shades of swagger

Masquerade Escapades


I was wondering if you could write something where Roman’s girlfriend rides his thigh? I saw an interview he did and his thighs looked amazing. 

Despite every person hiding behind their masquerade mask, I can feel his eyes on my body the moment I step into the ballroom. To be honest, I look damn good. Lots of eyes are on me. I wanted to be more low-key, as I don’t know too many people in attendance. Then I thought, hmm… even better reason to be high-key. I chose my plum, lace bodice gown that could pass for a second layer of skin. It has darker plum straps where my best curves are located, and two slits that showcase my perfectly tanned legs that are also glistening along with the rest of me thanks to my body shimmer bronzer. I look like a semi-tall glass of your favorite merlot. My hair falls in soft waves over my bare shoulders all down my back, swaying with my hips. My lipstick is all but bullet proof, also plum. My eyes are smoked to perfection. My mask however, is black, lacey, further enhancing the mystery lingering behind my eyes.
I adjust it perfectly to my face, and collect a flute off one of the trays being carried to and fro by the caterers. I swirl the champagne flute a little before I take another long sip. The bubbles aren’t necessarily my favorite part of these events, but I enjoy the small buzz I get and the warmth it brings me. Maybe it’s the liquor I’m feeling… But with him, it’s a different kind of heat. More of a hunger. And tonight there is no doubt in my mind that it’ll be appeased.
I start making my way through the room, my heels making a statement along the marble floor filled with bodies making the usual babble of small talk. I engage anyone who stops me, but not for long, as I have someone to find. 

As the invite read,

You are cordially invited to become undone. 
Find me. Unmask me. Unravel me. – Joe 

I’ve made my way halfway around the room with this fake, yet sweet smile plastered on my face, exchanging the same pleasantries. Hi, how are you? You look amazing. I love your mask. Oh, this old dress? Just needed an excuse to bust it out. I made this mask. Haha. I’m now down to the second glass of bubbly, about to grab my third. Instead, I place my empty flute onto the tray because I saw another flute swish to my left. I’m the only person I know that does that with champagne. And just like a bad habit, you pick up the behaviors of those you spend time with. Or in our case, those you spend time on.
I stride over to the tall body clad in gray, fitted to his broad shoulders, yummy thick arms and the legs strong as tree trunks. I stretch an arm out and tap his shoulder twice. He spins around looking every bit is delicious as I remember from our last encounter. His conversation with the woman now behind him has obviously come to an end. I think I hear her scoff over the music and mindless chatter filling the room before tuning her sights onto some other eye candy. But I don’t bother to look. I’ve already found what I was looking for.
To my amazement, the mask that adorns his eyes –leaving only his pink pouty lips framed by a thick beard to be the center of attention– matches mine. Black and lacey. As well as his tie. It’s the perfect shade of plum.

“Swagger jacking are we, beautiful?” Joe takes my hand in his, lifts my fingers to his lips and presses a soft but thorough kiss to my knuckles. The same way he kisses my thighs between white sheets.
Soft giggles rumble through me, no doubt from the bubbly. “I can guarantee you’re jacking me, love.”
He shrugs. “Guilty.” I watch his honey brown eyes take in every inch of my body. I make sure to puff out my chest to show off my breasts, and stand so that one leg slips through the slit of the dress. Then his eyes meet mine again. “You look… ravishing.”
“You’re looking quite dapper yourself.”
“Are you enjoying yourself?”
“I am… now.”

Before I can say anything else, my arm is tugged and I’m practically sprinting to keep up with Joe as he swiftly and slyly strides ahead of me, making no eye contact with anyone, zero conversation. We’re zipping through the sea of bodies, servers, and children alike occupying the ballroom. The moment we’re past the threshold, he makes a sharp left and I’m pulled into a small, yet functional powder room. The lighting is dim, but I can see everything I need to see.
My back meets a cool tile wall, and before I can even utter a word my arms are pinned above my head in one swift motion and my lips are crushed by his. The kiss is rough, a little sloppy, but sweet like the cool champagne we were sipping only moments ago. His lips are chilled too. Only he tastes way, way better.

