The Emerald Carbuncle

14inch faithful Summon companion that’s looking for a cozy home!  This little baby’s handmade with soft, ultra cuddle fabrics.  Please send me an e-mail at if you’d like to make it yours!   More can be custom made in various sizes and poses too~  Check out my commission page for more information!

Selling this plush for $30 USD and $5 shipping (for Continental US.  International Shipping will vary)

Made for fan purposes only!


About time I post photos of this guy!  

A challenge of a plush, that’s for sure, but I always found myself getting really excited and inspired while I pieced it together.  Photos can’t do this thing justice, and I can’t wait for this beast of a norn necromancer to reach his new home.

Tyr was made with a blend of ultracuddle fleece and anti-pill. His final size turned out about 28" tall.  This is my first GW2 character commission, but I’ve worked on sylvan hounds in the past and currently drafting patterns for many more GW2 critters.  

If you would like a custom plush of your own, please message me at  

10" garchomp. This was interesting… because the commissioner wanted it to look as close to the official art there as possible. I’ve never done an open-mouthed plush, and I’ve gotten comfortable with making stylized plushies instead of this proportionate kind.
Made with a combo of minky and cuddle fleece

I got to make another doofy Armaldo! This time he’s like 2x as big and took a LONG time to sew…. @___@ The creme yellow parts are what killed me, since I had to do that by hand.

16" tall made with cuddle fleece. Very nice to just cuddle up with!