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I’m selling these designs as coasters for $8 each this weekend at Realms Con. I won’t be there personally, but they will. Once the con is over, I’ll be adding these to my etsy.


Silent Touch by Jerdess
Via Flickr:
A misty morning in a forest of the Eifel


Inspired by the wonderful #blackout on tumblr yesterday, I wanted to share some of my favorite black musicians.

Black people are often aggressively under-represented in underground music if it isn’t mainstream hip hop or rap.  It is up to us to support the ones who have had the courage to break the mold, and encourage diversity in our artistic communities.

Here are some of my favorites with links to videos.

1. Light Asylum

2. Zebra Katz

3. O Children

4. ESG

5. Angel Haze

6. Azari & III

7. Mykki Blanco

8. Twin Shadow

9. Actress

10. Mickey Lightfoot

These artists to me represent living proof that diversity in music & other underground artist communities is not only necessary but results in better art for everyone.