My photo for the week-challenge ‘Landscape’ in Ireland for #masterofphotography.

I took some photos that were more like the photographs I normally take but ended up submitting this one because it was a step out of my comfort-zone as I normally flee from sunlight.

I fell in love with the question if the human is growing out of these shadows or if it is being eaten up by the shadows. Maybe it’s similar to wondering if the glass is half full or half empty..

The best thing about this episode was the feedback our guest-judge gave me. It’s up on my twitter.


Light, Darkness, and the Tree - Se Yoon Park

First of all, an apology for this page’s extended period of absence these last few months. It was not expected, not planned and certainly lasted longer than intended. Needless to say, The Creative Sense is back and we’ll begin with these fantastic 3D-Printed light fixtures from Korean ex-architect-turned-artist Se Yoon Park. 

In his ‘Light, Darkness, and the Tree’ series, Park uses architectural programs to sculpt his exciting light fixtures. He carefully balances light and shadow (in his view reflecting the duality of real trees, and indeed the duality of life itself) as well as utilising the physical qualities of different materials such as wood, steel and resins. Once he has perfected his design on the screen, he uses digital fabrication - predominantly 3D-printing - to produce the finished pieces. More impressively, none of the pieces are ‘attached’ to one another in a sense, but instead delicately cantilever each tiny element in an entirely bond-free system. 

Park’s approach to his art is exactly the sort I’m drawn to. Having worked for BIG, REX, OMA and FR-EE, he has a broad background of experience to draw on. Hope to see more work like this in the future!

More at:

A little bit of what I was doing:
“Shadow Dance”
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