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Very shy hello from this blog!! I finished my small fic thing for you, and simply reblogged your post and put it there,, hahah,,,, sorry sorry I was just wondering if you saw it yet? Sorry!!!

oh i havent seen it yet!! ty for telling me so i can check it out!!!!! 


Talon was raiding Morrison’s Clan once again, but this time, they had waited to attack for nearly an entire year. They gathered more allies, and Sombra cooked up stronger poisons to use against the members of Morrison’s Clan. After their last attack the leopard swore she would make deadlier potions, once she heard news that the cheetah, Tracer as they say, had been cured faster than she should have been.

Widowmaker improved her agility, also intrigued by what she had seen from Tracer. There was no way she would be able to catch her, but maybe if the cheetah got close enough, she would be faster than last time to strike.

Reaper was impressed by their improvements, and when he thought they were ready, he planned their attack.

Morrison was in no way prepared, and took quite the bite in the shoulder from who was once his mate. They used the element of surprise, leaping from the bushes while Morrison, McCree, and Tracer were on hunting patrol. Hanzo had been left to gaurd their prey.

Upon being circled, McCree knew the last thing he should do at a time like this was panic. But that’s what he felt like, knowing Hanzo was alone back there. What if he was being attacked too? How could he defend himself against so many other wolves and lions?
He quickly muttered his worries to Tracer, knowing she would be fast enough to get to him, if they weren’t already too late. He could fight alongside Morrison no problem. But the Clan leader refused she go anywhere alone.

He whispered to them, “As soon as they leap, we make a run to the left. My left. Got it?”

“Acknowledged,” McCree whimpered, keeping his gaze steady on the intruders around them. He mostly watched for their ears, waiting for a kind of sign– like a flick, or slight turn. It was the only way of knowing when the order was given.
And when a lion was too quick to jump, Morrison shouted his command of retreat as the other Talon members jumped for them.

McCree wasn’t sure he had run so fast in his entire life, trailing just a few meters behind Tracer. Of course the distance between them grew larger, but it took a little longer than usual.
They found their prey pile, and the snow leopard guarding it was taken by quite some surprise and nearly leapt for Tracer’s throat. He spat out a retort, asking for a warning next time. But there wasn’t much time, McCree explained as Morrison finally caught up to them.

“Talon is attackin’ again,” the wolf panted out, beginning to wag his tail as energy pulsed through him. He was ready to run again if need be, but was mostly glad to see Hanzo was safe.

“Well we can’t risk waiting around and getting poisoned.” Hanzo pointed out, and Morrison quickly agreed.

Tracer said, “The Waterhole Flock could help us like last time, though?”

“But Sombra is always improvin’ ‘er poisons,” McCree sighed.

“Well we aren’t going to run.” Morrison growled, “We’re going to defend what’s ours.”

“Of course.” Hanzo nods, just as the undergrowth behind Morrison began to rustle. Out leaped a wolf with barely any tail left, leaping onto the lion’s back and biting into his thick blonde mane. Morrison roared in surprise, and McCree didn’t hesitate to tackle the rival off the Clan leader, rolling the wolf into the ground. His opponent snapped at his throat, but McCree was faster to get a bite in the nape of its neck, tossing the wolf across the ground like a simple piece of prey. It ran off, tail between its legs just as four more enemies leaped from the undergrowth.

The three felines and wolf of Morrison’s Clan quickly chose their opponents and took them down easily, brutally wounding them and sending each enemy back to where it had come from. But more Talon members kept coming, easily beginning to outnumber them.
Hanzo was swift with bringing a panther off of McCree, clawing at the enemy’s eyes and shoving them into the thick bushes. Tracer was this way and that, confusing the opponents with her moves while Morrison attacked from behind.

But they couldn’t fight forever.

“Jesse!” Hanzo snarled through a mouthful of fur, dragging a coyote off of himself. McCree quickly took to the snow leopard’s side, his sides heaving with every breath he took. Hanzo noticed blood trickle from beneath familiar brown fur, just along the wolf’s sides. He was hurt, but still fought like a lion. Hanzo had to resist complimenting him.

“Come with me, I have an alternative that may turn the tide of this battle.”

“Huh?” McCree gasped, confused by Hanzo’s words. “Wha’d'ya mean?”

“Just follow me!” Hanzo says, turning tail and running rather fast. “And quickly!”

McCree wasted no time in trailing beside Hanzo, trying to pace himself and match steps with the snow leopard. He was quick to discover that Hanzo was rather light on his left paw, as if he picked up a thorn or had been wounded in a fight. But if that had been the case, Hanzo would have done something about it first. Whatever was the matter, he wasn’t making any kind of deal out of it, so McCree just ignored the particular case.
They were quick to come upon the edge of the territory, a hill marking the end of it. McCree began to slow, but the snow leopard simply dashed across their border line and moved up the hill as if he hadn’t just exited their home land. McCree, now behind Hanzo, was growing nervous. What was this ‘alternative’? He was anxious to know.

At the top of the hill, Hanzo came to an abrupt stop, and McCree nearly ran passed him. They were now on the verge of a very small cliff, making it appear the hill had been cut in half. Jumping it wouldn’t kill anyone, but it might hurt your paws. So the wolf followed the snow leopard around it, walking onto smooth rock near the bottom. And, cut into the flat side of the hill, a large, unlit cave yawned before them. It was facing away from the rising and setting sun, so it was likely this cave didn’t get much light at all. McCree had never even been here before.

