• Kimchi & Blue dress: Urban Outfitters, $69
  • ‘laundry’ by Shelli Segal coat: thrifted in Bushwick, $10
  • BC 'Gamma Ray’ clogs: on sale at MiniMarket in Williamsburg, $50
  • grey bowler hat: on sale at LF in Cobble Hill, $8
  • opaque HUE tights: gift, but probably $8
  • OCC Lip Tar: free from my roommate, via a fashion week goodie bag

Yes, it’s that time of week again. Where I share with you my outfit and tell you how much everything cost. At a glance, you may think this look isn’t too 'broke’ - I mean, $69 is pretty steep for someone with almost no money in their bank account… right?

Sometimes, you gotta shop quality. Again, you might now be thinking “Urban Outfitters, really?” We place so much focus on the little black dress that I think the little black DAY dress can fall by the wayside. I’ve worn this thing approximately 1 billion times in the last year, give or take, so the cost per wear is low. It’s science.

Same goes for the shoes. I’ve worn them to death over the last year and a half I’ve owned them. I recommend catching the sales at LF and MiniMarket because they have some serious deals for those who normally are of the Salvation Army contingent.

some babes I liked on the internet this week

ATTN New York: this is how you should take on the weather today. (via wear color via vanessa jackman).

Don’t threaten me with a good time. girl gangs: start yours today! (via francesbabyhouseman via julaya).

rainbow sorbet hairs (via ceedling).

want every part of this outfit. Bronny rules. (via fat aus).

(via curve appeal via after the riot).

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  • vintage silk blouse: free from mom
  • braided belt: forever 21
  • BDG high waisted jeans: urban outfitters

I posted this outfit a couple months ago, but will someone talk to me about this tag? I’ve seen it in Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Bed Stuy. All different color jellyfish, making me smile forever, etc. This photo was taken just outside of my office, but the art has since been covered up. This also reminds me how badly I want to go to the Creatures of Light exhibition at the Museum of Natural History. SO MANY GLOWING LIVING THINGS.

  • vintage shirtdress: gift from Erin, via Re/Dress
  • cardigan: borrowed from roommate, Rae
  • patent flats: swapped last week!
  • braided leather belt: target
  • green HUE tights: BONTON
  • Chanel lipstick in ‘la Sensuelle’

GPOYW: is it actually January right now? I am pretending it is not, by wearing vintage florals and these irresistible flats I swapped last week. I ran out of contact solution so I will be feeling the velma vibes in these specs for the next few days. Shout out to my homegirl Erin for surprising me with this amazing dress.

Well, Broadist made it to 10,000 followers this week. Shock and awe doesn’t really begin to cover it. We are so appreciative of everyone who has joined us in practicing self-love and wearing what you want and being a cool broad and NEVER apologizing for it. Happy holidays and/or secular festiveness! We love you! Thank you.

Special thanks to our amazingly talented homegirl WONTONS for drawing this.

some babes I liked on the internet this week

breaking my heart that we were in killerdelphia at the same time. (via zero girl).

who is this Noah’s ark wonkabilly dreamboat? (via rufflebutts via wildgrowers).

Lydia, always a stunner. (via style is style).

More babes! Not too many (I didn’t spend much time on tumblr this week), but all great.

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  • Waverly glasses: c/o Classic Specs
  • orange turtleneck: American Apparel
  • red pleated skirt: Urban Outfitters (sale rack, several years ago)
  • orange over the knee socks: American Apparel
  • Calvin Klein platforms: from a dept. store in PA (85% off SCORE)
  • magnifying glass: True Value (thanks, Emily!)

I tried to be Velma a couple of years back, but I only half-assed it. Last week I finally invested in the orange turtle neck and will probably be Velma on and off for years to come. Any Halloween costume where I can wear glasses and fun colors and no make up is great by me. I took some photos of costumes at the party I was at on Saturday night and will share those soon! What are you being this year?

