shadow abbey


Leigh Lawson - he appeared in the season 2 episode “One Moment of Humanity”. He has appeared on stage, film and TV though mostly in the U.K. He’s husband of model actress Twiggy.

Christopher Lee - in his long career he has starred in many Hammer horror films, most notably Dracula. With 281 acting credits on IMDB, his career include famous roles in both Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Roy Marsden - About 10 years after appearing in Space 1999, Marsden began his longer tenture of playing P. D. James’s detective Adam Dalgliesh (for 15 years).

Leo McKern - I best remember McKern for his recurring role on “The Prisoner” TV series where he played the mysteries Number 2. His most famous role must be in “Rumpole of the Bailey” which he played for 15 years.

Ian McShane - McShane has had a long career in film & TV. For a while he was best know for the TV show “Lovejoy” but he since went on to make the memorable “Deadwood”. And he’ll soon be seen in “American Gods”. Recently he has appeared in the “John Wick” film franchise with Keanu Reeves.

David Prowse - a few years after Prowse did some stunt work on “Space 1999” he was one of two actors who portrayed Darth Vader in “Star Wars”.

David Robb - I recognized the name and the face looked vaguely familiar. When I checked I realized David Robb played the Doctor on “Downton Abbey”.

Kathryn Leigh Scott - Scott appeared in the classic TV series “Dark Shadows”. After the show ended appeared in an episode on “Space 1999” and later on “Star Trek Next Generation” as a proto-Vulcan.

Carolyn Seymour - I best remember Seymour for the terrific post apocalyptic British show “Suvivors”. In the sci-fi vein she had a recurring role on STNG as a Romulans.

Catherine Schell - Before joining the cast as a regular in season 2, Schell made a guest appearance in the “Guardian of Piri”.

Patrick Troughton - None other than the Second Doctor (Who) appeared as a dying alien ruler on “Space 1999”.

Art Wallace wrote for Space 1999 but his genre career includes writing for “Dark Shadows”, “Star Trek” TOS, and the “Planet of the Apes” TV show.

Day 30. Show a Picture of Your Monster High Collection

Plot Twist: Not Today.

Okay, I’ve been rearranging my room this weekend so I can actually display my dolls in a reasonable manner. I didn’t get much done today because I haven’t been feeling particularly well today.

So for right now, here’s a picture of a 90% completed Shadow Abbey. I still need to color the pink in her hair (I’ll go ahead and keep the blue), but her outfit and face are done.

I’ll post a picture of my collection when I’ve got the room in order. Hopefully tomorrow. For tonight, I’m watching Bones and plotting for NaNo.

Also, protip: dyeing the fur with Sharpie is a terrible plan. I like the way it changed the texture to a spikier consistency and how it left wisps of white under the stains for a shadowy effect, but it definitely wasn’t worth the trouble or the smell.


Day 29. Do you have any custom Monster High dolls? 

Custom Shadow Abbey

I have several customs in progress, but Shadow Abbey’s the only one who has actually visible progress to show off. (The CAMs are waiting for their hair to get here.)

Since Mattel isn’t going to release Shadow Dolls, which is their loss because they would sell like the boys, I decided I would turn my spare Basic Abbey into her Shadow self. This is my first time playing with a doll’s face, and dramatically changing the clothes, and it’s turning out well for a first go-round. Her face is done save for a sealant because I’m paranoid, and the dress is coming along nicely. I still need to dye the arm/leg warmers and headband. I’ll probably go ahead and paint her shoes black too.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her hair just yet. I know that I want to turn the pink either black or dark grey, but I think I’m going to keep the purple streak. It’s shadowy and fits with her black/purple lips. I don’t know if I’ll keep the blue, though. 

Anyway, Shadow Abbey! She’s evil and I love her.