Hey! What’s up? I’ve been missing, so that’s why I bring another sim to you. I’d love you to write me how holidays have been doing! I hope you like this sim as much as I like it. Bye! xx.

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Skin | Eyes | Eyeliner |  Shadester Sculpting Powder by MAC | Septums


Hair | LipstickSweater | Shorts | Boho Rings | Shoes 


HairEyeshadow | Lipstick | Bodysuit | Shoes | Skirt | Nails and rings | Choker 


Hair | NailsSweat Shirt (mesh) | Leggins | Shoes


HairPajama Set


Hair | Eyeshadow | Top | EarringsSkirt | Shoes


HairBikini | Sunglasses | Belly Button Ring | Lipstick

[Wyatt and Miguel]

Wyatt made 200 in tips today in the subway. It was his money and he earned it and was proud of it. So what, if he lived up top a tattoo parlor a few blocks from time square. He didn’t have running hot water, but who needed that? Sometimes he did,but he went to his mom’s house for that. He just didn’t prefer to go there. He liked saying he had his own place, even if his place had the shadest looking skin heads down the stairs. They were all nice to him.

He was working on the hot water heater. [Ok, so he did need it] He just needed a little bit more, and he could do it if his throat wasn’t tired from singing and taping and talking all day. He caught the subway. He was headed to get some food. He had a favorite place a little outside harlem. He went ther mostly for the tamales and the dip. He liked the shrimp burritos too, and if he was to be honest. The men. Mexican men were so sexy when they spoke. It was like they spoke with confidence and romance.

Wyatt knew his family would have a heart attack with his fascination, but the most his family hated colored people. the more he wanted to know them. He had learn to salsa dance not to long ago, and was thinking of going down and dance at one of the clubs.

. He knew he wasn’t completely welcomed there by everyone, but mama Garcia always loved on him. Calling him flour bread. She gave him extra churros everytime he came in. She made them by hand every morning and they were the best. He sat in the restaurant that day, knowing she would be there.. “Ah baby, Ahola.” She kissed his cheek. “I find you good girl today. Good Spanish girl. My cousin would like you.” He shook his head no. ‘I am more after spanish men type.“ She blushed, smiled then winked.. She was one of the few that accepted his” life style.”

Everyone else seemed against it in this part of town. "Ahh, flour bread. I am sure there is someone for you. ” She didn’t really know anyone, even if she had some suspension on one of her sweet little baby boy costumers. [ Tee: You can make them related if you want lol ] Miguel Rodregiez came to mind. He smelled way too nice for a straight boy, and had soft skin. She wasn’t confident he was gay, but who knew. “Ah, I introduce you to my baby boy Miguel.” It wasn’t her son. She just adopted everyone pretty much. “He comes to give me some entertainment if need be. He’s cute.” Wyatt nodded. “Alright, well.. I will see if i can stay.” She heard someone yell at her and went to yell back. She had to go back to work. Wyatt got on his mini tablet and started to email his sister about a audition tomorrow. She asked where he was, and he simply replied.. “Church.” It made him laugh to send and he looked up at the ceiling for a lighting bolt from his answer.