just like back when he was hurt and you took care of him,"he explained.
"But then he needed help. Now he doesn’t need it and I just don’t feel super comfortable sharing a bed with him,"you crossed your arms.
Clarke stepped forward replacing Bellamy’s hand with hers,"please (y/n) we really need the extra supplies,”
You looked at murphy then back at Bellamy and Clarke, You felt your defense breaking down and sighed,“fine! I’ll do it!”
The sun was just starting to set as you finished packing up your things to move to the other side of camp. You hesitated at the front of Murphy’s tent. You could hear him inside,
Humming. Praying maybe? He didn’t really seem like the religious type. Finally you unzipped the opening and set your bag inside.
“I thought I heard someone out there,"murphy turned his far to the side to face you.
"Hey,"you greeted him awkwardly sitting down,"one bed huh?”
“Yep, just the one,"he cracked a little smile,"I don’t bite. A little handsy but I don’t bite,”
You rolled your eyes holding in your laugh as you turned and unzipped you bag looking for a sleep shirt. Out of the corner of your eye you watched as murphy started pulling his shirt off. You found yourself staring at his toned back. Little scars scattered the surface of his back like a painting. His pale skin looked so pained as his hands moved over the bruised and scarred skin of his torso.
“It’s not polite to stare,"you hadn’t even notice you were starring.
"Sorry…"you turned away digging through your bag. You searched desperately for something warm to sleep in, you thin black t shirt wouldn’t cut it,"shit”
“What?"Murphy asked turning to face you.
You looked at his toned, pale chest,"um..I can’t find my sleep shirt,”
He brought out a black long sleeve shirt and tossed it to you,“wear that,”
“T-thank you,"you nodded to him before turning back around and starting to remove your shirt.
When you were left in just your black bra you pulled down your pony tail letting your hair fall to your shoulders. A finger moved down to the side of your spine, over a scar you had back there.
"How did you get that?"Murphy asked you, moving his hand over it again.
Your skin was hyper sensitive as you felt his hand on your skin. His hands were surprisingly warm and rough but gentle.
"I fell off the bed when I was little cut my back on an exposed bed frame. Took four stitches to fix it,"you explained still mesmerized by the feeling of his hand on you.
His hand moved back up your spine to your neck so he could trace his fingers over three scratches on your neck and collarbone,"and these?”
“You’re not the only one here whose had their time with the grounders,"you instructive u cocked your head to the side so your hair felt the other way, letting his see it better.
You weren’t prepare for what you felt next, his lips. Soft, warm, smooth pressing against the disfigured skin. Murphy’s other hand moved around your waist pulling you closer to him. His bare chest rubbed against your back.
"what are you doing?"you mumbled turning to meet his eyes.
"You’re the only person whose kind to me, I’m just Returning the kindness,"he looked into your eyes before leaning in slowly to kiss you.
You hesitate before kissing him back. John murphy. Criminal jackass john Murphy was kissing you, softly, tenderly. Moving his hands over your body in the slightest of ways.
You pulled off slightly,"Murphy…”
“Don’t talk,"he kissed you again.
"No, murphy stop,"you pulled off.
He stopped his hands and his lips,"I-I..I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” he ran a hand through his hair.
“No, That’s not what I’m saying,"you put your hand on his shoulder,"I just…where did this come from? You’ve never shown any attraction to me until right now,”
He looked down,“remember back when I was still sick? And I was having those night terrors? Every time I would wake up you were always right there ready to calm me down. You’re the only person I know who can calm me down as easily as you do. Frankly you make me want to be a better person and down here I don’t know how many chances a guy like me is gonna get with a girl like you.”
You were taken back, you could also tell that he had never said anything like this to anyone. He wasn’t a sentimental guy, you knew that. And yet you remembered the week you took care of him and how different he is when he’s alone. Sweeter, softer, less guarded. You had also been physically attracted to him, he was handsome you knew that. But after that you had formed an emotional attraction, a real one that you were unfamiliar with.
