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Noe looked around, confiding Renu, but Wolves were not a calm animal, as he looked back at Yuki, he suddenly saw something in the bushes sitting on the other side of the pond.
“Yuki I think you have a shadow.” He whispered, and Yuki looked up.
“a shadow?”
“Over there on the shore!”
“Eh..” Yuki looked into the eyes of a small wolfbaby.
“You are not quite wrong, Noe.” Renu said “this is Shadow.”
“But you said there were no children in your pack?”
“I just said that I do not make children, but you’re right, he’s a orphan.”
“orphan, then he is not a werewolf?“
“he is even if he does not speak, however, there are mothers who repel their child or the rudel in which he was born, was attacked and forgot him. Leika has found him.”
“The white wolf.”
In the meantime, the little Wolf Shadow came closer and Yuki looked at him, he showed something shy but slowly the little wolf came closer to him. Noe noticed that he was probably standing in the way and so he walked a few steps back, also Yuki stood up and took a few steps towards him.
“unusual?” Renu said as he watched the scene, Leika had also stood up, while she watched the little wolf.
“I will not do anything to him.” Yuki tried to calm her, since he felt like she is protecting him.
“I trust you even if you are an element.”
“you know about it.”
“I hope you will use your strength wise.”
“what do you mean?”
“Everyone of us, have a task. I can feel your fear, the fear of what is inside you, I just do not know what did frightened you.”
“Do you really believe, Yuki won’t use his element wise enough. look at Shadow, a orphan who trusts anyone but you, approaches an element.”

Shadow had so far dared to come closer to him, he stood directly in front of Yuki and suddenly licked tha back of his hand.

shadows, orbs and knocking

virginxwitch Submitted:

my house has always had a creepy vibe to it, and even friends and family agree that there’s something unsettling about it. i’ve always been interested in the paranormal and dark things in general, but especially within the past year i’ve been extremely fascinated with it and trying to find evidence of it any way possible. i don’t know if my interest in these things may have opened me up more to have the experiences that i’ve had recently, but from time to time strange things happen in my home.

a few months back i was sitting in my living room watching tv. behind the couch is the stairway so you can hear if people are downstairs and such. so i’m watching a movie and suddenly i hear a sound behind me coming from downstairs. i looked back and no one was there. so i turned back to watch the movie and immediately noticed in the corner of the screen, there was a shadow. i’d seen this movie a million times and i never remembered there being a shadow there. i didn’t even think in the moment that it was a ghost or anything, i just thought there was something wrong with the tv. as i’m staring at it to try to figure out what it is, it moves off the screen and i see the reflection of the shadow on the plastic frame of the tv. once the shadow moved past the tv however, it disappeared. my blood felt like it went cold and i ran to my parents room immediately. since that i have not seen any shadows. 

a few weeks later, i was laying in bed and i noticed a small ball of light moving around on my door. it looked like an orb, which was really strange to me because i didn’t know you could see them with the human eye. however, i kept trying to find a logical reason as to where the light was coming from. my blinds were shut so it was not from the outside, but i looked out the window to check if someone was shining a flashlight somehow, just in case. there was nothing but darkness outside my home. i turned my tv off as well, and there was still a little circle of light sporadically moving around on my door. it happened for a few nights until finally it stopped and i haven’t seen it since.

months had passed and nothing significant had occurred, until about a week ago. i had been woken up several days in a row by loud knocking on my bedroom door. the first few times i assumed it was my parents because sometimes they do that if i sleep in too late. however, after a few days i was getting really annoyed, so right after the knocking woke me i went straight to my door and opened it. i remember it was always three loud, quick knocks. when i opened the door, no one was there. i was sure that someone had knocked on my door because i always wake up immediately when someone knocks. so i called out to see if my parents were home. eventually, i found my mom when i went downstairs and asked her if she had just knocked on my door. she said no. then i’d asked her if my dad was home and if it could have been him. she said she was pretty sure he hadn’t been home since he left for work. i called him to make sure regardless, and he said no. then i’d asked him if him or mom had knocked on my door the past few mornings to wake me and he said no. 

to this day i’m still not sure what any of this means, and i still feel like i have no real evidence. but at the same time, i have no explanation for any of these occurrences. 

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 6/10 The shadow in the T.v really gave my chills i think I’ve read somewhere that sometimes you can see orbs with the naked eye but its not that common. Thanks for the chills and scares!


When it turns out your shadow is the most reasonable one (?) lol
。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。

Yosuke Hanamura: @destroall
Shadow Naoto: Sonia
Naoto Shirogane: Naociel

Photo by @slawekkozdras from a recent shoot for #NGTUK in #Prague // A foot tunnel linking the Zizkov and Karlin districts. Keep an eye out for the latest issue of our photography app, coming soon, where Slawek tells us all about the shoot and how to deal with different light in an urban setting #CzechRepublic #travelgram #instatravel #travelphotography #light #dark #shadow #silhouette (at Prague, Czech Republic)

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