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CDC-Verse [A Masterpost ]

What’s the world like in CDC?

It’s a lot like our world. CDC takes place in present day in an alternate earth where magic, supernatural beings, and fantasy realms coexist (Well, I should use coexist lightly, since almost all humans are unaware of the magic, creatures and enchanted places) It’s a mix between fiction and reality, really. Las Vegas is still Las Vegas. Except you know, one of it’s Casino’s houses an underground train to the Mysterious Mountains.  Think Hogwarts and Muggle London perhaps?

I keep hearing about Ringleaders? What’s that about?

Ringleaders are of the few that know about the incredibly enchanted side of the world. They are one of the few in the world who wield magic. But before I can tell you about them, we should learn about their bosses first. The Ringmasters. 


Who are they?

There are three Ringmasters: Corvus, Aquila, and Phoenix. They are powerful magicians. Each of them specialize in certain magical abilities. Corvus specializes in Illusions, invisibility, and umbrakinesis. Aquila is well-versed in teleportation, flight, and telekinesis. Pheonix specializes in shapeshifting, healing, and fire manipulation.

Note: Ringmasters do not need an amulet to wield magic as they are highly skilled and can withstand the recoil of magic.

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RHY : Well, obviously he’s been sad about you going away, worried about the possibility of liking you while you didn’t, keen on leaving Arnes with you in this boat, but feeling guilty to dream about it because it would mean abandon his duty and his family, and desperately hoping you’d be back soon!

LILA : One person couldn’t feel all that. They’d explode!

RHY : Just because you’ve got the emotionnal range of a teaspoon, doesn’t mean we all have.


(Talking about Kell’s feelings.)

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DM Phoenix, creator of worlds, teller of fate

okay so ya know how alot of people draw dms as like,,, characters?? (i notice this alot w/ critical role and taz) well yall im real self indulgent so heres my DMsona???? idk what to call it but i rlly like how this turned out,,,, 

Pocket Full of Soul (1): Introduction

Death Weapon Meister Academy is much, much bigger than Phoenix was prepared for.

He’s been nervous since he got on the plane, with a kiss from his mother and a pat on the head from his father to see him off. It’s supposed to be a short flight, just a matter of an hour or so once they’re in the air; but to Phoenix every minute feels like a lifetime, as even the view of the ground vanishing to clouds below him barely distracts from the thud of panic rising to tighten against his chest. He’s never felt this alone before in all his life, and what sounded like an exciting adventure when he managed his first partial weapon transformation now seems like an impossible responsibility against his shoulders, and the academy that seemed like such an elite structure on the glossy pages of the brochure seems now like a jail for those cursed, as he is, with the shape of a potentially dangerous weapon inside them. Phoenix tips his head against the window of the plane, feels the air chill as ice against the other side; and he shuts his eyes tight, and tries not to cry.

It’s midmorning when he arrives and disembarks from the small plane that brought him to the outskirts of the city before following the signs through the winding streets to the front of the Academy itself. The school looms over the rest of the buildings, houses and shops and offices all dwarfed by its imposing presence; Phoenix feels more lost than ever, even with the scattering of other children his age and older that are converging on the front of the school. He ducks his head, feeling horribly exposed in his own uncertainty in the situation, and climbs the stairs with a stoic determination to avoid eye contact with anyone else around him until he makes it to his classroom.

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*NOTE: I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, nor have I finished “Sunwing”; I know about certain events and characters from both books, but I don’t know how they come about or unfold, so please don’t message/send me spoilers!!

Anyway, can’t sleep; must doodle bats designs so I have basic refs for later!!

First & second pics: my take on Shade Silverwing and Marina Brightwing, as runts and teens/young adults.  For some reason I found it really hard to come up with older designs for them, especially Shade, and I still lean them towards being very young adults, so there’s potential for me to make one more aged picture with them as mature adults…
Marina (especially older Marina) looks a bit like a cat, so I’ll try to work on her design more.

Third pic: messed up and suuuper-quick doodle of (*spoilers*) Shade and Marina’s son, Griffin.  No, I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, but I know about a few events/characters from the series prior to reading it (even so: no spoilers, please!)

Fourth pic: Goth and Phoenix (and, yes, I will come up with a design for book-Throbb as well).
I actually think these two might have been my favorites to come up with.

I haven’t drawn in forever, so here’s a quick sketch that stopped being a quick sketch some time around my third coffee

Phoenix Wright is so softe and I love him