“Please say something…"he asked you fiddling with his hands.
"Murphy,"you put your hand on his cheek and kissing his softly.
You felt his hesitation as he kisses you back moving his hands back over your hips. You moved over his so he was laying on his back.
His hands over you back felt amazing as he reached to unclasp your bra your lips migrated to his jaw as your eyes me with his. You hesitated before kissing his neck. Since the hanging incident he didn’t like anything to touch his neck, even when you had to clean the scar tissue forming there.
"Can I?"you asked him just the feeling of your breath was enough for him to tense up. He swallowed and locked his lips before nodding.
You kissed it lightly feeling the thin scar from the wire noose against your lips. Murphy flinches at the gentle feeling against such a mistreated part of him. Eventually he adjusted to the unusually gentle touches and relaxed.
"See…it’s not so bad,"you mumbled against his skin leaving little open mouthed kisses.
He moaned softly in agreement before moving your chin up to kiss you again. His tongue slipped between your lips. He was good, you couldn’t help but wonder what an expert tongue like that could do. You felt him hard against your thigh that had rested between his legs. You teased him a bit moving your thigh against the front of his pants.
"Don’t tease,"you moaned in your ear squeezing at your back.
"But it’s just so fun,"your breath fluttered against his ear.
He grabbed your lower back flipping you into your back leaning in close,"I said. Don’t tease.”
His blue eyes were dark as they looked deep into yours. Your hands gripped at his arms as he leaned in to kiss your neck. Desperate, biting kisses marked all over your skin causing hickies you knew would show tomorrow. He took one of your breasts in his hand making you moan. Your back arches instinctively up to his chest and his kisses your collarbone moving further down your stomach. He loops his thumbs in the waistband of your underwear pulling it off.
“Baby are you ready?"he cleared with you.
It felt strange to here such sweet words coming out of his mouth but you wanted him, all of him. You nodded pawing at his boxers as he took them off, his cock slapping against his lower stomach.
"See what you do to me?"he smirked at you surprised face.
"You’re…really big…"you stared at him seeing him blush a bit before he kissed you again.
His lips were swollen from the rough, needy kisses as he moved you back to your back and thrust into you, hesitating so you could adjust to his size. You weren’t a virgin but he was much bigger than you had expected. You gasp at his thrust into you again gripping his hair.
"F-fuck…"you moaned leaning your head back against his pillow.
He moved his hips faster burying his face in your neck as he moved faster. Murphy let out small guttural moans moving his hands over you bare back.
"So beautiful,"he smiled against your throat.
You leaned his face up licking the skin of his neck, effectively making him shiver. You couldn’t help but shout as he hits that perfect spot inside you. He frantically moved his hand over your mouth.
"We’ll get caught,"he muttered.
You just whimpered as he hit that spot again and again. Finally you couldn’t hold it in anymore and you came hard pulling at his dark hair. The loud moan you let out was enough to make him cum as well.
With a few more weak thrust he let you moved back to your back as he pulled out. Murphy laid next to you panting, the dim orange light from the lantern casting shadows on his pale, toned chest.
He opened his arm to you,"come here,”
You curled up to his side resting your head on his chest. Your fingered moved over his chest lighting and absentmindedly as he played with your hair.
“If we’re gonna keep this up you’re gonna have to learn how to keep it quiet,"he chuckled.
"I don’t mind people knowing I’m the one boning the big bad wolf,” you laughed.
“Big bad wolf huh?"he repeated,"I’ve been called worse,”
Murphy looked down at you before kissing your head,“you’re something else, (y/n) know that?”
“I’ve been called worse,"you shrugged kissing his chest.
"Would you…?” He asked
“Would i what?"you rested your head on your hand to be eye level with him.
"Want to keep doing this? Us? Together?"he blushed.
You rolled your eyes chuckling,"I guess you wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”
“Come on..I’m being serious,"he rubbed your back.
You kissed his lips softly,"I’m in if you are,”
“I’m in,"he smiled kissing you again.
"Looks like sharing a tent won’t be so hard after all?"you kissed his cheek laying back on his chest.

