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While I don't think it's a good portrayal, one thing I appreciate about Tails in Lost World was the fact he did not need Sonic to save him in the end. One thing that I really hate about unleashed is when Tails is absolutely helpless againts the Gaia monster, Really? This is the same kid who beat Eggman by himself twice, helped Sonic in 06. Heck he even helps Shadow fight the black arm aliens at one point and helps find an emerald in 06.

I never liked that either, and I’ve always been more annoyed by that than I ever was with the Lost World schtick.

Yes, he’s a kid, but he’s a kid who has proven on numerous occasions to be capable of taking out all sorts of baddies, including but not limited to giant killbots. Remember when he took on the Egg Walker on his own? How about that time when he conquered a whole army of military birds by himself?

And yet we’re expected to believe he can’t handle a small group of the WEAKEST Dark Gaia spawn? Give me a break. Tails is supposed to be the Luigi of the series, not the… uh, Toad.

Part of me wonders if it was done to make the Werehog look good. Wouldn’t be surprised seeing how this is the same game where Sonic is able to resist Dark Gaia corruption, but no one else is.

  • Cassian: So you can go, like, anywhere a shadow can, right?
  • Azriel: Yeah.
  • Cassian: So, like, into the shadow beneath Nesta's feet during the midday sun?
  • Azriel: Of course.
  • Cassian: But what about the shadow beneath her hair when it's down?
  • Azriel: Sure.
  • Cassian: Or, perhaps, the shadow created beneath her arms when they're at her sides?
  • Azriel: ...
  • Cassian: What about the shadow between her bre—
  • Azriel: Cassian, where is this going?

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