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Should have been funny, but I got emotional.

So, episode 3 Alec:

Episode 4 Alec:

Episode 5 Alec:

Episode 6 Alec:

I see what you’re doing. I fear that we won’t survive the next episode. Taking into account that both Harry and Matt are amazing in their roles and understand their characters so well, and how much thought and care the writers have taken (look how well they are portraying Alec and his struggles! all the details!), I know that they are going to give us something wonderful, and I don’t know if I’m ready. But I also feel like I’ve been ready for this for years. Can it be that this is happening in just a few days?

And then I think about everything else they have planned for these two, and how much angst they will give us until they are truly together. Please, don’t hate on anything new they are bringing in. I truly believe that it will make the story even better. So many people (think about all the young people watching this) can relate to Alec. The fact that in the end Alec will know that there really isn’t anything to be ashamed of and so many people will see and understand that too is making me so emotional. This is so important. I hope that it will be him, in the end, standing up for himself.

 I love this show so much. Not to say that I don’t love every other aspect of it, just, this hits closer than other things. I hope no haters and no lawsuits stop this show from getting more seasons, because I so want to see all my dear characters grow and learn again with them in a better way.


Some more of the Ecuadorian Andes, with clouds rolling over the mountains and casting shadows.


Well, aren’t you just a concerned friend? // Yeah, I am.

So, quick recap: Riley had her outburst and her public embarrassment in that classroom scene, then she hid in a locker. Meanwhile, Maya/Missy started making some serious faces at each other - from the classroom to the hallway (note Maya’s leopard sleeves and the lilac/pink shirt here). Then we got the bay window scene where Riley was unable to articulate what she felt or wanted from Lucas, aside from “I don’t want him with her” and “I don’t want him taken away from us. She’s bad news”, as well as having to ask if she’s jealous. Farkle burst into that scene and made Riley all smiles again with “I would do whatever you asked me” i.e. be her flirting mentor for Lucas in spite of his love for her, and “I want you happy”. And here we are, the day after, at the cafeteria. 

[Gifs1-2] We get this nice piece of dialogue where Riley makes a little grumpy face and worries about whether Lucas will sit with them or with the “she-devil”, to which Maya coolly responds that she tries not to worry about things she can’t control (our hopeless Maya; word choice: “tries”, “can’t control” - question: is this is a situation she would worry about were she to believe she had some way to control it?). Farkle barges in again - and is very welcome by Riley (”You better”) - then he regurgitates Riley’s exact words (you know, kinda like she shoved his finger up Maya’s nose): Riley’s still smiling at him while Maya frowns and rolls her eyes like she’s “above it”. Riiight…

Lucas goes to sit with them [Gif 3]: Miss “above it” and “not worried” looks pleasantly surprised and contented by that decision (see: how she blinks up at him and her mouth hangs open a little), before scrunching up her face at Riley’s emphatic “buddy”. Missy comes in [Gif 4]: Riley’s still smiling (what?) and Maya looks tense again, subtly pulling her lips in.

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