shadow bon bons

Happy Bon Day

-don’t care if I’m a bit late, I’mma post some bunnies. >8P

Mainly I’ve been inspired by kawarayane lately, especially with Shadow Bonnie.

I gave Bonnie his face back and a carrot.

I gave Toy Bonnie some paint&polish, because a clean bunny is a good bunny.

I gave Shadow Bonnie the Bonus balloon from the minigame…

-and I threw Springtrap a Goldie plush. Don’t say I never gave you anything, you big jerk. >8/

CAN YOU NOT TALK DURING COLOUR OF THE TRAP, PLEASE?: songs I blessed my mom with on our road trip.

listen here


BTW have any of you guys seen this in the game? I’ve never seen Shadow Bonnie before, but he looks scary as hell. Then there’s Golden Freddy and an Endoskeleton in the prize room. They are all believed to be hallucinations. What are your theories?