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“He looked at a boy with the knife to his throat, the boy whose black eyelashes feathered down against his cheekbones as he glanced away from Kit, and felt something like a shock of recognition pass through him.
He thought, how beautiful.”

Tiberius Nero Blackthorn

🌟Things to do with Unused Tarot or Oracle Decks 🌟

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Sometimes we don’t connect with our decks or hardly ever use them. Here are some ways to use those decks you don’t use!
🌟 Gift them! Someone who’s beginning divination or someone who enjoys a good tarot or oracle deck would love to have that deck, no doubt! It would be an awesome holiday gift or just a nice surprise for someone who appreciates divination!
🌟 Make art with them! You can put them in picture frames and hang them in your room, add them to your grimoire or book of shadows, make a collage, and whatever else you want! Tarot and oracle decks are beautiful and they can be great pieces of art.
🌟 Create a game with them! You can easily incorporate tarot and oracle cards into board games, playing card decks, and other games for something fun and new!
🌟 Use them in spells! Tarot and oracle cards are a great way to empower spells and you could even make them into charms!
🌟 Make a vision board! Use the cards on a poster or cork board to describe the future that you wish to have. Not only would it be gorgeous, but it’d remind you of who you strive to be!
🌟 Use the deck to create a thoughtform! Picking what cards you want, you can channel that energy and make a thoughtform who could help you in your craft.
🌟 Use the cards as offerings! Take what cards you want and lay them out on an altar or another place and offer those cards to a deity or whoever you want! It’d be a great and beautiful offering and I’m sure it’d be appreciated.
🌟 Use the deck to bring fruitful dreams! Take what cards you want and place them under your pillow to bring dreams that relate to those cards. This way, you don’t have to be too afraid of crumpling the cards and you can give a use to the deck!


Stalker’s Notice Board

…oh, woops, I guess I’ve turned my room into the 100 Rads Bar. This collage is quite sizeable, around 70x70cm of pure post apo love hanging above my bed. And I finally have a spot for my gas mask. And a neat source of ambient light^^ Madonna of the Exclusion Zone feels fine in there as well, I guess.


“If I can lie, shouldn’t that prove something to you?”
Girls love girls and boys

Helen Blackthorn

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Friendly witchy reminder that if you are not the best artist, or if you’re afraid to make a drawing mistake in your BoS, printing out art/shapes and creating collages is a great alternative!
I also favor pressing flowers and decorating books that way ~

(Work in progress shot of my BoS front pages)
My work, do not remove source!


“He was beautiful. Not like Julian was beautiful, or Cristina— in human ways—but like the cutting edge of Cortana”

Kieran of the Hunt

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