People need to start getting while I set to have the talent of Queen B in two years top, and I’m Shadeyonce on the regular,  it doesn’t mean I won’t compromise my Christianity to get a bitch. Which means my weekly, Smear ‘em to Tears, campaign, started early - and yes, folks, this is just from today: 

  • Numero uno, came from the hot spot for sin itself, church. While taking my weekly selfie outside the church before scaddadeling so the holy heat didn’t get to my beat face, a priest hit me with a, ‘wanna spray’n’pray in the confessional’. 
  • Numero dos, comes from one of our local frat boys that came at me with a, ‘so, you got a vag-pogostick…or?’ Mind you this was before a hello, let alone before I was able to hit ‘em with the cold hard facts: I’d with rather let Berry beak me to death before I let his lil scrappy anywhere near my heavenly bits.

 Awe, school is definitely and practically back in session.