I love how everyone is going crazy about Shadow, Metal Sonic, and Chaos being villains in Sonic Forces, not to mention Infinite’s appearance (BTW, love his theme like crazy), and meanwhile, no one cares about Zavok or doesn’t know who he is.


If anybody knows more quotes like this, I’d like you to add them to this post; I want a collection.

‘‘The belonging you seek is not behind you. It is ahead.’’

Sooo yes, the belonging ahead is Kylo, because we see his shadow, and he’s in front of her you know? And the marks are behind her? Anyways some symbolic Reylo stuff <3 

Message me if you have other ideas for them^^

Im thinking of drawing Hux soon too. And Finn. And Poe. And Phasma. And cutie bb-8. 

EDIT: this work now has a twin right here


Via Homer Le Miaou & Nugget La Nug on Instagram:
“Everything is fun when you are a kitten hehe!!!☀✋☀…”