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So I picked up MGSV cause it was free and I’ve never played a metal gear game and know nothing about the franchise and here’s my interpretation of what’s going on

-So Venom Snake/Boss/Big Boss/ used to be naked snake until some bad shit happened to him. Apparently so bad that he responds to any situation with an aloof attitude as if the war crime he is witnessing is not any more distressing as seeing someone get cut off in traffic

-Ocelot is sort of the brains I think? He’s sort of a dad to snake and they act like they hate each other but I can see their love. Is too dense to understand that the impracticality of his weapons in the modern theater of war is not worth being “#edgy”

-Kaz is basically in charge and the only one who knows what the fuck is going on and has such a revenge lust that it creeps out even snake. Has access to state of the art prosthetics and biotic limbs but remains a cripple because he has to be edgier than ocelot

-Basically what happened was there was some overarching plot that involved rogue scientists, robot ninas, ghosts, and world domination and once that was over Snake and pals decided they were gonna take it easy and start a merc organization and brand it like its something new and innovative like apple did for the iPad.

-So Punished Steve Jobs makes a private army for basically the hell of it until a shadow branch of the CIA decided they were too dangerous and apocalypsed them and blew snake the fuck up where he somehow survived due to his protagonist gene.

-Then he goes into a coma where the cult he’s essentially created keeps him safe for 9 years. Then by sheer coincidence that same CIA shadow branch that is probably rogue now and led by some hybrid of a prune and a walking watchmen reference finds him on the day he wakes up and not any of the nine years prior.

-Side notes:

-Everyone’s reaction to the existence of possessed super soldiers, a guy with a skull for a face, gargantuan war machines, the horseman of war, and literal fucking magic is generally mild astonishment cause I guess they’ve seen weirder (which is probably true)

-For some reason no one saw their plan for creating the world’s most powerful private army blowing up miraculously in their faces.

-But damn of Kojima doesn’t know how animate an ass

-13/10. P good

#1898. To Pit's surprise, Dark Pit's favorite place to shop at is Hot Topic. He enjoys buying band tshirts such as Nine Inch Nails, My Chemical Romance and even Slipknot. As the store changed, he grew disheartened. At first, he felt like giving up but then he met a couple of others who missed the old Hot Topic. His new friend group consists of Lucas, Mewtwo, Wolf, Shadow and surprisingly, Cia. They call themselves the Hot Topic Crew and strive to get the store back to its original, dark state.
100 Ways to Say... (7/100)

This story was also inspired by this prompt from otpprompts.  It’s kind of trippy, but I hope you enjoy!  Cops and Robbers AU.  

Well, what do you want to do?

His brain was fuzzy.  The last thing he remembered, he was at a bank with his mother, and now he was at a coffee shop, a notebook on the table in front of him.  He glanced down, looking at his outfit, trying to determine how much time has passed.  It was the same outfit he remembered wearing when he woke up this morning.  Was it this morning?  

A woman, two tables over seemed to be doing the same thing.  She started patting at her side, breathing out a sigh of relief as she sat back in her seat.  “Everything okay?”  He asked her, studying her face.  

She glanced up at him, striking hazel eyes meeting his.  “Yeah.  Just a strange sensation, that’s all.”  Her hand stayed glued to her hip, finding comfort in whatever she was holding onto.  

“Just a strange question, because I like to imagine the impossible, but did you maybe just experience a time jump?”  He watched her face as he moved to her table, watched as her eyebrows furrowed and her eyes darted around.  

She shook her head, loose tendrils of hair falling from her bun.  “No, that can’t be it.  This whole day has to be a dream.”  

He raised his eyebrows at her, tucking his little notebook away.  “Well then this has been one hell of a dream.”  

She chuckled, her arms crossing at her chest.  “You’re telling me.”  

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