I giggle as his lips find a trail down my jaw, to my neck and his teeth nip at my collarbones. “You have a ballroom filled with guests out there. Or did you forget?”
“I certainly did not,” he mumbles, continuing to pepper my skin with kisses. “You just look so good. Smell so good. Taste so, so good.”
“Touché, baby.” I’m able to rip one of my hands free from his grip-cuffs, but with one hand up and his big body pressing mine into the wall, I’m still at the disadvantage. I use my free hand to take a hold of his beard, tearing his lips off the top of my breasts. “I’m no fan of delayed gratification either, but don’t aren’t we supposed to end the night this way. Not start it off?”
“I couldn’t resist myself.” Joe licks my bottom lip, and then bites down on it sending a jolt of excitement right down my spine. In my moment of weakness, his hand slides past the right slit of my dress, straight to the now slick flesh between my thighs. A hum of what I think is appreciation rumbles through his thick neck. “No panties?”
Appreciation it indeed is. “You always say you like easy access,” I say, my voice thick with arousal. His skilled fingers rub at the tiny bundle of nerves right at my core, making my hips buckle into him.
“And I’m so, so happy you hear me. Because I need you to hear me again. Right now.”
“Mhmm.” My head falls back, giving him full access to my neck that he takes quick advantage of. “I hear you.”
“We can’t get loud.” Lick. “We can’t get messy.” Bite. “This is about you. Not we.”
“What are you talking about?”

I open my eyes just as my legs are kicked apart. I notice now that Joe’s pants are around his ankles, but his boxer briefs are still hugging his hips. And the erection straining against them. My left leg is kicked a little further, my heel screeching in protest against the marble floor, effectively planting my sex directly onto the strong thigh that is now the only thing keeping me from performing a split.
With his left hand at my hip, he directs me forward just an inch and then back until I develop a rhythm. I go to reach for his briefs. Just because we cant get messy doesn’t mean he shouldn’t enjoy himself too. Only I’m stopped, my only free hand back in the grip-cuff, which is now both of his hands.

“I repeat. This is about you, beautiful.” Joe’s thigh begins to rival my rhythm, making my orgasm build with lightning speed.

He licks and bites at my neck, softly, as to not leave a mark. Not being messy also means not leaving any evidence. My head falls back again on a long, drawn out moan. His mouth immediately finds mine, muffling the sounds I should be keeping in check. But I can’t help it. Not where he’s involved. In my defense, there usually isn’t an audience on the other side of the door. Well… not this much of an audience.

As the thought crosses my mind, I laugh and my vision goes white, the orgasm ripping through me like a tidal wave. I’m moaning and groaning against Joe’s lips, my hard nipples rubbing against his hard chest through the layers of fabric between us, my legs quivering and shaking, straining to hold still as my pussy spams over his thigh. I ride the wave until I’m a puddle of shuddering breaths and giggles.

“Can you stand straight?” Joe chuckles, a welcome sound over the blood roaring in my ears. The music and chatter that earlier on disappeared comes back and I’m reminded exactly where we are.
“Barely. But I’m a big girl. I’m sure I can manage.”
“Good. ” He gives me a devilish grin, gives me a gentle kiss and then slowly releases my arms. They fall heavy at my sides, but like always he allows me the moment to recover my strength. “We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”

Moving to the double vanity, we clean ourselves up and restore ourselves to order. In all the commotion, I didn’t even realize we still had our masks on. I guess that’s what happens when you’re lost in the haze of beautiful brown eyes and now swollen pink lips. And unexpected thigh riding adventures in the powder room. 

“Meet you back out there in five, beautiful?”
I meet his eyes in the mirror, catching his wink. Except for the traces of mischief etched on our faces, we look just as we did however many minutes ago. I wink back. “You’ve got it, babe.”