  • floral swing dress: Anthropologie (saaaaale - also, t'was a gift)
  • brown HUE tights: you wouldn’t believe how old these are
  • Dr. Martens 1460 boots: c/o Dr. Martens
  • Lipstick: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense #49

Something about the pixelated floral really got me here - I love this dress. Also thanks to Veronica for taking these photos in the cold. Also ALSO I started writing super early this morning but stopped because rather than driveling about my outfits and schedule, there are two big things on my mind.

1. After a lifetime fear of “smelling bad,” I’m now eight days into wearing natural deodorant. Thanks to all my hippie (ish) friends for the encouragement.

2. One roommate moves out, another roommate moves in, and I start my fifth year in Brooklyn… so I’ve officially lived here (as an adult human) longer than my time spent undergrad. That. Is. Scary And Weird.


  • Mary-Jane clogs:c/o Sven Clogs
  • mini dress: Urban Outfitters
  • denim vest: thrifted at Salvation Army
  • head scarf & pins: in my life forever, all from Planned Parenthood, KEXP, and Muhlenberg <3

As much as I love this photo (by Lauren, in her gorgeous Allentown PA backyard), I’ve hesitated to post because all I seem to want to write about is work and pizza.

I’ll spare you the gory details and take this opportunity to let you know we’ll be doing a giveaway with Sven Clogs later this month. More on that later, stay tuned!

The world needs to know where Ceedling got all of these amazing clothes.

  • collared american apparel polka-dot shirt: thrifted at buffalo exchange
  • heart sweater: topshop
  • pants: the Gap
  • pink doc martens: c/o karmaloop
  • black lipstick: make-up forever, borrowed from meeeeee


It is the height of irony that women are valued for our looks, encouraged to make ourselves beautiful and ornamental… and are then derided as shallow and vain for doing so. And it’s a subtle but definite form of sexism to take one of the few forms of expression where women have more freedom [fashion], and treat it as a form of expression that’s inherently superficial and trivial.
—  Greta Christina, ’Fashion is a Feminist Issue
  • vintage checkered dress: from my roommate Katelyn’s kit, and altered by her, too
  • American Apparel cardigan
  • black ribbed HUE tights
  • boots: from that same dept. store in PA

Between my mom’s two-part birthday extravaganza and Thanksgiving, I spent quite a bit of time celebrating at home in November. Of course the past week and a half have been consumed by sadness and logistics, leafing through blog archives, and drinking tea (among other more grape-based liquids). I’m still not entirely sure what to do with myself or my time but I know it feels great to talk with friends about Roxy and what we built together. While there’s a lot of pain right now I know she’s somewhere covered in glitter telling off some jerks and drawing a bubble bath.

I will have more thoughts/feelings on my homegirl pretty soon, but my computer crashed and I temporarily lost all of my writing. How’s that for honesty? I love you all. TGIF.

  • infinity scarf: c/o Express
  • faux-leather bomber jacket: target
  • South Dakota buffalo t-shirt: from a rest stop in South Dakota
  • denim shorts: Forever 21
  • vintage ESPRIT hiking boots: free from mom
  • messenger bag: Urban Outfitters
  • cat-eye shades: thrifted at Re/Dress
GPOYW: Just another day at the office(s).
  • vintage fur shawl: 1950s, used to belong to my grandma, from a costume bin in my parents’ basement
  • vintage striped shirt: thrifted at Sideshow
  • corduroy mini skirt: Urban Outfitters
  • vintage ESPRIT hiking boots: from mom
  • Chanel rouge allure lipstick in ‘la sensuelle’
  • backpack: Urban Outfitters (sale!)
  • brown HUE tights

I went to NJ this weekend to buy/decorate a christmas tree and eat second thanksgiving by sheer force of will. While hunting through my parents’ basement for various ornaments (and college books) I discovered a bin of old halloween costumes. I was immediately blindsided by this awesome fur shawl that my grandma evidently used to wear all the time. How it ended up with viking gear and a mime costume is beyond me, but I’m sure glad I unearthed that shit. MINE NOW.

Wearing this will take some getting used to, but I’m up for the challenge. Any tips?