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your kageie headcanons were perfect, so close to my own thoughts! there's never enough kageie content and it always makes me so happy to see new stuff, thank you for sharing ❤️

Taking some elements from my Kageie post:

Kageie x MC: Awakening

“I tried to stop her, milord!” a lantern was suddenly raised high, as Kageie and his men turned their horses up the path to the stables.

His first thought was that Ai had been out late, playing in the gardens again, and that the watchman had correctly thought better than to send her back alone, in the dark. Even with his berserkers at his side, Kageie didn’t want to face Kanetsugu if the topic was “Ai” and “in danger.”

As he squinted his eyes against the light, turning his head slightly down and away, he realized that it wasn’t Ai at all, but the woman, and he sat up straighter in surprise, blinking against the brightness.

“She wouldn’t take no for an answer, y’see,” called the watchman again, “wanted to wait for the rear guard. Been coming every night,” but Kageie paid him no mind, as he tried to take in everything:

Her smile, which he hoped was only for him. The sound of her sandals against the pebbled road as she jogged over. Her hair, neatly tied behind her, swaying like a silken tassel, right, left, right, left over the bow of her obi. 

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Never Alone

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Words: 1584

Genre: angst

Summary: you’re pissed at Shane for opening the barn and disrespecting Hershel’s rules, and the events take a toll on you. you want to leave, but Daryl comes to you at the right time. takes place mid season 2. based off of this request. 

Notes: thank you SO MUCH anon for being patient, here it is. i hope you like it, please let me know! <3 

credit to the owner of the gif above

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With BvS around the corner, I’d like to address the phrase “Batman is just a man. Superman would just punch him and kill him.” So allow me to list some things that this ‘just a man’ has accomplished.

  • Disarmed Green Lantern of his ring
  • Escaped being buried alive
  • Fought Superman and won
  • Kills the Justice League
  • The only human to ever dodge Darkseid’s omega beams
  • Solved endless puzzles and tricks by Ra’s, The Riddler, and Mad Hatter
  • Trained by the League of Shadows
  • Fought some of the strongest villains (Bane, Solomon, Clayface)
  • Stopped invasion of the Batcave by master assassins.

In conclusion, if you say Batman is ‘just a man’ you better know how to dodge omega beams.

Welcome Home // Kim Hanbin

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Paring: Hanbin x Reader

Genre: Fluff // Drabble

Summary: Hanbin has a surprise for you when you come home after a long day of helping out your friend ^_^

A/N: I don’t usually write for/about iKON, but recently someone who is very close to my heart has been having a hard time. And I just wanted to make her smile, so this one is for her. I hope you all enjoy it!

You let out an exasperated sigh as you reached the top of the steps leading up to your apartment, searching for your keys that were currently laying deep down inside your bag somewhere. For the entire day, you’d been subjected to standing on your feet while helping your friend out at a convention out of the goodness of your heart. Sometimes, you hated that you couldn’t say no to people and that you were just too kind for your own good – something that your boyfriend, Hanbin, always told you when you went out of your way to help someone too often.

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the 8th house concerns itself with invisible mystique… sometimes people with uranus in the 8th house can have a prophetic knowledge of when death will occur, and pluto in the 8th is inherently bonded with their own immortality, the infinite continuation of their spirit, the continuation of light 
they are sort of karmic lords. neptune in the 8th mysteries surround the dead and their seamless voyages from consciousness to obliteration, as if they imitate a death like state
saturn in the 8th house seems to have spiritual debts to pay in the material world. the dream state here can be quite profound, however terrifying. jupiter in the 8th is drawn to the lustre of spirituality, the symbolism of religion, they seem to celebrate the idea of death in the way they revere the gift of life 
mars in the 8th house is on a crusade through invisible battlefields. this is psychic power. venus in the 8th evokes them mysteries of love, the continuation of bonds once the spirit has crossed over, til death do us part. and moon in the 8th house wanes into a spiritual sensitivity that is rich with ancestral guardianship, passed love ones speak through them, and those who stood before them. mercury in the 8th plan and do everything in secret. everything about them is a mystery. they communicate with unseen forces, mostly unwillingly. sun in the 8th turns inward, using solar light to illuminate 8th house shadow, to turn a lantern on the eternal source that resides deep inside