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onenewphoenix replied to your photoset “Royal Pains: S07, E07 “Lama Trauma”

Settling “corn differences” - ahahaha! So amusing! Boris struggling with the corn. What did he say? Something about they should be serving more to their guest “besides beer and corn,” and what his kitchen could provide…all of them are so charming in this scene.

Evan: What do you think?
Boris: Well, I think Hank should have something other than beer and corn on hand for his guests. 
Hank: Oh, I’m sorry, I meant to get to the market but I was stuck in a secret operating room. 
Boris: As was I. However, my kitchen lacks for nothing. *slight pause* I assume. 

What’s extra funny to me is that it’s not even Hank’s corn.  Raj gave it to Divya while they were still in the hospital.  They had literally nothing in the guesthouse except beer. XD;;