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“Well…hey there, Sunshine..”
“I missed you too, Nyx.”

I commissioned the absolutely lovely @nippaaah for this adorable art of the ridiculously pretty Nyx Ulric and my ffxv oc, Liv– the smol Archivist in the Royal Library. I loved seeing its progress and I cannot recommend working with Maria enough. She’s wonderful and watching these two come to life has made my week. :3 

Beneath My Skin - Lex Luthor x reader oneshot

Fandom: DC comics, Batman
Warning: some swear words, creepy lex and joker
Pairing: Lex x reader
Summary: The joker breaks Lex out of Arkham and Lex confesses his love for you.


A/N: This was so fun writing!! I got carried away so badly ;3 sorry if it‘s too long.

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Double Dragon 2 on the NES was a tough game. I remember playing it back in the day and thinking that I’d never be able to beat it….. But I kept trying.

I beat those nameless thugs on the street, threw those chumps out of the chopper, found the secret underground base, hurricane kicked my way through the forest of death, made it through the mansion of terror, took out that doppelganger, avoided the traps in the trap room and finally made it to the Shadow Boss, and was rewarded with this song.

This is one of my favorite “epic boss fight” songs of all time. I can remember sending a flying knee into the Shadow Boss’ face for that final victory like it was yesterday. Double Dragon 2 was one of those challenging games that made me improve as a gamer. The song is called “Roar of the Double Dragon”. I hope you dig it.

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I'd love to hear more info about Shizuo! I love him so much and every little thing I learn about him would make me happy *^*


  • Shizuo lives alone and he doesn’t like to watch television or surf the internet because they both just make him mad. [source]
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, Shizuo will hit you. He only differentiates between those who make him mad and those who don’t. He doesn’t necessarily like hitting girls, but he will. [source: volume 12, from his confrontation with Kujiragi iirc]
  • Shizuo always knew/suspected that Vorona was the one who stabbed him and kidnapped Akane [volume 13]
  • Shizuo dislikes beer and bitter foods. (Aka he’s a big baby) [source]
  • While Tom drinks coffee, Shizuo drinks milkshakes [source: Durarara sh]
  • The milk lady from the first season didn’t actually exist canonically in the novels at the time of that episode’s airing. Later Narita confirmed her existence by saying Shizuo once hurt a woman he loved/adored/looked up to. I don’t know if Narita told them about her or if he just liked her and later decided to adapt the idea. 
  • Shizuo likes older sister type women. I know some people interpret that as simply older women but for me the most consistent to what narita is referring to in his tweet is the onee-san type. [source]
  • That scene where Shizuo tells Celty to ‘Go ahead, I got this.’ and then slaps himself in the face? He was actually drunk (Celty thinks from Russia Sushi) and was trying to sober himself up lol.
  • Shizuo actually studied to be a bartender before he became one. He had about an entry level skill though before he was fired. [source]
  • Shizuo fought a tiger and won.
  • Shizuo is very proper with following rules and traditions. He controls himself in a library because you aren’t supposed to yell even though Izaya is there, he doesn’t litter cigarette butts, and he thinks Kasuka should tell their parents if he’s engaged to Ruri before he tells Shizuo. And more.
  • Shizuo used to want to be a detective like Sherlock holmes [source: Durarara!! Sh]
  • Shizuo can never remember Anri’s name. Never. I’m sorry Anri.
  • In the novels Shizuo is constantly described as very lanky and unintimidating and as though he is trying not to  get noticed despite his hair and outfit. When the Reporter first met him the guy pretty much thought ‘wow even I could kick this guys ass’ until Shizuo kicked his [source: volume 2]
  • The Awakusu used to consider using Shizuo for his strength but then they decided he was too much of a wild  card. [source: volume 2 iirc]
  • Even though he knew the love letter he received in high school was fake Shizuo still went to ‘meet’ whoever had sent it because his brother once told him ‘Brother you are bad with words, so you should cherish every letter you receive or send.’ [source]
  • Shizuo was called Raijin High School’s Shadow boss. [source]
  • Shizuo’s actually a very quiet person when he’s not mad [source: volume 4]
  • Shizuo sincerely respects the mixed martial artist fighter Traugott Geissendorfer. When Shizuo got into a fight with izaya at their coming of age ceremony traugott was able to stop him (with Simon’s help). It was thanks to Traugott that Shizuo realized he was ‘weak’ and that it was only through his own self training could he become strong. This is why he is envious and dreams to one day be as strong as those who train themselves to be are. [source]
  • The more calm Shizuo is the more angry he actually is [source: volume 13 and ‘the smile’ at akane]
  • When he is stronger Shizuo would like to go to another coming of age ceremony. [source]
  • Either Shizuo or Izaya used to throw/roll gasoline filled drums along their high schools hallway [source: novel 4]
  • I mentioned the orihara shi-ne thing but I’ll just add it again to this list as well. Shizuo specifically avoids saying Orihara shi-ne (go die) because if he said that he’d also be telling Kururi and Mairu to go die which doesn’t feel right to him. So he says Izaya (shi-ne) instead. [source]
  • Edit// Shizuo doesn’t have his license forgot to mention that. [Source: volume 12]

that’s all i got off the top of my head but if I felt like digging I’m sure I’d find more lol

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//So considering some personality traits that Talon and Kled share the fusion would be super aggressive, impatient, compulsive, and highly murderous.

For appearance wise he would be very petite. Not yordle sized but certainly a very small human as Talon wouldn’t bring much height to the table. The fusion is fluffy and scar riddled and has an even more wild mess of hair under his hat. Would probably have a ponytail that could put Yasuo to shame. While appearing to be more youthful, because of Talon’s age, the fusion would still act like a pissed of grandpa because of Kled.

Fighting style wise the fusion would take more after Kled and of course fights with Skaarl though if the two are separated the fusion would take on a more assassin like fighting style instead of running around screaming with a gun. 

Song(s):  Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling  The Kraken Theme Song  BioShock Infinite OST - The Songbird

I swear it took me longer to try to find a song more than anything so I picked a couple and hell the ones I found probably don’t even work that well but I wanted to try finding something with a violin in it because you discussed Kled being able to play one