“Han’?” he asked, “What is this?”

Hanzo however did not respond, simply entering the cave silently like a tired cat slinking home. McCree wasn’t sure he wanted to know what was in there. But if Hanzo was bold enough to enter, obviously he had been here before, then there was probably nothing to worry about. Still, he was worried.

“Hanzo?” he barked, giving a slight way of his tail. His ears flattened against his head, and he whined softly, aching to see the familiar face of the snow leopard already.

And then, there was a roar, like the call of a lion. It echoed from deep within the cave, as if several large felines called out to one other. What was this? An entire hidden society of lions?

He was quickly answered when Hanzo charged out of the cave with a wild look in his face, excitement glittering from the snow leopard’s eyes. McCree wasn’t sure if he had ever seen Hanzo so… Happy… before. Was he secretly the alpha of a completely different clan? He hasn’t even heard a thing from in there.
But while Hanzo stood beside McCree, facing the cave again with a wicked smile, two very, very large black and white birds exploded from the cave as if they had come from an entirely different dimension. They arose into the air and screeched their ferocious arival, making Hanzo purr.

“The raptors awaken!” Hanzo cries, dashing around the hill to return to the fight. McCree quickly followed, his eyes on the giant birds the entire time. He knew for sure that he had never seen any kind of bird so big. It was amazing, really.

“Those are some big ass birds,” McCree says to the snow leopard beside him, not even realizing he was matching his pace so quickly. The raptors easily kept up with them from the air, though McCree bet they could fly much faster than that.
“What are they?” he pants, “Hawk? Eagle?”

“Osprey,” Hanzo replies, starting to run a little faster. McCree took up the hint, and gave it all he got in running to return to Morrison and Lena. It was dangerous to just leave them behind in an ambush like that, and they couldn’t waste any time in getting to them. He easily pulled in front of Hanzo, but didn’t get much farther than a few feet before they broke into the battlefield.

Immediately McCree jumped over Morrison and rammed into a certain lioness that was trying to kill him. Widowmaker.
She slashed at his side, but he had already rolled onto his side to dodge such a blow. He made a comeback however, coming to bite into her shoulder, but she quickly snapped around and knocked him back with a paw. He was stunned for a moment, and had no time to retaliate as she bared down on him. But before she could make any kind if final blow, a loud cry rang out that distracted most everyone.

“The raptor hunts for its prey!”

An ear-splitting screech came from above, and Widowmaker hissed in fear. She began to reel away from McCree, but wasn’t quick enough as one of the large birds had clawed at her back in attempt to grab her. She twisted out of the way just in time, but she was gonna have one heck of a scar under her pelt.

“Thanks, Han’.” The wolf murmured, but he had spoken too soon.

“This isn’t over,” a feminine voice snarled, and McCree wasn’t quick enough to move out of the way as he was clawed across his left shoulder. The pain hadn’t come just yet, so he wasted no time in coming forward and biting into the leopard’s shoulder in return. Sombra hissed, attempting to swipe at him again, but he dodged to the side, ramming into her ribcage. He knocked her over and rolled onto his side when she tried to claw again, but ended the brawl quickly by snapping at her neck. She reeled herself away when his fangs got too close, and quickly bolted away.
She should have known better than to mess with him.

But those thoughts were quickly dragged away when he realized the raptor birds were tearing the enemy clan apart. They flew high with a Talon member in their, well, talons, and dropped them from the sky. Then they would dive again and claw at some, poke at others, and knock some away with their wings. It was a rather awesome scene to watch, considering they were winning now.
It was making him feel dizzy.

His head spun, and the world kind of duplicated itself before his eyes. Now there were four raptor birds, oh, no, there were only two– three? No, there was definitely four.
McCree whimpered when he was losing focus, and his left shoulder was becoming numb. Soon enough he couldn’t even feel the left side of his body. But by the time he collapsed, he knew everything would be alright. They were going to win.

@shadeyenora this is amazing!!! Sorry that it took us so much time to get to your post, we truly wished we could have read it sooner! It’s so intriguing, all the battle and the plot twists!  We especially adored how McCree was checking the ears of the Talons attacker to see their reactions and how he waggled his tail when he saw that Hanzo was ok… that’s so adorable! Also, Tracer was this way and that, is the perfect definition of Tracer and it’s just amazing how Jesse stand up and fight like a lion even if he’s hurt because he’s fighting for something that it’s dear to him. Last but not least… the raptors. They’re just amazing! We can imagine these magnificent huge birds smashing stuff and it’s such a powerful image! (also, we can imagine Hanzo giving them head scratches and they all fluff up <3 <3 ) Thank you SO MUCH for writing this, we love it dearly <3

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The boy stared fearfully down the tree at the Naga who'd been chasing him earlier, only hoping this snake-like creature wouldn't or couldn't climb up to get him.

The large naga looked highly annoyed, growling a little. It was hard not to act on instinct when hunting, and the boy had hurt himself while wandering in the forest or something because nothing made him react as strongly as when he smelled blood. Of course the boy was scared… Vincent had just tried to eat him, and spent the last several minutes trying to catch him before finally figuring out what he was chasing.

He let out an aggravated hiss, sinking his claws into the tree to start climbing up. This was a slightly smaller tree than what he would usually attempt this with, but he couldn’t just leave to boy out here by himself.