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@gamer-girl12 and @sleepytimebear both suggested Vio with palette 3  – gamer-girl12 specified “reading a book,” though it seems he’s been distracted at the moment :)

@tinyetoile suggested palette 21, and @violet-kat-grove suggested palette 8

And with that, I believe this round of the color palette challenge is complete!


My grimoire/BoS/altered book/art journal/smashbook/collage scrapbook-ish project. Base book was a university library discard. 

Alphabet stamps and a Krylon gold paint pen are my friends - the first, because my handwriting is shitty, and the second, because I can’t draw worth a damn but no one notices when everything is gold and shiny!!!

Made a very long index (to be filled in as I go, bullet journal-style) because this book is hella thick. 

More pics will come as I start filling it up. :)

Shadowhunters: A Broken Fandom?

So you all know that I am a Dark Artifices account and I remain pretty strict about that in terms of content. But some of you may know I am also a fan of Shadowhunters (the show) because when I have gone off topic in regards to TDA, I am almost always talking about the show.
BUT, it has recently come to my attention that some people within the Shadowhunters fandom are blaming the “brokenness” of the fandom on people within the fandom who have voiced their disappointment with several issues addressed on the show.
LISTEN. During season 1 I defended this show so hard because of all the criticism it received from book stans that was ridiculous. I defended the cast who was attacked for no reason, I defended the producers who were attacked for no reason, I defended the writers who were attacked for no reason. And NO, I’m not talking about constructive criticism, because I still fail to see how calling Kat talentless and ugly is constructive or how calling Emeraude slutty was constructive BUT I DIGRESS.
This season, the writers, cast and crew have made a lot of mistakes that were absolutely avoidable. I have seen the fandom make reasonable and constructive requests and reviews. And I have seen the rest of the fandom tear them apart for it. (FOR EXAMPLE: the fact that serious issues such as sex slavery, sexual assault, suicide, etc were addressed only to never be addressed seriously again). I was one of the many people advocating for the writers room to apologize for the demon rapist plot line, and I was literally attacked by members of the fandom telling me I had no right to tell the writers how to do their job.
There were several members of the LGBT community upset that while hetero couples are given screen time during intimate moments/sexy time, Malec wasn’t. There was also disappointment because Magnus did not give full consent in the scene shown…
There has recently been disappointment with Emeraude stating that Izzy is not Latina, though se prided herself on playing a Latina character on TV that wasn’t stereotypical, after a Latina fan voiced her disappointment about Isabelle’s yin fen addiction.
The fact that people within the fandom have the audacity to say that the reason our fandom is so messed up is because of people who have voiced their disappointment, is pathetic.
The fact that you would rather put the blame on communities who actively advocate for issues that matter to be portrayed respectfully, rather than to admit that the cast & crew of Shadowhunters can DO BETTER is disappointing.
You do not have to share their disappointment. You may not even feel that their disappointment is valid. But don’t say that our fandom has turned negative because of those people. Do you know why our fandom has turned negative? It’s because of people like you who think they can decide for communities of people what they can be upset about and what they should probably shut up about.
If you are not part of the LGBT community and think their opinion on Malec & how they are represented on the show isn’t valid, keep it to yourself.
If you are not Latina and think their disappointment over Izzy’s yin fen addiction and Eme’s comment is not valid, keep it to yourself. And to those of you who are part of those communities who feel you need to have a different opinion in order to be accepted by the fandom, I feel sorry for you.
This fandom is not negative or broken because some have been disappointed by the mistakes made in this season. This fandom is negative and broken because of the way we treat other people in our fandom. This fandom is negative and broken because we have convinced each other that we must take sides and have uniform opinions rather than to encourage each other to have diverse opinions that are respectful and constructive.
So if you would rather those who have been disappointed by this season shut up and sit down, and you think that’s how our fandom will be healed, I’m sorry to tell you that you are completely wrong.
This is my first and final comment on the issue, and I promise to my TDA followers for this long rant on their feed. I promise strictly TDA from now on!

What do you guys think about the new champ? Jinx and Mf aren’t really looking forward for his ganks XD
Check my fan art of him here:

Mom said “bring all your makeup.” So.

And this is just the palettes (not counting Naked Smoky, After Dark and Brunch PRO, which stayed behind). Eek.


Continuing work in my grimoire(-ish) project

1. Spine details

2. “Gilded” the page edges with rub n’ buff (“gold leaf” finish)

3. Beginning a color-coding key with washi tape

4. First real entry in the index :)

5. Collage and journal space for the Strength card (my signifier)

Collage reads:

Oh pure and radiant heart

that led her to claim

The Value of Small Things

where the only relationship that matters is the one between

patience and skill

muscle and backbone

Needing all their strength and agility,

Nuclear dragon tamers

avoided hunting

In the belly of the beast

Making friends with a killer

Rider on the 

Sacred Heart

it’s the only one that can support 1,800 pounds of mean, hungry lions

It shows the creature being led, swaying gently, to the reason for hope

There is perhaps no more powerful force than kindness.