shadow boxers


World Class.


Raquel Miller, San Francisco, Ca.

Shot at: Donaire Sr. Boxing Gym.

Oakland, Ca. 2015.

the guy playing Shadow in the new American Gods tv series looks like the kind of person i would want to pat me on the shoulder and softly tell me everything is going to be okay
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Lexa is a semi-professional MMA fighter and works at a gym with her friend Lincoln as personal trainer. She lives with her former foster sister Anya who is as teasing and as annoying as any normal older sister.

Clarke has just started her third year pre-med and is busy with her studies. Her roommates and friends Octavia and Raven try to get her to have a little more fun every now and then.


Octavia’s budding romance with her TA Lincoln turns out to lead to the joining of two worlds.


Alright motherfuckers let me tell about this little guy right here and what it or Game Freak has done to make me love them even more. So it’s a new typing as Ghost/Fighting pretty freaking epic right along with the fantastic ability of technician to make any move under 60 be absolutely devastating to any poor sucker on the opposing team. An with its entires on the Rotomdex (depending on game) that it’s cowardly or copies others move by concealing itself in the shadows. Now let me tell you guys the reason I love Game Freak for their references and puns in Pokemon games, because MARSHADOW IS A FUCKING SHADOW BOXER !!!! THEY MADE A FUCKING JOKE ON THIS AND DIDN’T THINK WE NOTICE.

+love on the road ; a playlist for those moments in the car where both of you just enjoy the music and each-other. 

[twin shadows, the killers, jack’s mannequin, vance joy, andreas moe, last lynx, kings of leon.] 

The Best Seats in the House

“ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLLLLE?!” The conversations in the arena were squashed by the emergence of an emcee, who excitedly began introducing the first fighter. She was a short, muscular woman who dancing her way into the ring, trying to coax louder applause from the audience by waving her hands in the air. They clapped and cheered, but fell quickly silent when the lights shifted to cast a long silhouette across the floor, and the emcee turned his attention to the next participant. 

“And here to defend her title as champion, Adelaide “The Shadow Boxer” Ashfoooord!” The crowd exploded into uproarious applause as she made her way into the arena. Unlike her opponent, she walked calmly, switching her hips as she moved in a way that made her almost look like she belonged on a runway. She wore an ornately gilded knee-length dress and a version of the same heels she always seemed to be wearing. Stepping into the ring she didn’t wave the applause on, she simply raised her arms; this time, she wore golden gauntlets neatly fitted to her wrists, the dim light they emitted suggested a mechanical purpose. With a smirk and the clenching of her fists, sudden inky shadow appeared around them and was whisked away by the air. She turned the smirk onto her opponent, giving her a look of skepticism meant to aggravate the other woman.

My Yuri on Ice Playlist

Here are a list of songs that make me think of Yuri on Ice

First off the obvious ones from the actual show
History Maker

Yuri on Ice

Less obvious ones now, I’ll name the song and explain why I chose it 

The Good the Bad and the Dirty - Panic at the Disco

This one is because it reminds me of the battle between Yurio and Yuri for Victor. 

Hallelujah - Panic at the Disco

This makes me think of Victor’s feelings towards Yuri.  Especially the lyrics:

“I Love the things you hate about yourself

Just finished a daydream

Who were you trying to be”

Flaws - Bastille

This again makes me think of Victor.  Victor seems perfect but he is flawed but it’s not obvious as with Yuri who carries his insecurities so clearly. Together they become something more.  

Shadow Boxer - The Feeling

I’m noticing a lot of these makes me think of Victor’s feelings towards Yuri.  Particularly “Always dancing without music”

Difficulty - KT Tunstall

Yes again about Victor feelings towards Yuri.  Particularly how breaking through the walls around Yuri’s hearts are bothersome and difficult but he can’t help it. 

It’s Time - Imagine Dragons

Look unless I say different just assume these are Victor towards Yuri.

Believe - Mumford & Sons

I think this is one of the only ones that speaks to me about Yuri’s state of mind. He can’t quite believe Victor’s feelings but he wants to. 

House of Memories - Panic at the Disco

Frankly this could be either Victor or Yuri’s point of view.  They both want the other to care about them and not ever forget them.

Loud Like Love - Placebo

This makes me think of Victor helping Yuri through a panic attack.  Don’t know why.

Shake it Out - Florence and the Machine

Yuri struggling with his issues and insecurities

Hurricane - Panic at the Disco

Victor again.

Far Too Young to Die - Panic at the Disco

Victor again

Overjoyed - Bastille


This is the New Year - A Great Big World

I kind of think of this as both Victor and Yuri song

OQ Smut #2: Sneaking Around

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Regina had learned at a young age that life wasn’t fair. Especially when it came to her. It seemed every time it gave her a taste of happiness, life would yank it away again only seconds later.

Like now.

She had just gotten a second chance at love. Only a few days ago, she was staring at the possibility of forever in Robin’s blue eyes. And the same day it was taken away when that blasted Savior had returned with his wife. Of course he would go back to her. In the end, she knew there was no other choice for him to make.

While Robin paraded around town with Marian and Roland, the Charmings circled around her. Mary Margaret and Emma would take turns “popping by” for coffee or lunch or just to chat. They’d invite her over for dinner with Henry and David had even offered to beat Robin up for her. She pulled a tight smile and thanked him but assured him that wasn’t necessary. And her little prince had moved back into the mansion, trying to keep her preoccupied when he could.

Of course, none of them could know that she hadn’t completely lost Robin. They wouldn’t understand or approve of what she was doing (Well, maybe Mary Margaret and David could but she didn’t want to chance it). But she and Robin had a connection that pulled them together. So they stole their time together when they could and pretended, at least for a few hours, that there was no Marian and it was just them again.

At first, it was thrilling and exciting–sneaking around, trying not to get caught. It was also something of a triumph for her. Marian could call herself Robin’s wife but Regina was the one he wanted to spend his nights with. As the weeks dragged on, however, being the other woman lost its appeal. Because that’s what she was–she was the other woman. The heat and passion of their encounters quickly gave way to coldness and a hollowness once he was gone. Rather than dull the pain, it made it worse. And so Regina had to come to a painful conclusion: She and Robin had to stop their secret meetings.

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Random Enemy Shadows

I had started the next P4 Persona design but I ended up realizing I wasn’t going to even come close to finishing it within the week and wanted to upload something, so I drew these things up.  I wanted something quick that didn’t require much thought, and enemy shadows are perfect for that–they’re pretty nonsensical.

Top left is what I call a “Nychoid."  Like a robotic velociraptor, or something.  Gave me an excuse to draw a dinosaur, my actual drawing passion.

The bottom one is a ”Shadow Boxer,“ because sometimes I like dumb visual puns.

That’s it.


Ansellia africana ‘Shadow Boxer’  (Africa)

Commonly known as the 'leopard orchid’, Ansellia africana is  a large and variably colored plant from warm coastal regions in Africa. Our 'Shadowboxer’ clone is very dark compared to the more commonly seen flowers (more typically you see defined “spots” instead of a convergence of spotting which forms a solid color toward the tips of each tepal). There is even a form devoid of spots completely and has a pleasant soft green shade to the flowers. In fact, the only thing that competes with its variability in color would be its variability in medicinal uses by natives communities. Everything from teas to love potions can be made from the pseudo-bulbs, leaves, flowers or even roots.